The Great Global Warming Scam

The USA is supposedly the principal cause of global warming, and it is certainly one of the centres of warmist panic.  But the temperature records used to make the warmist case are not only manipulated, they have been fraudulently altered.  In fact, based on the real records, the USA has been cooling for the past 80 years.

To most people, the hottest temperatures ever “recorded” would imply that quality controlled thermometers registered higher readings during the past year than had ever occurred before. If you believe that this is what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) means by hottest temperatures ever “recorded,” then you are wrong.

Raw temperature data show that U.S. temperatures were significantly warmer during the 1930s than they are today. In fact, raw temperature data show an 80-year cooling trend. NOAA is only able to claim that we are experiencing the hottest temperatures on record by doctoring the raw temperature data.

Doctoring real-world temperature data is as much a part of the alarmist playbook as is calling skeptical scientists at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, NASA, NOAA, etc., “anti-science.” Faced with the embarrassing fact that real-world temperature readings don’t show any U.S. warming during the past 80 years, the alarmists who oversee the collection and reporting of the data simply erase the actual readings and substitute their own desired readings in their place. If this shocks you, you are not alone.

The bureaucracy at NOAA and NASA who report the U.S. temperature data undertake what they term “correcting” the raw data. These corrections are not just one-time affairs, either. As time goes by, older temperature readings are systematically and repeatedly made cooler, and then cooler still, and then cooler still, while more recent temperature readings are made warmer, and then warmer still, and then warmer still.

Science blogger Steven Goddard at Real Science has posted temperature comparison charts (available here, and here) showing just how dramatically the NOAA and NASA bureaucrats have doctored the U.S. temperature data during the past several decades. As the before-and-after temperature charts show, government bureaucrats with power and funding at stake have turned a striking long-term temperature decline (as revealed by the real-world data), into a striking long-term temperature increase.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Funny how they never go to Al Gore for a comment. Obviously the finance is settled.

    • Gazzaw

      Al Gore would not be prepared to make comment without silver crossing his palm. The price of avgas for his new jet just keeps on increasing.

  • Apolonia

    What a scam.

  • Macca

    Don’t go holding your breath expecting this to be reported by the MSM any time soon!

  • You need to check the risk matrix, blogger-boy. If global warming is real, and we do something serious to counter or reverse the human contribution, then we’re in for a terrible time. If we do nothing, and it is real, then the future is a whole lot worse than that. Read The World in 2050 by Laurence Smith.

    • arekaywhy

      So you’re saying we need to tax ourselves back to the stone age in order to “possibly” make an infinitesimal difference, specious at best fool

    • Pukakidon

      You sound like a member of the flat earh society, that refuses to look at the true science or King Cnut who thought he could hold back the tide, you are not going to stop the natural cycle. Keep manipulating the stats for your own ends. It is nature that will decide our future, not you and the crazy Watermelons who continue to lie to achieve their communist intent.

      • graham lowe

        agree with you but you are wrong about cnut
        he used the tide as a example to his coutiers that he wasnt always right and all powerful
        somtimes kings want to be told when their idea is stupid not being surrounded by yes men

        • pukakidon

          Yes agreed but there are actually two sides to the explanation one that says he believed he was all powerful and thought he was divine by the right of God and the other that he did it to show that he was not. Anyway it was used to show that we humans can do very little to hold back nature. What do we do plug up all volcano’s, Hold back the Ice. Keep the planets where they are. These people are delusional whackos. We should be thinking about adapting to the change, the seas will rise again in the future, so if you want to live near the coast then you may suffer. Floods and droughts will happen like they have for thousands of years.

          Like everything else, take everything in moderation. These whacked out watermelons always go way over the top, Referendum for this referendum for that, next it will be referendum for taking a dump.

          There is obviously 14% of our population who are idiots who hang on the every word of the Watermelons and can not think for themselves. Most of these are shit sack under thirties who have no intention of contributing to the community.

    • Patrick

      Scratch the suface of the whole climate change fiasco & see what you find instead of taking it all at face value. This is the new battleground for commies & anti capitalists that is all. Please explain to me how taxing the arse off richer countries in the west while at the same time allowing the likes of China & India to pump out most of the pollution supposedly responsible for climate change makes any difference at all. As the saying goes “follow the money” & while you are at it research the people involved in this nonsense. Ask yourself why it is that the green movement all over the world is now massively populated by those that up until recently were card carrying members of commie parties the world over.
      Once you have all those ducks in a row then sit back & think about how valid the science & the arguments are that you are being told you must accept by your foolish governments.

    • Mr_Blobby

      What will be, will be. All life on the planet will do what it has always done adapt or die.

      • TravisPoulson

        Exactly, and it’s not something we can control. All this mass hysteria from the nutcases serves no purpose, other than to make their own lives miserable under the illusion that we can change what is naturally happening to the world. mankind is only part of a cycle the planet is going through. Maybe some time in a few thousand years another new species will be digging up our bones and remnants of the way we live, or maybe the next world dominating species will be some kind of animals again and any kind of intelligent human like life will be extinct.

        Either way, everything we are panicking about now will be soon irrelevant, though some will argue it already is. I wonder if the nutcases expect to stop the sun burning out too, maybe we could send them there to investigate?

        • Mr_Blobby

          Yes those future archeological digs will centre around rubbish dumps, were they will find plastic bags of rubbish, inside those plastic bags of rubbish they will find more plastic bags, filled with doggy do do and probably surmise that the intelligent species in New Zealand was the dog. Some might speculate why we chose to preserve such good fertilizer.

          • Pokerface

            An interesting item on the news a few minutes ago… Gareth Morgan giving the dark greens a slapping for economic stupidity :-)

  • john bronkhorst

    wasn’t it an english organisation that quoted figure from a weather station, as part of their “evidence”, from the 50’s and 60’s, that didn’t exist until the 80’s. Made up results, don’t seem to be the preserve of the american “warmists”.

  • Steve Robinson

    Ok puff bird, on that basis we should prepare for an attack by little green men from Mars. “Imagine” if the threat was real and we had not prepared.

    We could just go on and on with “imagining” threats for which there is no evidence. Real measurements do not support global warming, but man made computer models do. It is a matter of record how badly wrong all their predictions have been thus far. So relax puff bird, we do not need to become a global village of organic farming socialist vegans with a one world government. The meek are not going to inherit the earth. Never have and never will, as it defies the essense of the natural world.

  • Robin Warnes

    I hope for the future of your next generation (your grandchildren and great grandchildren), you are all correct in saying that climate change is a sham.

  • 6sn7gta

    nice little self congratulatory circle here.

    if you notice in the article the word ‘raw’ comes up. this is an old canard that has been disposed with many many times. Sites move, close down, start up etc, sites use different technologies to measure temperature, equipmnet changes over time, so in order to compare all of these, leveling is applied. have a look at this for one type of leveling, to use a crude phrase,

    there was a local ‘expose’ of this by the CSC on temperatures in Wellington, it was quite funny really. they failed to notice that the measureing station had moved from just a metre or two above sea level to the new station at Kelburn.

    I would also reflect on the situation that the US is not the whole planet.

    As usual, the frothsters here conflate two issues, the fact that there is AGW, and what to do about it.

    do some reading, there’s a new series of GLOBAL world temperature data out from the HAdley research unit, you can download it if you wish to see what’s going on.

    • jsrret

      that smug comment from 6ns7gta might have a bit of credibility if it wasn’t for the fact that pretty much all of these ‘corrections’ are designed to give the impression of runaway global warming… you give all these different excuses for why the raw data needs to be ‘corrected’ and always these ‘corrections’ result in more and more dramatic graphs showing us headed for the end of the world…

  • Ford

    global warming in my lounge at the mo

    • Mr_Blobby

      Can you afford to Global Warm your lounge FORD or have you found employment.

      • Ford

        youd be surprised at how well i do with the little little i get to live needs to be resourceful

        • Mr_Blobby

          There might be hope for you after all FORD.
          It is not about how much you earn, that is a red herring, it is about what you do with what you do earn. The more most people earn the more they waste. In your circumstances it is imperative to reduce all non essential outgoings. The less you have to pay out the less you have to earn.