They will get the bum’s rush

The Telegraph

Argentina thinks they can try and use the Olympics to push their bizarre claims for the Falklands. They can try but I think they would find themselves incredibly isolated as the Poms give them the bum’s rush:
The Olympics could become a platform for an Argentine protest over the Falkland Islands, it has been claimed.

The government has sought reassurance from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after receiving intelligence that the country may attempt to use the Games to highlight an Argentine campaign for sovereignty over the islands.

It is feared that athletes from the country could put on a black power-style protest, similar to the one staged by two African-American medal winners at the 1968 Mexico City Games.

Tommie Smith, who came first in the 200m men’s final, and John Carlos, who took bronze, raised their fists and wore black gloves while receiving their medals.

They wore only black socks on their feet to highlight poverty.

British government ministers fear that a possible demonstration in this summer’s Games would be seen worldwide, and create further tensions between the two countries.

About 140 Argentine athletes are due to compete in Games this year, taking part in 28 events.

A senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) source told The Sunday Times: “We are concerned that Argentina will use the Olympics as an opportunity for protests about the Falklands and have been looking into what we can do.

“They seem determined to push their case at every opportunity.”


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  • Mr_Blobby

    I watched the British PM response with some interest. Claimed it was about respecting the rights and wishes of the Islanders. What a load or absolute nonsense. If it was not for the potential for oil and other minerals, the British Government would have no interest at all and at best assist the Argentineans with relocating the Islanders by force if necessary.  Outright lies.

  • Le Sphincter

    What about the rights and wishes of the residents of Hong  Kong…thats right they were virtually all Chinese and not of Celtic- Anglo Saxon stock so Britain didnt want to know.

    British colonial history is littered with possessions  they no longer wanted , sold off or even the Brits were given their marching orders by the locals

    • Ronnie Chow

       Might is right , dude , might is right . Just ask the Filipino’s about the rock off their coast , soon to be a part of China .

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now Argentina will be one of the 1st in.  Lets see the reaction of the British crowd if they tryt anything and the reaction when Argies take the field in events.

  • Montana Muse

    So what if its about oil? And so what if its about Anglo celtic stock?  Its a brit posession, they own it legally and unlike hong kong have no long term lease to worry about.  The Brits have paid for its up keep and do we really want interstate war over real estate?  Dont  let that elephant out of the room. 
    Aren’t  Nuclear weapons fun, make people behave and not fall down that trap.

  • Mrcopita

    Argentina get less medals than NZ. Their athletes won’t get many chances to have a protest, I suspect.