Two more Crushed

Dominion Post

Judith Collins has crushed two more ACC Board members as her purge of ACC continues:

A cleanout of the ACC board will continue with two more directors to be released from the top of the troubled state insurer.

Chairman John Judge was effectively shown the door yesterday after political pressure over the Bronwyn Pullar case.

The Dominion Post has learnt that his deputy, John McCliskie, and another director, Rob Campbell, will also be replaced.

ACC Minister Judith Collins confirmed last night that the terms of five board members expired in March, and three would not be renewed.

“I think what you’ll see is a change in direction. The fact is, we have board members whose terms have expired and I’m taking the opportunity to bring in people who I believe will be able to help change the direction,” Ms Collins said.

New appointments to the board were pending approval from the responsible Cabinet committee. Government enforcer and existing director Paula Rebstock would act as chairwoman until a permanent appointment was made.


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  • Just takin’ out the trash – next is those new board members dealing to the employment agreements of current senior managers.

  • Joe_Bloggs

    Is that the same Rob Campbell who used to militate for the Federation of Labour – before he sold out on his union principles and became a rich prick?

    I also see John Armstrong in today’s Horrid labelling Crusher as “smug” in the debating chamber – surprised me as I interpreted her demeanour as more clipped, tight-lipped and grim. I didn’t realise that Armstrong was an expert in psychometrics and cognitive behaviourism. Somehow I imagined him more as a hack churnalist… 

    • AnonWgtn

      Yes  – same Campbell – turncoat Socialist.

    • Bob

      Yes – same Campbell – saw the light.

      Top bloke too.

    • curmudgeon1

      John Armstrong is not someone whose opinion and writings should be taken seriously!  Clearly ACC issue needs some close attention and Collins is doing exactly as required. Don’t think “smugness” even enters her contemplation – business all the way!

    • Gazzaw

      An old churnalist just writing out his time to pick up his super. He won’t be crossing too many company lines.

  • Charlie

    What about the two Managers who lied about the meeting?

  • In Vino Veritas

    I think Fran in the Herald hit the nail this morning. McCliskie set up the meeting and the managers were put in a bloody difficult position. Essentially Pullars connections are all being trashed as well as everyone around them. When the carnage from this is eventually toted up, there’ll be a good few senior people who when asked for personal favours by friends, will say “are you nuts?”

  • 4077th

    CEO Stewart gone now also!

    • Fozzie

       Wahoo and now the Auditer General is investigating the Sky City deal – how bad a day can it get !

  • Ford

    more positions replaced by females