Stupid is as Stupid Does, Ctd

Boing Boing

I can just imagine some fool in South Auckland doing this, then blaming the government for not having a law preventing lighter use on petrol station forecourts. Then Iain Lees-Galloway can accuse the government of being callous and Malcolm Harbrow can blame some minister of other for deaths that haven’t happened yet.

Meanwhile stupid people do what stupid people do:

Faced with the prospect having to wait a minute or more while his tank was being filled, this gas station customer amused himself by playing with his cigarette lighter. His boredom was successfully alleviated and he was able to demonstrate his car door jumping skills to an admiring YouTube audience.


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  • rouppe

    And instead of grabbing the fire extinguisher right there he runs like a pussy.

    Throwing water on it was actually quite dangerous as the petrol can float and spread – like throwing water on a fat fire in the kitchen…

  • Guest

    +1 I did like how he ran right past the big red fire extinguisher……

  • TCrwdb

    The fact he was playing with a lighter within 2 feet of an operating petrol pump makes all other observations moot!

  • bristol

    Another ‘Darwin Awards’ contender. Geez, competition is fierce this year!

  • Rodger T

     An attempted  insurance scam ,I suspect.

    • Symgardiner

      Life insurance scam… what a drop kick!

  • MrV

    A product of the NZ school system?