The Tories Man Up

The Telegraph

It has been an encouraging few days for those of us fed up with seeing the criminally inclined, the feckless and the work-shy given special treatment in our society. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has said that human rights laws will no longer be a barrier to the deportation of foreign offenders. Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has announced that 120,000 problem families whose children cause a large proportion of trouble on the streets and in schools will not be allowed to blame their upbringing for their misbehaviour. And Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, has told welfare claimants that if they fail to turn up to two job interviews they will be forced to work for nothing.

About time too. If Labour were smart they would out flank the current bunch of wets in National with some tough love policies for beneficiaries as it will bring the votes flooding in. Too many traditional Labour supporters have been turned off by a party that thinks that identity politics and absolving scumbags of the blame for their actions are more important than creating a society where those who try are better off than those who don’t try.


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  • Bawaugh

    Problem for Labour is this, if they do this they will lose votes to the Greens, who will call then mean. In the UK under FFP Labour could afford to give lip service to this group because who else would they vote for – Conservative?

    Labour needs to show that it is serious on Welfare abuse and getting people back to work. At the moment they appear that they are serious on Welfare payments and opposing every cut in the land. (Oh and a tax here and there too for good measure). 

    I understand a certain guy by the name of Michael J Savage said that welfare was

    A tank which was filling with water. If you stopped pumping then you would get covered in water. 

    How times have changed. 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    About bloody time too! Bring it on for all!

  • Le Sphincter

    Must be something in the air  today.
    Fancy thinking that the tories from L’angleterre have any answers!! 

    Quelle Horreur, they have delivered a double dip recession and more U turns that  make John Key look like Pope Benedict.

    For gods sake , Cameron  cant even make sure he leaves  with all his kids in tow after going out for a meal.  His chillax reputation is well deserved

    There doesnt seem any credible way they will make the 5 years unless its as a crippled minority government. 

    Only the die hards on the Torygraph still support him. Other conservative papers such as the Express and Daily Mail are just as likely to give him a kicking.

  • tarkwin

    Bring on the drug testing and pay a large percentage of benefits in vouchers. Too many beneficiaries in this country seem to know all about their rights but will not accept any responsibility. If they don’t like it they don’t have to accept the benefit, it’s not compulsory. After that rant I’m off to the pub for a lie  down!

  • johnopkb

    “And Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, has told welfare claimants that if they fail to turn up to two job interviews they will be forced to work for nothing”.  Similar policy here could see Christchurch rebuilt and all the fruit picked without importing any labour resource…wana bet though?

    • Mediaan

      If it were not for Sue Bradford we would by now have free work in return for the dole. She ensured that the youth gangs would have a ready supply of well-funded recruits with idle days.

  • Populuxe1

    Still claiming sickness benefit, Whale? Or do you possess some magical talisman that wards off the tender mercies of Paula Bennett and her flying monkeys?