The gall of List MPs

Speaking to many constituency MPs in the past week they have shared with me their frustration of having to explain and apologise to their constituents that latest cluster-fu*ck by a List MP.

Hekia Parata appeared ill-advised, arrogant and poorly researched as she rammed home her education reforms. She could afford to do that, when she went home each night and at the start of the current parliamentary recess she had only Wira Gardiner to answer to.

Not so for the poor constituency MPs who return to their electorates to face hordes of bewildered parents who don’t know whether or not to believe the over the top, hyped outrage of the teacher unions and their patsy friends in the media or a over-blown minister making excuses.

It is those MPs who have to explain to their constituents that it appears there may have been a mistake. And as the old saying goes, if you are explaining a position you are losing.

Hekia Parata as a List MP faces none of that. The only outrage she will face is that which she is paid to face. From the teacher unions as expected but now within the caucus room…from electorate MPs who have explain her screw up.

Many in the caucus room will be wondering why they should bother standing up for someone who can’t win a seat and someone who appears totally aloof to the intricacies of her portfolio.

Anne Tolley isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, but she does have a low rat cunning that saw her deal to the teacher unions and push thorough National Standards without any cluster-f*cks of the proportions that Hekia Parata has delivered. Anne Tolley saw off four Labour education spokes people including the rabid old dog Trevor Mallard. It must gall Trevor Mallard that he was bested by Anne Tolley. Parata, however, fell over at the first hurdle.

The only other person who should be smarting is Bill English, as it was his idea to push through these save what is really pennies in the big scheme of things. It is of no surprise that he got his acolyte Hekia Parata to try to deliver it and if she had been successful then Bill English’s succession, vicariously through Hekia Parata, would have been assured. Those dreams and plans are now in tatters.

This was the last throw of the dice for Bill English, papers will reveal eventually the real culpability for the education budget screw up. That he has managed to take out Hekia Parata on the way through is a blessing really for the long term viability of the National party.


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  • Orange

    His taunt of the uni students seemed incredibly stupid.

  • Vikingonmars

    Well add that other list MP to this list as well. You know Twinkletoes. Findlayson. He’s happy to slosh dosh around to the hori’s with gay abandon.

     Add to that list Turiana and Pita.
    List they can be, Cabinet minister they should never be.
    The only List Mp worth the money is Joyce.

    • TravisPoulson

      +1 on Joyce, he’s an exceptionally good list MP.

      • Gazzaw

        …..add Tim Groser.

    •  Actually Viking, Turia and Sharples, whatever their faults, are both ELECTORATE MP’s.

    • Mediaan

      Chris Finlayson did a good responsible interview on Marae Investigates on tv3 this morning. He is Associate Minister of Maori Affairs, and he seems to work hard.

    • kehua

      Homophobic, racist dumb remarks from a homophobic,dumb racist cunt!!

      • starboard

        truth hurts doesnt it fag.

      • starboard

        ..infact that namby pampy poof findlayson should be hung for treason along with klarkula and cullen

  • Biggest mistake was the admission of liability and the need for adjustments to the funding formula. Tolley never admitted liability. It also struck me that Tolley was BFF with some of the Herald writers and she would stop the info train if dissent loomed in public consultations,  

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes. The European protests have been ignored by the main stream media, but the way Greeks and Europeans protest is very violent. Do we really want to encourage that here? I also note that the US occupy movement was also very small and ignored by the mainstream media, only really getting attention when the Police upped the violence when arresting the protesters. The numbers swelled massively after that to the point it could not be ignored.
    Our own occupy movement was left alone to protest by the Police a wise move. But what I saw with the student protesters will only inflame the situation. It will now grow as people come out in support of the right to protest.
    The Police should be ashamed of themselves and there actions a massive fail in managing the situation. Like the War criminals of old they will try using the old I was just following orders argument. They are there to protect the rights of the population not to suppress them.
    Now let’s get sensible yes you can protest, how do we manage it so that the situation stays under control.

    • Gazzaw

      Were the bulk of the protestors genuine students I might agree with you but they weren’t. They were the same old shit stirring rabble supplemented by petty crim opportunists. I would like to know what organisation(s) orchestrated the protests but no doubt the police do and the new administration will take the necessary action to prevent a recurrence.

      • alex

        Might they be both students and activists?

      • Mr_Blobby

        I don’t think it matters who they are.
        I have never been on a protest march but would come out to defend people’s right to protest regardless of my opinion of their cause.
        The Police have a duty to protect people’s right to protest, party or function or whatever, not suppress it. Like any public gathering it has to be managed, for the safety of all concerned.
        It is not rocket science contact xxxx to discuss your event, be it shows, parties, protests to discus things like route, contact details of organizers etc.
        Did they, the Police, learn nothing from the springbok tour or the Queen Street riots? The Police should be there to serve and protect the people not dictate to them. The alternative handcuffs, pepper spray, tasers, body armor, batons, shields, helmets, riot guns, water canon, pitched battles in the streets, rioting, arson, looting. I could go on the end result would not be good.
        No. I think we should just all learn to get along.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Yep – there were plenty of Unite Union banners in the crowd – renta thug, renta crowd. There were plenty of other rabble there too – the Occupy Movement guy and no doubt plenty of other “unions” standing up to National.

        Seemed it was more of a “your enemy is our enemy” kinda thing. The TV even had a student interviewed and she said she only saw about 4 students – she didn’t know who the rest were.

        Renta-crowd, renta thugs – that’s who. Hyjack a legitimate protest and corrupt it to your own agenda… yep – unions are right there alright…

      • Gazzaw

        I didn’t mention activists alex. I mentioned a shit stirring rabble & petty crims. There’s a difference.

      • Roland

         One there for sure was ‘Omar Hamed’, I think very dangerous shit stirrer of Urewera fame, he will likely be visable in the next couple of years as #1 Varsity ‘voice’ Check out Symonds Street Anarchists

  • Mediaan

    Well, she has to hit the ground running. It’s a big job. And Wira (who wrote a book on the treaty settlements and how it all went along) is also I understand on the same board as, or business colleague of Annette King’s husband. He knows government. Also colleagues of Peter Hausmann, the guy all the whistleblower fuss on HB DHB was about.

    Anne Tolley I admire actually. She is strong and steady and she seems to Get It Right.

    • Le Sphincter

      Tolley  au’some ?

      Half the time she didnt know what page she was on. The steady image was a mirage to hide her stupidity.

      • TravisPoulson

        For the exact same reason that I think you babble on with your french nonsense. 

  • Big Bruv

    Some of the shine seems to be wearing thin on a few National MP’s. We now know (what many had suspected all along) that Nikki Kaye is a waste of space and is really in the wrong party. Parata is looking more and more like the token Maori promoted above and beyond her work ethic and that annoying school boy Jamie Lee Ross reminds everybody that he is nothing more than a career pollie every time he opens his mouth.

    Key might have been smarter to use one of the more tried elder MP’s in the Education portfolio.

    • TravisPoulson

      With that comment surely you have a suggestion?

  • Big Bruv


    Williamson might be one name, he sure as hell chews up the pinko’s in the house with ease.

  • Patrick

    Question is – why was Tolley removed from the Education portfolio? She was doing an effective job, had bested Mallard & the teacher unions so therefore should have been left with the portfolio so she could ram it all straight down the throats of the teacher unions.

    • Mediaan

      Maybe because she had done a tour of duty, and it’s a battle-heavy job if you actually care about educational outcomes.

      There ought to be hospital leave for people oming out of dealing with teachers.

      Some teachers are wonderful. A lot are not, and know it, and try to hang on to good steady job by being belligerent and vicious and noisy.

      Maybe because they had Collins moving to Justice, so they needed somebody sensible whom the public trusted for police.

    • Scanner

       Wrong colour, got to go for the brown vote, it’s cheap and easy

  • Benito

    The amount saved was absolutely trivial. Lets review the
    actual policies:

    1) Additional $19.1 million spending to grow maori-medium
    early childhood education network.

    2) Other non-maori ECE spending to reduce $39 million.

    3) $47.9 million spending increase in Equity funding to
    maori education.

    4) $33 million spending increase to fund new initiatives and
    professional development in maori education.

    5) $8.5 million new funding to align achievement standards
    of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa to National Standards.

    6) $29.2 million increase in spending to Kura and maori
    middle schools.

    7) Other non-maori primary education spending to reduce $176

    8) $9.4 million extra spending to change 7 kura to 1-13
    composite schools.

    9) $12.6 million extra spending for maori-medium assessment
    tools to support Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori.

    10) $39 million extra spending by Whanau Ora programmes for
    new early childhood and primary level education initiatives (seems to be a
    straight re-allocation from Vote Education to TPK).

    11) $173.9 million reduction in non-maori primary education
    spending due to staffing ratios and curriculum savings.

    12) New goverment policy: State primary and intermediate
    schools to have reduced teacher numbers and pupil:teacher ratios BUT Kura and maori
    middle schools to be exempted and ratios increased.

    13) New goverment policy: State primary composite and
    intermediate schools to have technical education re-capitated  BUT maori middle and maori composite schools
    to be exempted and have allocations increased.


    Anyone see a pattern here?

    What are the actual projected savings? maori early &
    primary education funding is to increase a total of $198.7 million in this
    budget while conversely the spending on the same education for non-maori is to
    reduce $212.9 million. Therefore total NETT saving/spending reduction = $14.2
    million (over four years). And that was before the backtracking started. Was it
    worth destroying precious political capital with the most important swing
    voting segment?

    Which kids won and which kids lose out? What was the
    defining characteristic of those children subject to this government policy?

    Think non-maori education will actually improve?

    Who was National actually appealing to with these policies
    and why?

    Would National happily sell-out it’s most basic principles
    and core supporters to overtly practice racial discrimination and enact racist
    policies? And if not what is the practical difference with what has it actually