This is what happens when you have bogans running government

NZ Herald

Hamilton may not be the clap capital but it does look like the wasted public spending capital. Though maybe they are just trying to set a target for Len.

Hamilton has racked up $255.89 million in new debt in the past five years – with Claudelands Event Centre tagged as the single largest contributor.

New figures show the event centre and city roading contributed to half the council’s new debt since 2007.

The city council proposes to cut services and sell assets to pay it off.

Next month the city’s total debt is expected to reach $400 million – and more than half of this was due to recent spending.

In response to the figures, the council’s finance and monitoring committee chairman Dave Macpherson said hindsight showed the council made some wrong decisions.

“In 20/20 hindsight I don’t think we would have done it and I don’t think the community would have supported it either. In hindsight it [$255.89 million in new loans] is too much.”

Someone should ask the Breakers why they won’t play in the Claudelands Events Centre.


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  • starboard

    Hmm..maybe Tony Marryott still has a hand in running the show up there in between fucking Christchurch over. The mans a cancer.

    • Gazzaw

      They must have retained Mike Redman as a consultant as well.

      Wait for more classic statements: “We’ve learned by the experience”, ” We are setting up a sub-committee”.


  • Phronesis

    Still can’t beat dunedin. More debt thanks to the stadium and a few other unnecessary projects. Less than half the population and limited industry / dairy to pay for it.

    • kehua

      You should also check out the debt situation of the council owned  `enterprises`. There is a story waiting to happen?

  • Michael

    WO, breakers can’t play at the stadium because the flooring bought from china has dead spots. hamilton city council is a complete cock up and they are still tell me my rates will “need” to increase while the mayor sits in her couple of thousand dollar chair specially designed for women… 

    • Michael

       i should also add that rodney hide was completely limp as the ‘local government” minister. too busy focusing on that shit whole, auckland mega city, to concern himself with the rest of new zealands cesspit councils

      • John Q Public

        “Shit whole”?

  • Jimmie

    Seems like a good case for recall elections for local councils or a law requiring central government approval for borrowings over a certain amount………I mean this is plain stupid!

    Say the HCC was a private citizen who earns say $50K a year. They have $10K in the bank.
    They then go to the bank and book up $500K debt for buying assets which return minimal income, are unsellable, and lose value from day one. (Oh and the repayments make your mouth water)

    Then 1-2 years later go, opps in 20/20 hindsight we shouldn’t have done it.

    This is just plain nuts – why the councillors and top management aren’t resigning enmase’ I don’t know.

    All I say is I’m glad I don’t live in Hamilton 

  • ConwayCaptain

    Here 50k south in the S Waikato we have the lowest debt per head.

  • Gazzaw

    We haven’t heard the last of the Kaipara District Council Mangawhai debacle yet. Word is that there’s some serious Auckland people highly pissed off who have the time, the resource and the will to get very serious. I don’t believe that they have been assuaged at all with the mayor’s statement that he won’t be standing again. It’s possible that the watershed will be a realisation finally by local councillors NZ wide about their personal responsibilities.

  • Allyson

    Maybe they’re waiting for a Supercity to amalgamate their debts into. It worked for Waitakere City Council. Worst run local govt got their dept gobbled up just by being there and over-spending

  • Bawaugh

    At least they are talking about selling assets to pay for it. Somebody should tell Christchurch to follow suit.

    As for the Claudlands events centre, it is a very nice looking white elephant.

    • Random66

      What people don’t know is all those involved in the build of this project were asked to make a ‘donation’ back to the council via a credit to our agreed contract values as the project had gone over budget.  In all our years in business this was the first time we were asked to do this and let’s remember in a tendering process everyone comes in with their best price to secure the work so it’s not like there were huge profit margins in which to meet this surprising request.

      • Gazzaw


  • Blokeintakapuna

    Make local councellors and MP legally responsible for their actions and decisions with full financial accountability. Instantly a far superior batch of credible people managing public assets and infrastructure… and even with MMP – good bye to the likes of Labour, The Greens, Mana, Maori Party as no one would want to be held accountable based on their own abilities – no more failed teachers and unionists trying to run the country … and NZ only has credible and effective managers of our assets. There – solved it for ya…

    • AngryTory

       Make local councellors and MP legally responsible for their actions

      Make them and their families personally responsibly for any and all deficits. 

      You want to run a “zero budget” that borrows 10 Billion.  Fine Mr English: you pay for it

      • Blokeintakapuna

        It should be Cullen and CLark paying for it – they left the coffers in a state of complete cluster-fuck…. just as the GFC was seriously getting underway!

  • Boss Hogg

    This is what they do about debt in Greece when it is time to pay some back………

  • WayneO

    What is the debt for Waikato District? From memory that’s always been a very well run council.

  • Dave Macpherson

    Well Whale Oil – you should check your facts (again); the Breakers have already played in Hamilton this year, and will probably do so next season. But don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good story!
    Dave Macpherson

  • worksux

    Are you the Dave Macpherson from the HCC, If you are, Then why are you and the rest of the Council so fucking stupid. Personally I’d like to see you all lined up against a wall.