The Invisible Mr Shearer

On Wednesday night during the Mixed Ownership Model debate David Shearer rose to take a call but the Chair, Ross Robertson (Lab – Manukau East) ignored him and called for a closure vote.

Ross Robertson claims he couldn’t see David Shearer…it is a valid point he made…Shearer is after all quite invisible, even to his own MPs:


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  • toby_toby

    What incredible bickering. Other than pissing away parliaments time, what do they hope to achieve? Can Hipkins and Cosgrove not take this up another time? They dumbest thing is that they seem to be alleging a conspiracy by Robertson to deliberately ignore Shearer. Standard politician shit – squabble over nothing like children and get paid for it.

  • jb

    “He’s the Invisible Man, it’s incredible how Ross Robertson can… see right though him…”

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Please do not insult the 2014 Prime Minister of this country Sheep Shearer. May be the Labour jokers thought Ross Robertson was a National MP?!?!?

    • thesorrow&thepity

      David Shearer is the Du’o’ng Van Minh of New Zealand politics, just like the former president of the republic of vietnam, Mickey Mouse could replace him as leader & no body would notice!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    You know I can’t take your ghost call Mr. Shearer

    • TravisPoulson


  • thesorrow&thepity

    I actually feel sorry for Shearer, there must be days when he wishes they’d just get it over n done with & roll him as party leader. To be shown that level of disrespect by your our subordinates just further proves whats starring us all in the face, that there’s blood in the water & the knives are out amongst the Labourites for Shearer. I see that useless piece of shit megan woods (mp for wigram) is doing what she’s done all her adult life, sitting on her fat arse blowing out raspberries whilst chewing her nails!

    • Liberty

      David Shearer has the same problem Kirk
      and Lange had.

      from the fact they had some X factor and Shearer doesn’t.

      didn’t have any loyal support from the rats in caucus

      had support only because she put the fear of God in to them.

      • thesorrow&thepity

        leadership through fear; sums up the mentality of the Labour party quite nicely!

  • Guest

    Having watched most of the debate, the actions and conduct of the Chair was quite disgusting. The Speaker should have been called back in to sort out the mess the Chair had created.