Was it to protect the dog?


There is something seriously dysfunctional in the Manawatu. Ther eis yet another case of name suppression this time involving sex with a dog…but why the name suppression? To protect the dignity of the dog?

A Manawatu man has lost the right to have a pet, after he paid a woman to bring his “deviant sexual interests” to life by taking part in an erotic act involving his dog.

The man, who has name suppression, paid for a woman to go to his house in July 2009.

He had a particular sexual purpose in mind, which he told the woman over the phone. When she arrived at the house, the man showed her images of what he wanted her to do, which would involve his dog.

The woman took part in an indecent sexual act with the dog and left.

Later, she made a complaint to police, who found illegal sexual images and DVDs at the man’s property.

In Feilding District Court yesterday, the man was sentenced on 16 counts of possessing objectionable material and one count of indecency with an animal.

So we can ban people from having pets but we can’t ban them from having kids….nice place we’ve got here.


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  • farmboy

    hmmm wonder what he needed the woman for

    • toby_toby

       Seriously? Did you read the article?

  • Callum

    I want to know why the woman wasn’t charged as well?

    • Agent BallSack

      Perhaps she got diversion at the K9 compound. 

  • grumpy

    Why did she make a complaint to the police?

    • Richard B.

      Because the dog didn’t phone her in the morning.

      • Gazzaw

        Probably couldn’t remember her name Richard.

  • Kthxbai

    So the woman took the cash, did the deed then complained?  And didn’t get charged as well?

    Double standard by the cops?  Unless of course they’re charging him in relation to coercion as well.

    • Ford

      sexist shit

    • Ford

      shes a victim didnt you know..all females are victims

    • Sadu

      So it’s ok to blow a dog but it’s not ok to photograph someone else blowing a dog.

      This country is seriously fucked up.

  • Rocky

    So his only punishment was 150 hrs community work, not allowed to register a dog, and 12 months nonsensespeak…..By far the most effective and logical sentence would have been to publish his name.

  • Lofty

    What was the dog wearing????? Something a bit slinky & off the collar perhaps, or even a collar with flashing disco lights..how nice   ;-)

    Just asking

  • Richard B.

    This is taking doggy style too far.

  • HotelMovieBuff

    comments here have gone to the pack! You guys are sick puppies!

    Singin’ “Who let the dogs out… who.. who…”

    • One hand clapping

      New meaning to the term “dog breath”……

  • Greg M

    Awww, stop hounding the poor girl.

  • Ford

    so the woman who took part dosent get charged with anything..shes as bad as he is for participating…twodogsfucking

  • niggly

    Crikey, what can one say, the Manawatu Standard should have turned the public comments on.

    That way the locals could have put their two cents worth of gossip in as to what was going on where, why, who, how etc, would have been entertaining, I mean, serve as a community service announcement to the citizens to beware of such perverse behaviour if the opportuntiy re-presented itself of course..