The Shield of Sanctimony, Ctd


Andrew Geddis tears apart the Greens for their sanctimony and hypocrisy in using public funds to buy a referendum result:

First, it becomes pretty hard to rail against the influence of money in politics when you yourself are spending money trying to influence politics. For example, the Green Party’s policy proposal on campaign finance reform reads:

No person or entity can donate more than $35,000 to a political party in any twelve month period. This would need to include rules to make it illegal to split up large donations into lots smaller than $35,000 to avoid this cap.

So why exactly is giving more than $35,000 to a political party to spend on trying to achieve political outcomes A Bad Thing, whilst spending $50,000 (at least) on trying to achieve political outcomes is A Good Thing? Sure, you can maybe square the circle – there’s the concern about corruption, or the like – but it becomes a tougher argument to make when you have to start from the position of justifying why you should be able to do something that others cannot.


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  • Phar Lap

    Very interesting this subject should be revisited from yesterday.How is it that a bunch of self serving hillbillies can spend over $50,000 dollars  of tax payers money. on something that will go no where,even if they are successful.Seems for that lot of sicko “greens” there is no austerity.Just imagine in the unlikely event of them sitting on the treasury benches,if they can spend tax payer funds without restraint now,just think what could be up ahead, bankrupted by an Aussie Commie and a joke from the Macgilliguddy Serious party.Aussie Commie =Norman.The other =Turei.

    • Pete George

       on something that will go no where

      Sort of. They know that if they get a referendum it will be too late for some MOMing and ignored for the rest.

      They are carrying on from the last election and aiming at the next election.

      This is cynical use of parliamentary funds for perpetual campaigning.

    • AnonWgtn

      Its a pure publicity stunt – nothing less and the  taxpayer is paying for it.

  • The title of Geddis’ Pundit post is especially relevant:

    Boo for my team. Boo!

    Full marks to him for having the candour to call the Greens out on their hypocrisy. But will the media report it? Don’t hold your breath.

  • Mediaan

    Green don’t seem to have a clue what they are supposed to be doing. 

    They can do protesting, and they can do lying (e.g. Norman about his Tibet protest), and they know how to read and regurgitate UN press releases.   

    But they are not campaign-weathered environmentalists as they pretend. 

    They are not  people who have spent years measuring things in streams, or searching for data to say why something is happening, or keeping an eye on council water treatment. 

    They are fakes;  opportunists.

    Campaigning in his electorate, Kennedy Graham once pushed a campaign leaflet into my hand.  I explained I would read it and hand it back, as I try to avoid wasting paper.  He could not grasp this argument at all.  He said, “Go on, take one home!  Take several!”  I tried twice more to explain I avoid over-use of paper both for conserving resources and to avoid neighbourhood litter.  He simply couldn’t grasp my argument.

    That’s a green???

    People who love New Zealand and try to look after it, while continuing to respect its economic well-being — they are the real greens.

    The “Green” Party should first derail the Pinko Steamroller that is trying to use them, then second see if they can bring back distinguished journo Tony Brunt, founder of Values Party in about 1970.   He was ethical, a real environmental thinker, plus a social thinker, and bright.

  • Guest

    They are out in force today in Whangarei, i sat in my car and waited for my kids for half an hour and watched who was signing……. Not many to tell you the truth and the ones that were looked like they wouldnt have had a clue what they were signing.

    • Gazzaw

      Was kosh there? He seems to have vanished without trace. Maybe the true blue farming community of Kokopu were not too impressed by the assocation of his posts with their school.

      • Guest

        Not sure Gazzaw but plenty of people were saying no not signing and walking by.

      • Guest

        Yes he has disappeared told off for using bad language on the net?

  • AnonWgtn

    Don’t be fooled by some of the above comments.
    The Grenpeace Party are very clever at pushing against the Labour Party to get their one eyed policies processed.
    They are actually dangerous as we will find out in 2014, as they manipulate the Labour led Government policies, to match what they want.
    Norman will get Finance and Deputy PM, Turei will get Social Welfare to undo National’s updated policies.
    Do you know what – Labour will do sweet f.a. as they can do nothing about it as Labour want power at all cost, and Robertson and Street will push for that alone.
    Sod New Zealand then.

  • Phar Lap

    The “Greens” are trying to get a referendum.The nation voted a preferendum.No buts no maybes. Even the “Greens” should realise that.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I beleive a complasint has been made to the Speaker

    Now the Greens are saying they will look at mining on a case by case basis