Turns out a dingo did steal her baby


Could this finally be the end of the saga?

A dingo was responsible for the death of Azaria Chamberlain in 1980, a Northern Territory coroner has found.

Coroner Elizabeth Morris told a packed courtroom today that a dingo was to blame for the attack at Uluru, which originally saw Azaria’s mother Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton jailed for murder and  her husband Michael given a suspended sentence for being an accessory after the fact.

Both were later exonerated after a royal commission in 1987.

During the inquest both the counsel assisting the coroner, Rex Wild, QC, and the lawyer representing Azaria’s parents, Stuart Tipple, agreed a dingo was the most likely cause of the baby’s death.

The finding means Chamberlain-Creighton, as she is known after remarrying, and her ex-husband Michael Chamberlain have finally won recognition that a dingo killed their child.

The inquest was the fourth into the death of Azaria since the nine-week-old child disappeared on a camping trip.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    The treatment of that poor women, especially by the Australian media, was shameful not to mention the evidence of the lcoal aborigines that was not investigated by the police.

    I remember a psyc professor of mine who used this as an example of how a persons lack of outward emotion (no doubt due to PTSD) could turn opinion against her.

    • johnopkb

      I am on Lindy’s side here, but to suggest anyone should put the slightest weight on the “evidence of local aborigines” hasn’t been long on this earth, at least not in this part of it

  • AzaleaB

    Lindy’s treatment reminds me of the nastiness against Madeleine McCanns mother. If you don’t look ‘Hollywood’ destraught then you must be guilty.

    • Pencarian

      “Madeleine McCanns mother” is a poor example to draw upon. If you look beyond the media hype (professionally managed by a team of lawyers and PR people) you will get an idea. Your guilty of the very thing your speaking out against.

      • AzaleaB

        I grudglingly conceed somewhat but disagree in part as it was later in the piece the PR machine got into action. IMHO, that was in part due to the publics emerging feelings about the parents.

        Here is a quote from research rather than just personal opinion that you may find interesting.

        “These findings show the importance of defendant facial expression in how jurors perceive the defendant… Facial expression can introduce an important source of bias into participants’ decision making processes. These data show that the biasing effects of information beyond the evidence need not be in the form of inadmissible evidence, pretrial publicity, or due to juror misconduct. Rather, they may arise out of the expressions the defendant exhibits, and the attributions jurors make about those expressions.”

        Source: The effect of defendant facial expression on mock juror decision-making: the power of remorse
        by M. Kimberly MacLin, Corynn Downs, Otto H. MacLin, Heather M. Caspers
        North American Journal of Psychology / June, 2009

        It is only one of many articles that show human bias and judgement based on expression.

  • Where was the Dingo’s lawyer?

  • The Bella

    When the five burner flash as buggery three hot plate outdoor cooker went missing after a visit from the local half wit the local cop in Coolangatta told us’ a drongo stole ya barby’

    • johnopkb

      ya lair

  • ding-go. dingo-go.

    ” lindy – someones at the door!”

  • WayneO

    32 years later. Does anybody, apart from those involved, give a shit?

    • I do for one – the absolute best thing is the “correction” to Azaria’s death certificate.

    • Mediaan

      Yes, I do. I’m glad it is now defamatory for anyone to say or imply that the Chamberlains had any part in the disappearance of baby Azaria.

      I hope Lindy Chamberlain sues the gizzards out of all the thick neck snarling mob trying to suggest she was involved.

      That family got destroyed. Individuals of the highest calibre got persecuted.

      You don’t care?

  • jay cee

    um yes i do, given that it was a travesty of justice because it was rumour and innuendo that got her convicted.

  • Ben

    A dingo that neatly removes clothing from a baby before taking it away to eat it?

    And by the way, what a bunch of bleeding heart liberals here. Fuck Chamberlain.