The lies the left tells

Most of the left wing blogs plus plenty of people on Facebook have been spreading around this image. Even Clare Curran has spread the lie.

Unfortunately for them, and this includes Martyn “DBD” Bradbury, John Key never directly said those words. They should not be in quotes.

The Listener article from 2005 expressly doesn’t use quotes and so John Key never actually said those words. Here is the context:

It might be sick, but it also might be why Key’s children – Stephanie, 12, and Max, 10 – go to private schools. Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools. But he acknowledges that the connections children make are also important.

The article was talking about access to high paying jobs through connections made at school or universities such as Harvard. The context is important.

Now I was excoriated by the left for making a video of Jim Anderton after a mainstream news organisation wrongly reported that Jim Anderton had said it would take an earthquake for him not to be elected Mayor of Christchurch. Let’s see if they will apply the same rigourous standards to themselves as they applied to me, even though my video came out a whole day after the mainstream media had reported the event.

I would suggest that Martyn Bradbury, one who constantly harps on about the Anderton issue will merrily use the image above and never correct it. Let’s see if Clare Curran corrects her post.


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  • Crikey; you’re telling me that the Left is dishonest; never saw that coming. I’d better sit down…

  • Psycho Milt

    Er, you were justly excoriated for editing Anderton’s answer to make it look like he said something he hadn’t actually said.  This case also involves somebody doing something wrong, but there’s nothing to suggest the interviewer paraphrased Key’s answer incorrectly.  Certainly he doesn’t appear to have complained about it at the time.

    • Actually milt it was fair fax that did that, I just made a parody video to reflect it.

      • Psycho Milt

         Sorry about that, I thought Fairfax had nicked it from you.

    • Mediaan

      Side issue, but I am pretty sure I recall this being said on a TV program I watched in Chch prior to the first earthquake.  

      My recollection, however, is that it was said by a political commentator about mayoralty then-front-runner Anderton, not by Anderton himself. 

      The way I recall it, he was commenting on an opinion poll or recent set of polls.  Though he could have said something like, “Even Anderton agrees that it would take some kind of earthquake to get in the way of him winning the Mayoralty now..”

      At that time Parker was not doing well.

      If I were setting out to search for it, and I am not, I would start by looking at Mike Yardley’s half hour show, then on CTV weekly, with panelists, perhaps 4 to 10 weeks before the 2010 local body elections..

      • guest

        Jim was talking to Mike Yardley about when he left the Labour Party (ie “it would have taken a seismic event at the time”…. prior to him walking…).  The interview was the day before the earthquake though.

      • Mediaan

        Thanks guest for this helpful info about the Yardley program.  Could have been it, but not quite sure…

  • AnonWgtn

    Where does silent T son go to school – same as JKs – yea

    • Gazzaw

      ……..and Cullen’s.

  • fatbratonfire

    I posted this picture because I oppose a class based education system thanks for confirming that I am right

    • WayneO

      So you’re happy to fabricate quotes? 

      Construct your arguments using facts and truths. People will respect that.

    • Gazzaw

      Class my arse. There are a lot of families who struggle hard to send their kids private instead of taking overseas holidays, buying new cars or straight out pissing it up against a wall.

      • Phar Lap

         Spot on.Strange i never hear the private school teachers bleating,or threatening fire and brimstone against the forward thinking National Party.Look in teachers staff rooms in state schools, the walls are plastered with sickly red notices from the doomed Asian Passports for cash Lie-bour Party.

    •  Ever heard of Dilworth School Fatbrat? It gives scholarships to underprivileged boys to enable them to have a quality private school education.

    • Except your image is a lie. John key never said what you have put in quotes.

    • Mediaan

      We don’t do class here. That only exists as a delusion in the squashed brains of vociferous pommie unionist-trained migrants.

      Evidence of squashed brain syndrome = the fact that they never recover from this way of looking at society in their lifetimes.

      Evidence that they are wrongly trained to the point of delusion = their children born here don’t suffer from it.

  • alex

    Its pretty funny how even Whaleoil will now have a hand in spreading this meme about JK sending his kids to private schools. Keep it up Whale, more people need to see this image. 

    • TravisPoulson

      Shock horror, JK wants his kids to have a better education! HOW DARE HE!!!!! 

      • alex

        Yeah fair enough Travis, I withdraw my accusation of you being a fucktard, though I should point out your first comment is actually a reply to my original comment, hence the confusion perhaps. 

      • TravisPoulson

        Alright I see it now, didn’t realize that it was your comment to which I had responded. I was more or less commenting, rather than directly responding to you. I take back any relative parts of my last comment in regards to that. 

    • WayneO

      Hey fucktard, anyone who views that image on this site isn’t going to be endeared to your cause. The more people that see that image on here, the more they are likely to vote ACT instead of National.

      • Cadwallader

        Eh? This must be the non-sequitur of 2012 thus far!

      • alex

        Hey Wayne and Travis, my point wasn’t that this image is going to convince people on this blog in particular, its that this image can now be seen on so many different sites that it will become ingrained in people’s heads. Even if this quote is fabricated, the meme has now spread far and wide, and the perception it encourages will be far more damaging to Key than any facts. The fact that you both completely failed to grasp my point suggests that perhaps it is you guys who are the fucktards.

      • TravisPoulson

        For starters alex, this is my first time commenting to you. 

        “The fact that you both completely failed to grasp my point suggests that perhaps it is you guys who are the fucktards.”

        Who’s the “fucktard” now? How do you know what I’m thinking? Telepathic powers maybe?

        But, even though I didn’t comment to you, I think you have problems if you think that:
        “the perception it encourages will be far more damaging to Key than any facts.”

         is acceptable. It’s more like a perfectly good reason as to why anyone on the left shouldn’t be in power. Dishonest, underhanded, and outright lying. And if you find this tactic acceptable, then all the more “fucktard” you are than anyone else commenting here.

        And as for the whingers circulating the picture? well I think it’s safe to say most of them didn’t vote National anyway. 2 people on my friends list that shared it, both  Labour supporters easily outraged by ANYTHING National does.

        So since I never actually made any direct comment to you before this, kindly take your “fucktard” comment and shove it right up your tender red (pun intended) arse.

        Good day sir.     

      • Pukakidon

         Alex you are a spineless little turd who uses innuendo, lies and deceit to achieve your aims.  You use silly schoolyard shite to put people down, it shows the level desperation.

        You are a typical dirtbag from the left who tries to be shiney on top, but you are a dirty little twat underneath.   You are what is called a typical Labour mudguard.

        Keep going on that track, the voter is well aware of your deceit, it is why you only gained 30 percent of the vote.

    • Mediaan

      What is REALLY funny is that desperate left wing blogs and “newspapers” are using (good-looking successful influential) John Key, the Key picture and glamour story, to draw readers to their pathetic patchy sites.

      Just as trashy magazines like Hello! used the picture of (good-looking successful influential) Princess Di — later Kate — to sell their magazines.

      And, still funnier, this came out a day or two after the competitive blog rankings for New Zealand.

      Which they had read.

  • nathan

    I notice Trevor Mallard isan conspicuously silent on the subject of.  I mean, it’s not like his closing dozens of schools up and down the country affected class sizes at all did it?

  • Mediaan

    They are so dim. 

    We all want people to work hard and prosper.   When they have made some money, what does the belligerent left say they are allowed to spend the money on?  


    What does the millionaire left-winger spend it on?

    Bet on race horses?  (Sue Moroney’s family wealth area)
    A flash Mercedes Benz?  (The Chauvel choice.)
    Dozens of properties in Waikato?  (The Mahuta family.)
    Overeating and obesity?   (A popular choice among their voters.)
    Lotto?  (Ditto.)
    Booze?   (Ditto.)


    Good on John for sending his kids to private school.If you can afford to do so,go right ahead.And now he is PM,well proberly more safe then mainstream schools.Bloody media need a kick up the arse for all the bullshit they are trying to peddle as news.

    • WayneO

      Wipe out the entire current school system and replace it with publicly funded charter schools. The current mainstream schools are sick – full of lazy teachers with their noses in the trough knowing they can never, ever be demoted or fired. Quality teachers soon get the shits and move to teaching at private schools and are handsomely rewarded for it (as they should be). Principals should be seen as CEO and responsible for “profits” (that is high scholastic and sporting perfomance by the students). It is no coincidence that private school students perform at a higher level – they have the best teachers.
      Performance based pay for teachers and remove the dead wood. Schools SHOULD be run as a business is. Judge them on the measurable outputs and fix them when the key indicators ring alarm bells.

  • AngryTory

    Why does John Key send his kids to state schools?

    Because he loves them

    • Mully

       And because he can.

      I will if I can swing it. I spent a lovely couple of days on Facebook stating that to anyone who shared this photo…

    • TravisPoulson

      you mean private school?

  • Gazzaw

    Jeez, I get pissed about people slagging private schools. You get the best education that you can afford for your kids FFS. For us it involved in two going private and one moving into Grammar zone for, Our business was struggling after the 87 crash but we fucken well did it. My wife went back to work full time to pay the fees and our mortgage & there were no overseas holidays or new cars. There were times when the fees bill came in that I wondered how we could pay them. We were not the biggest strugglers there & I well recall Poly south Auckland parents dropping their daughters off at school in their cleaner’s van on their way HOME from work at 8.00am. No twinsets, pearls & 4x4s for those families Captain!

    So we CHOSE to send our kids private and we CHOSE to give up a lot of luxuries enjoyed by our friends who sent their kids to state schools.

    Go private is not something I enjoy being slagged off for here because we exercised our rights to a free choice. I am a rich prick now and will gladly dip my hands in my pockets to send our grandkids private too should our kids need my help. Not likely though because in addition to getting a fucking good education they also utilise the much maligned old boys & girls networks to advance their careers.

    • stingray

      Choice is a very specific term to use. Do people choose to be kicked out of their homes? Do people choose to be lied to on a constant basis by both the Right and Left? Well that second one is debatable.

      But my point is, get a grip and look around you.

      I can’t forgive people for making uninformed comments all over the internet I’m afraid, however now is a chance for you to actually investigate the manufactured economic crisis we find ourselves in the thick of, no thanks to the cowardly people of this nation- and the deceptive nature of the fictitious entity known as government..

      • Gazzaw

        I haven’t the remotest idea of what you are talking about and less still about what connection it has to my right to educate my kids as I CHOOSE to or to prioritise my spending in whatever way I CHOOSE to.

      • Mediaan

        Stingray, sounds like you know a few things and you might want to share a bit more with us.

        But I disagree with your first sentence. People do make those choices, but not at the end when the situation is critical, all along.

        So, lies being told by all sides, manufactured banking crisis (incoming traffic suggests there might be a lot in what you say here)… Keep going.

    • Stemicnic

      There’ll be some cheapish honorifics going this weekend over London ways Gazzaw…….quickly…….on the blower to “Let Them Eat Cake” Key.  He’ll jack it up for ya via the divine/maligned  “old boys & girls network” you speak so fondly of. 

      At Last At Last…………you’re a phone call away from your magnificence, your briliance, and your psychotic self-importance being  honoured forever –  Ake Ake Ake !


      • TravisPoulson

        I spent the best part of yesterday on the toilet with the shits, but what came out my arse yesterday pales in comparison to the quantities you’re crapping out here. 

        I mean, look at that comment of yours, just utter shit. 

        Ironic that you mention ‘psychotic self-importance’ after your last posts.

      • Gazzaw

        Jeez, you’re a dumbarsed dickhead stemicnic – where did you crawl out from?

        What has this weekend in London got to do with our education system FFS?
        What’s with the Ake Ake Ake! If you genuinely are Maori which I doubt I think you call the ‘old boys network’  ‘extended whanau’.  

        Oh & by the way I am solidly republican.  

      • Pukakidon

         Hey Stemcell

        You should have stayed at school.    That is why you feed on my shit from the bottom of the shit pile. 

        Someone has to be the bottom of the turd heap.  Maybe you should do something yourself and climb out rather than waiting for someone to wipe you arse for you.

  • Guest

    Oh god I get this all the time I have two boys at Boarding school in Auckland and constantly get asked why Im wasting my money by left wing teaching members of family I just reply that what we choose to spend Our money on is our business and I dont question the choices they make with their money so dont do it to me.
    Also I might add there are a couple of left wing MPs who have kids at the school also.
    But school envy is common theres just not alot on offer where I live up North.

    • Bunswalla

      If you’re up North then the left-wing teachers don’t mean why are you wasting your money sending them to private schools. They mean why are you wasting money sending them to school at all.

  • Phar Lap

     Seems whatever John Key says or does ,some holier than thou pest, will come out of the woodwork.When John Key moves on,and gets replaced by who, or what, most of his sick twisted pundits will realise they shot the messenger.Sadly a great lot of the bleeding hearts,are not even fit to shovel shit, the dirty rotten bastards.

  • Phronesis

    Who knows what he actually said but he should have said “My kids go to private schools to keep them away from union hacks who only know how to indoctrinate not teach.”

  • Bunswalla

    I see The Horrid has posted the photo of JK with their take on this non-issue that they always use whenever they want him to look bad i.e. all the time. What a bunch of cocks.

    • WayneO

      They are indeed a bunch of cocks.

    Chris Glen
    So Mr Key, bigger classes are OK for kids from average NZ families who can’t afford private schools?
    Please SHARE on your Wall, your friends Walls and in your Groups.We all know about the ‘real John Key’, lets make sure others do too.
    This graphic was produced for Action for Good by me and not by the NZ Listener. Their logo is used as John Key’s remarks appeared in an interview published in the magazine in May 2005.
    John Key’s remarks sourced from: NZ Listener, May 28, 2005.
    Photo Source:
    “Mostly, he says, that decision was for educational reasons. Their schools have smaller classes and are better resourced than most state schools”  (Listener article)
    errr…. so how is this comment a ‘lie’ Cameron?
    When do you think that John Key is going to do the BIG ‘U-turn’ on increasing class sizes?
    Kind regards,
    Penny Bright‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

    • Guest

      Yes we all know about the real John Key the nice bloke that donates all his prime ministerial salary to charity, THAT is the REAL JOHN KEY

    • Guest

      I know a way to increase class sizes at Kings if that makes you happy….Get more people to earn decent coin in this country by getting off their arses and working hard . There you go simple.

    • maninblack

      Goodness, you are very painful penny. Many people who I work with in the media think you are just a total nut, and avoid you like the plague.

      • Mediaan

        Let’s be more respectful of free speech. I have seen PB speak, and she is very intelligent and sincere.

        I suspect she is being wound up and used like a toy, spinning helplessly, by others, but that is another matter.

    • TravisPoulson

      So, I can’t quite recall, how many schools was it that Trevor mallard closed down during the last governments term in power?

      NZ Herald Tuesday Aug 10, 2004

      “At least 11 Invercargill schools will close next year under Education Minister Trevor Mallard’s plan that followed a review of all state schools in the city. ”

      That was just one city. 11 Schools. 

      Now there’s whingeing about class sizes…

    •  Bad luck Cam; you have a new troll…

      • TravisPoulson

        Fear not Inventory2, for she only surfaces when there is an agenda to push. Even if it is completely and utterly pointless. She’s on a roll this year:

        (if you can bare to look at it)

      • Elaycee

        What a terrible picture…  the only (potentially) redeeming feature is that Penny Not-so doesn’t have that poor skunk attached to her head. 

        But the wailing and the bleating are consistent, protest after protest after protest….  

      • Pukakidon

         Looks like Penny just shit her pants

    • Pukakidon

       Sorry Penny Not very Bright

      No one cares what you have to say.    You lost the election so you opinion does not count.   You must try harder next time.

  • Chris Glen

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Stemicnic

    None of you oleaginous ones can say this:  John Key DID NOT out of his own mouth use the terms “smaller class sizes” or “better resources”  when responding to interview questioning (for the May 2005 Listener article)  about why he sent his kids private. 

    Until you can say that you’re talking shit all of you.  

    Furthermore Key HAS NOT DENIED that out of his own mouth came the terms “smaller class sizes” or “better resources” during the interview.  He could do that from London but he has not.

    So at this point it is you lot who are lying with your allegations of lying.  Maybe the notes and recollections of Joanne Black the writer of the 2005 article need to be consulted.  That will not occur probably  just as Key,  obviously advisedly,  has not directly fronted John Banks.  

    Can’t say I sympathise with you all in your embarrassment.  Spittley bluster won’t allay it.  Prima facie Key has been found out.  

    Kia Ora. 

    • Phronesis

      I can’t tell that your not a total fuckwit, so clearly you are a total fuckwit.

      • Stemicnic

        Phronesis,  your total vaccum,  absence of  context  picture of me as a fuckwit depends on nothing more than the total vaccum and absence of context picture of me as a fuckwit,  so sportingly offered by you.     

        It is accordingly meaningless but does qualify as sterling last gasp abuse from an embarrassed Key supporter. 

        Unless you’re saying that Key is vacuous,  there is thoroughly tangible and verifiable context furnished by his participation  in interview with Joanne Black,  from which came the article reporting his “……educational reasons.” 

        As I said earlier,  at this point,  prima facie,  Key is a hypocrite and allegations of lying are themselves,  let’s see…….embarrassed fibs.  Key can put it right with a denial but he has not.  Any denial would need need to be closely scrutinised for veracity of course.  Joanne Black would assist I’m sure.

        Anything else happy person ?  

    • Guest

      Kia Ora

      Unfortunately all the spittley bluster is coming from the ignorant left wing teachers and unions who cant seem to understand why the government is throwing money at schools to improve the quality of teaching.
      Oleaginous? Wow thats a big word for someone with a pea brain.

      • Stemicnic

        And it only took 4 lines to get to the abuse .   No answering of the central hypocrite Key point but small blessings,  none of the tedious old “I made it…..blah blah blah” war stories.  

        Well done and Kia Ora !

      • Bunswalla

        Stem-cell: as opposed to your original oleaginous post where it took you only 4 words to start the abuse – not 4 lines.

        So prima facie you’re a hypocrite – and evidently a goat’s cock too.

    • TravisPoulson

      Stemicnic: It was a fabricated quote, pure and simple. 

      • Stemicnic

        Devious PoorlyArsePoulson  – 

        You’re not saying that Let Them Eat Cake DID NOT give Joanne Black “smaller classes” and “better resourced” as the reasons why he went private  –  are you ?  That is the acid test of course.

        The  sophistry of  your….. “fabricated quote, pure and simple.”  is laughable even if  palliative for your acute embarrassment.  Have you no powers of analysis except as to your posterior dysfunction ?    

        Furthermore,  Let Them Eat Cake has had 7 years to correct.  He has still not done so.  Guess we’d better get hold of Joanne Black.  I venture that  her notes/recollections,  possibly tape recording,  will really give you the shits.

        Suck it up egg,  Let Them Eat Cake has let all you fullas down.  

        Ka kite.

      • TravisPoulson

        Petty insults, you’re not worthy of a response, other than to say that much. 

      • Mediaan

        People who use bits of Maori like that are obviously teachers.

        Waste of time talking to him.

        They are like kings of all they survey, all the kids have to agree with them, for most of the day, and combine it with under-utilised brains. Terribly tiresome mixture.

        Try to get him on to home decor or brie casseroles, he can probably be diverted…

    • Guest

      The acid test?? Had any lately i think so your posts are just weird

      • Guest

        Dear Stemicnic, you have had five hours to deny that you are a fuckwit.

    • Bunswalla

      Spittley Bluster? Weren’t they a punk rock group from Scunthorpe back in the 70s?

    • la la land

      Private schools have smaller class sizes and better resources. So what? John Key can afford to send his kids there. So what? You just sound bitter and envious. Work harder and save. The debate is about public schools – and yes we would all love smaller class sizes and better quality teachers – but it ain’t gonna happen without increasing taxes so lets just go with better quality teachers for now.

  • Stemicnic

    Correction (for the nitpickers amongst you) –  for the terms “smaller class sizes” and “better resources” used by me above,  read “smaller classes” and better resourced” respectively,  as in the May 2005 article. 

    Strange that none of you have answered the central point,  viz. Key’s “Let them eat cake…..” pose.

    All that’s been given really are war stories about the hard work and graft undertaken to afford the private option and the right to select it.  Cool but who cares.  I know you’re all a cut above.

    That’s not the point however.  The point is Key’s embarrassing hypocrisy.     

    • Guest

      Oh oleaginous ones , holier than thou,you embarrassing hypocrites please answer my questions with the decency they deserve ok. FUCK OFF

      • Stemicnic

        ??????? – Guest ???????

    • Blokeintakapuna

      2005… as in 7 years ago – like over 2 election terms ago – 2005 was this before the total cluster-fuck the out-going Labour government handed to National as a hospital pass fiscal situaton NZ inherited, just in time for the GFC to really seriously start biting and then the major earth quakes in Christchurch – likely to cost somewhere between $20-30Billion to fix?

      You leftie stalwarts seem to forget that we live in a dynamic and ever-changing world and environment! Sometimes shit happens – and then when it does, resources and priorities need to be shuffled to sort the bigger issues – and that you and I are often not aware of ALL the details and issues and certinaly not as much as informed Minister’s of the Crown will be on all the issues for the entire country – not just our own armchair agenda’s.


      • Blokeintakapuna

        The only place where changing dynamics had not been allowed to impact on anyone, had been the public service sector… hence the shrilling from the education unions. Well – hello… welcome to 2012… time to evolve with the altered dynamics heaped upon us all by the GFC and mother nature. Denial and wishing otherwise won’t alter the fact, that someone has to pay and also has to work to pay for the altered economic and physical environment we all find ourselves in.

      • Stemicnic

        So Bloke from wherever…… at least are not saying it’s all fabrication.  That was Let Them Eat Cake’s effort and his meaning.

        I guess now to ensure that the increase in state funding of private schools is not completely wasted,  Let Them Eat Cake will require King’s to increase its class sizes.  You know,  to take full advantage of this new “quality” education.

        You guys are on a hiding to nothing and Let Them Eat Cake put you right in it !

      • Guest

        Im lost semenic is just weird

    • Random66

      So what’s the big issue here? If you want smaller class sizes and better resources for your children then send them to a private school. It’s not like you aren’t paying for it. Same as public verses private hospital care – you get what you are paying for. I will say it again ‘get what YOU are paying for.’ We sent our children to private school and if I’m paying an extra $15,000 pa per child than my neighbour who sends their child to a public school for next to nothing I do expect to receive something different or more than they get – other wise why pay?  Simple really and no excuses.

    • Pukakidon

      See it is easy to be a cut above the Labour degenerates.   They have MPs in jail, Scalpers for tickets from young people and then lie about it .  Sexual deviants who purchase porn using tax payer funds for their own personal gratification or those who try to molest young men in Ministers houses. Not to mention ministers who find it fine to urinate in the corridors of hotels

      No one believes you claptrap any longer and you can no longer take any moral ground, You and your masters have been found wanting, so piss off back to your third rate blog the strandard.       

  • Where has Kosh been in the last few days? Now that his name and school have been mentioned, maybe his boss has told him to pull his head in, and stop swearing at and abusing people; it’s not really a good advertisement for the school or the profession is it?

    • TravisPoulson

      I’ve been having the same thoughts as you the past few days, because you and I both know he just can’t resist and gay marriage/education posts. IF indeed that were the case, then serves him right, his own behaviour brought him out in the open. IF.

    • Gazzaw

      I queried his whereabouts on another thread Inv2. No one seems to know. I wouldn’t mind betting that the parents, most of whom would be true blue in the Kokupu district have told him via the BOT to quit posting. He’s bound to turn up again under a different name but he will need some major spelling intervention to avoid detection. .

    • la la land

      I do believe we are… MISSING Kosh?

      • Mediaan

        StevePicnic might be a very very close friend of his, way he talks.

      • Gazzaw

        I think that you are maybe on to it lala.

  • Beans

    Labour, Greens, students doing worthless courses, agitating teachers and the Herald.

    Hard to tell who is the worst participant in this lie fest.

    • Guest

      Well Beans I see the Greens have done a UTurn on mining could that possibly mean they could align themselves with National?

      • Beans

        They’re thinking of it. Maybe they figured they’re better off spending their time and money on soft stuff like class sizes rather than harder, more reason-based policy like energy supply and resource extraction?

      • Gazzaw

        I think the greens are just getting ready for a more comfortable ‘fit’ with labour.
        Whatever government is in power post 2014 will need mining revenues, taxes & royalties to ensure that the economy survives. No doubt there will be some extreme greens who will get pissed off & leave the party but Russel & Turei are no different to other politicians & will willingly sacrifice their principles & colleagues for the sake of power.

  • Mediaan

    What a dim and kosh-ish piece of personal abuse from StevePicnic or whatever his name is.   

    A man who worked hard for the good of his kids and their education and their future security is a real man.  Impressive bit about the South Auckland family of polynesian cleaners too.  Great work.

    You can find truly excellent state schools, but it is not easy.

  • Gosh – appears my reporting the FACTS have got a few bites?

    All good!

    ‘You don’t cop the flak unless you’re over the target’   

    Keep going – you’re making my evening …………  :)

    You have all checked out ?

    Any considered opinions on when ‘shonky’ John Key is going to have to stop protecting ‘dodgy’ John Banks?

    Having held seven protests to date in the streets of the Epsom electorate, I can tell you that there are a growing number of voters who are concerned with John Key’s continued defence of the indefensible.

    Mind you – given John Key’s blinding hypocrisy and proven track record over Tranz Rail – it’s unlikely that he’s going to be able to ‘lead from the front’ when it comes to ‘honorable’ and ethical behaviour?

    Kind regards,

    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’

    • Bunswalla

      No, none of us has checked out your doubtless pathetic sites nor do we have any interest in doing so. The domain names tell us all we need to know and your whiney pleas for attention are, frankly, embarrassing.

      • Random66

        Nice, Bunswalla.  Well said.

    • TravisPoulson

      In all honesty Penny, you can’t tell the difference between ‘copping flak’ and being mocked for being a silly ol’ bint that none of us take seriously. 

      “dodgyjohnhasgone” come on Penny, blown your load a bit early there haven’t you? John’s not gone anywhere. 
      A quick look through your site is enough evidence to see you’re bat shit crazy and out of touch with the general public, pandering to an extremist minority for support. 

      You seem to have a fetish for failed campaigns for mayoralty/local electorates, all the protests you’re involved in go tits up and result in nothing. Not to mention publicly promoting vandalising election billboards: 

      • TravisPoulson

        Penny is just one of those sad people on a continuous journey through life looking for every excuse to be outraged about something, under some guise that she’s ‘doing for it for the people’ whereas when you dig down to the ugly truth she’s only doing it to make herself feel better.

        There will always be some agenda. When this one blows over, she’ll find another. One of lifes true losers. 

        It’s an obsession to maintain a perpetual state of outrage.

    • Pukakidon


      I actually feel sorry for you, you must be so upset, twisted and tormented by your mad rantings. 

      You poor sad woman.

    • WayneO

      Penny, you are completely mental. That is all.

    • WayneO

      OH MY GOD. I just looked at your website Penny, it’s completely awful and looks like it was laid out by a drunk 7 year old. I can’t even read it because there’s fonts changing all over the place and random lines in capital letters which just hurt my retinas.

      Once I got out of the unreadable rantings of a complete insane retard there’s a series of photos of you and your cronies proudly defacing election billboards. How old are you (I mean mentally), 6? Perhaps you should have drawn a diddle on one as that would have been hilarious given your mental age.

      For god sake woman, grow up. Defacing billboards is just juvenile.

  • Boss Hogg

    Selwyn College.

    What more can I say.  When we move back to NZ that is our zoned public school.  Guess what – we have been saving some $$$$.

    • Gazzaw

      Yep, you’ll need to go private Boss. The only other good local options that would be available are if you are RC. Sacred Heart has undergone a big move up the table (brilliant principal) and I believe that Baradene is up there as well now.

      • Boss Hogg

        Yep, and one point is that for every student that we put into a private school reduces the load on the public system = double tax.

        Lefties – Piss the hell off.

      • Gazzaw

        Tell me about it Boss. Never mind not even getting tax deductability you get to pay GST on the not inconsiderable fees as well. Dio alone with 1400 pupils would contribute in excess of $3 million dollars annually by way of GST which far outweighs the pathetic subsidy that the school receives from the government.

        Depending on how many children you have and the years of education ahead of them you might be best to move into the ABGS/EGGS zone. I was very happy with Auckland Boys and whilst they are currently looking for a new principal I can’t see Grammar changing direction. They do Cambridge exams as well so no need for your boys to try and make their way internationally with the pathetic NCEA exams.

      • Boss Hogg

        Gaz – thanks for the responses.  We have proceeded down the track to St Kentigerns out east and keep the old ranch.