Tell the Argies to nick off

The Telegraph

The Falkland Islands are going to flip the bird to the Argies…again:

The Falkland Islands has announced a referendum to be held next year on its status as a British territory in an effort to fend off aggressive Argentinian claims over the South Atlantic islands.

The Islands’ legislative assembly said it would authorise a popular poll of the more than 3,000 residents, the first in its history, to demonstrate locals remain solidly in support of British ties.

The announcement comes as Falkland Islanders prepare to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of the Argentinian invasion force on Thursday.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Next thing the Scots will want one too……. not so fast…. they cant have the sort of choice
    that a few in the South Atlantic get …pourquoi ?

    • ConwayCaptain

      How many of La Belle Frances o’seas possessions want to leave??

      They dont.  Why???  They are considered part of Metropolitan France and suck on the tit of the EU.  For how much longer??

      Asm soon as the EU goes and France realises how much it costs to support their O’seas posessiuon thenout they go.

      Only one that could be valuable is New Caledonia with their huge Nickel deposits.

      Tahiti Non?? 

    • James Stephenson

       More pertinently, how come the Falklanders get a referrendum on remaining under British sovreignty, but the British don’t vis-a-vis getting out of the EU…?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Read the article in the DT,  wee Eck the 1st minister doesnt really want Independence he just wants more devolution from England.  Scotland would be bankrupt without the transfer of money from England to Scotland.

    • Devolution seems a good idea – (oil!!!!)

    •  How close are the oil fields to Scottish “territorial” waters …..?

      • ConwayCaptain

        In them BUT they want Faslane Nuke Base out, they have free UNI, they have the worst health problems in N Europe, their banking sector was bailed out by the UK govt and if they went independent they would have to take over about 30% of the National Debt.

        Little or no industry left and the Oil Fields are getting to the end of their lives.

        The UK at the moment transfers something like 2,000GBP per person N of the Border at the moment.

        What pisses the English off is that Welsh and Scotish MPs can sit in Westminster and say how to run England but not the opposite way round.

        If they went independent they would have to run their own Navy, AirForce and Army and Wee Eck wants to get closer to that cancerous dying corpse of the EU

      •  Thanks Conway – oh font of great knowledge about every question I ask….

    • Le Sphincter

      Why is a called a referendum on independence ?
      And this from the executive summary on the referendum question

      An independent Scotland would take its place in the community of nations. Her Majesty The Queen would remain as Head of State. Scotland would have the rights and responsibilities of a normal, sovereign state and continue in membership of the European Union. It would enter a new partnership with the rest of the former United Kingdom where the nations co-operate on shared interests. The Scottish Parliament would gain full responsibility for governing Scotland. 
      Doesnt sound like  ‘more devolution’ to me.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The Lations will be going Apeshit.

    The Gibraltarians are going to project and image of HM interspetrced with images of the Union Flag on the N Face of the Rock on the last day of Edward and Sophie’s visit.  It will be seen over most of Southern Spain.

    So the Spics will be rather pissed off.

  • Symgardiner

    This will give the UK a very big stick to club all the wet and woolly nations with. The Argentinians will now get no traction internationally – which will really annoy them. 
    Mind you – their govt will change at the next election so that will stop this silliness.

  • Bawaugh

    To annoy Argentina even more the Question should be
    1) Should the Falkland Islands cease to be a British Colany? Yes or no.

    2) If the Falkland Islands cease to be a British Colony should the Falkland Islands become independent or join Argentina.?

    This would annoy Argentina even more because you are saying that if Britain did leave they would have even less claim to the Islands because they could be independent. 

  • Gulag1917

    Argentina political rhetoric, they know they have got no chance of dislodging the British militarily from the Falklands. Must be a lot of pot smokers over there.

  • Robert M

    Its impossible to find much admirable about the Uk today. Its education system is largely destroyed as Thatcher lacked the gutz to take the blue book option and have the entire syllabus rewritten, and the current commie teachers college staff and Education professors scrapped. Today everybody gets an A+ at A level . In the late 1950s and early 1960s you had to be very bright to pass one. Then John Lennon could not pass a single O level on pure talent, despite a probable IQ of 120+ . You could say the same about the NZ system. Cactus and the Act party communists may think its a good system, but really Feminism, Russell Marshall and Helen Clark made NZ education at tertiary level, social training for jobs once done by those with SC and often no more than day care and right of passage, describing it as a  finishing school for privvate school girls and a high class marriage bureau was probably only true of even the Canterbury Law school ten years ago.I think the staff imagined they were running a law school, even then it was little more than a high class knocking shop and training school for police prosecutors.
      Its difficult to take the present day Royal Navy Forces seriously. It and the RAF and Army have a huge budget, but as l960s cynic’s said at a certain point cost escalation would mean if you wanted to stay in the same game as the yanks, you could only deploy one frigate, one sub, two fighters and five tanks.
      It s difficult to see Cameron. Osborne and Borris hanging on much longer, as the Liberals ceased to exist in the 1940s and are now just a front for Scottish and Cornish lefties and friends of Dave. The Millibands are hard core leftists with the usual American wives. How much longer for Glory. The last noted UK labour politicos with hot US wives Crossman and Crosland. THeir chicks were definited hot and in the right hour class proportions. The Millibands definitely aren’t and probably serious wonks and worse. Crosland,distinguished himself by saying he intended to destroy every fucking grammar school in Britain , if it was the last thing he did. He also declared war on Iceland in 1976. Well at least he honoured his promises. Crossman was a bisexual philander  two  the left of Healy and Wilson, Crossman built high rises and slum estates. The Millibands are sure to do worse. So I might even support Christina Kirtchener, I’m always prepared to support a woman, who still puts on her makeup and has a goodlooking backside.
    Its when they decide to become fat girls and let there face wrinkles show, you know youve got trouble. 

  • Seán Leahy

    Colonisation aside, has anyone considered the original home of the aforementioned land? ooops….