Whaleoil’s Guide to National Party Selection

As many readers will know I am passionate about getting good people into parliament, and admire good politicians even if I oppose them, like that cunning bastard Russel Norman.

Something that has troubled me for years is how many good candidates run for National but never make it into politics, missing out at selection or becoming disillusioned after taking one for the team and getting nothing back from the team so giving up entirely. Too many good people are lost to National by the callous indifference the party hierarchy shows them.

Last January David Farrar suggested that a few of us set up a training program for good people who want to run for National, and with the help of others I have done this. As an extension of this program I am in the process of creating a web site giving an honest opinion on how to win a National selection, how to build a career as a politician and how not to end up having your career wrecked, by National apparatchiks who are too cowardly to stand themselves, by getting you to run in a red seat.

As I have no official role in the party I can be open and honest with answers to questions, and answer based on what is best for the individual, not the small group of people in power now, who don’t care what happens to National in ten or twenty years.

I’ll post some FAQs later today, but I expect there will be more so please email them in.


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  • Just out of interest – you likely to do the same for Local with those elections next year?
    Seems the Centre Right Bloc is errr needing a hand before Brown delivers someone’s arse back to them on the plate next year

    • Yes we do, we recently held a session in Christchurch for aspiring local body candidates. I can arrange for some materials to be sent if you want…you know how to get hold of me.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Excellent work Whale Oil.

    However,  In 2014, the question will be about coalition partners for National. Now that the wretched MMP is here to stay, the toxic duo of Labour and Green total vote will be either equivalent to National or slightly more. Then this toxic duo will have the support of Winston First and the No Mana party and easily become the Government of the day.

    With some good luck, National will get Banks and Dunne back unless they self destruct. You can count on Maori party with its 3 MPs to side with National. But that may not be enough. There needs to another right of centre party. Banks would be better off talking to Dunne, Colin Craig and see whether they can form a loose coalition under a single banner (Jumbo Anderton’s Alliance Party model). This alliance will be certain to win 2 seats and the combined tally could be between 3 to 4 percent, thereby bringing couple of extra MPs.

    Winston hates Greens and will not be part of a Government where Greens sit at the cabinet table. But Labour cannot afford to keep Greens out any more. So Labour will try to cut a deal with Winston for support from outside. That will be very interesting to see……

    • Apolonia

       No one would want to be in the same party as Dunne due to his history of treachery.
      The act brand has been damaged by the behaviour of it’s MP’s. Banks has health issues.
      The Conservatives are better being a new broom without baggage.
      Also the Conservatives have appeal to voters from National, NZ First and Labour’s pacific islanders.

  • Guest

    Rumour is the National Party has sent out recent information on refreshing and improving their candidates college – no doubt spooked by the alternative candidates college you have been involved in.

    You could also publish a list of names of people who should not be allowed to go near a selections process due to their history of interference and inappropriate involvement.

    • The Candidates College is yet to meet this year….by the time they do we will have held at least 4 possibly 5 sessions.

      Anyone asking about the candidates College should ask the President a couple of questions.
      1. How many people were selected for the last election from the candidates college?
      2. How many MPs in the past 3 elections have been through the candidates college?

      • Phronesis

        Why not just tell us…

      • 1. None
        2. None

  • One of the things I’ve noticed is those who end up representing National in Parliament tend to follow the “team” more than Labour parliamentarians – not sure if I should type why I think that is so…..

  • Blue Tim

    Members, members & more members is the.  Potential candidates need to sign up members who need to become delegates