So why doesn’t National do this?

Sydney Morning Herald

You really have to wonder why National went along with Simon Power’s sneaky back room deal on electoral finance reform. In Australia politics is a game you play for keeps.

Since losing office in March the corporate donations the Sussex Street machine had come to depend on have dried up. Barry O’Farrell’s electoral laws will also destroy our party’s ability to raise funds from trade unions. The only way NSW Labor can raise the money required to fight, and win, future election campaigns is to vastly increase contributions from members and individual donors.


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  • Mediaan

    Difficult subject I think. A lot of money gets spent, and the voter still ends up knowing very little.

    How do you try to make it fair, when different parties have different voter blocs with different income sources?

    If it’s okay to screw donations out of unions, from funds often given unwillingly by people who could I’ll-afford it and get zero benefit,

  • Mediaan

    … To continue if the JamFactory allows it,

    Why is this not the subject of corruption enquiry if the Party that gets it proceeds to pass laws making unionism compulsory?

    If we make special deals whereby parties are treated differently, does this mean Mana can go to WINZ for a chit for Electoral Donations on top of their regular benefits? Like the Accommodation Allowance, or a Washing Machine Grant?

  • AngryTory


    Because they’re gutless wimps, that’s why. 

    But you knew that already.