Some Transparency for Winston

When the expenses scandal broke in 2009, it ultimately claimed Shane Jones’ career and outed Clayton Cosgrove as the worlds most hapless priority traveller. Winston Peters remained above the fray, he was no longer in parliament and anyone who asked him about his expenses was told to “get lost” in no uncertain terms.

However Winston peters is back in parliament and he is raising questions about all sorts of exepenses with regard to Whanou Ora and other government departments. So it is is only fair that we examine his record in order to provide a bit of transparency.

So dear Army, let’s crowd source a proper review of Winston Peters’ Ministerial Expenses…:

I wonder what movie he watched here?

And what was the movie in Rome? 

Why did he get a cash advance here?

Why was he buying so many sleeping pills?

Is it right that he was booking up smokes on the Ministerial Credit Card? Above & here:

What did he buy from the leather store in Kuala Lumpur?  What did he get from Harrods?  Why was the taxpayer covering his minibar expenses? How many lost luggage claims is too many?  Why was he booking up sauna’s and his partner’s medical expenses on the taxpayer-funded credit card?  Especially since the health centre is supposed to be free


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  • GFC & SME

    If only I’d been smart enough to stand for parliament all those years ago.

    Stupid me, i’ve been in my office since 5 this morning sortin out my gst return, acc levies, end of month paye, fbt return, staff wages, and emailing the bank manager to make sure  the od extension has been approved so we have the funds available to remit the prov tax next week.
    Just as well really, these boys sure as shit know how to spend it…..

    • Neil

      I’m there too good buddy…….!!

    • Greg M

       Yep that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. just posted the GST.
      I can’t afford “extras”, but I’m paying for his? That’s really fair.

  • Ronnie Chow

    Real neck twister that . All I could read was mini bar , beverage and refreshment .

  • Le Sphincter

    Simple really, when you are in a high garde hotel , which some seem to be unfamiliar with, no cash changes hands , it all goes on the bill.
    The practice at the time was to reimburse later.  This has been stopped now.As we had John Key claiming for a Burger King hamburger on his taxpayer credit card and other infarctions by National ministers. Hitting the mini bar !!!

    • Whafe

      You are in fact a torn sack of arseholes Le S…..

      Bugger off to the Standard or Red Blurt

      • Neil

        Blinded by who posted it again – what he states is true.  Credit cards give the “owner” 30 days no interest on purchases – I’ve been in both the private and public sector with a “company” credit card and both employers allowed all transactions on the card, retain receipts and refund none work expenses before the Card payment deadline…….problem with that is? What exactly?

    • Pukakidon

       Stink Hole
      Did the last Labour arsewipe who urinated on the high grade Hotel carpet reimburse the hotel?

      • TravisPoulson

        Don’t hold your breath puka, as I found last week Le Seweragepipe is often reluctant to to cough up a straight answer. Unless it’s straight out of his arse.

  • Whafe

    Neil, more blinded by the chocolate starfish’s directive that it is only the Right whom do it…

    No problem with htat, except a good many get confused with what is legit and waht isnt legit… Using the chocolate starfishes example, John Key claiming a Burger King Hamburger, could be totally legit if he is away on business etc etc…

    • WayneO

      Away on business and instead of racking up an expensive meal he just gets a burger. I do this all the time when travelling on business and the company is much appreciative.

  • Rockyr

    I wonder if it was him who recommended the movie to  Shane or Shane who recommended it to him.