Whaleoil’s Guide to National Selections – FAQs

These questions will be answered on my new web site. If you have any others please send them through.

  • Will the Party Hierarchy be Neutral in Selections?
  • Should I expect dirty tricks and unethical behaviour during selection?
  • Does the Party have any real influence over who the delegates select?
  • What will it cost me to run for parliament?
  • Does caucus have any influence over selection?
  • What if I am threatened that association with certain people will be bad for my career?
  • Does National look after losing candidates?
  • Will National push me up the list if I keep taking one for the team in a red seat?
  • Does running in a red seat improve my chances of winning selection in a blue seat?

An interesting fact is that the National Party couldn’t rig a selection for an All Black world cup winning captain.


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  • Anonymouscoward

    No worries about candidate selection in the electorate where I live.

    The National Party could put up a cockies dog as its candidate and still win a thumping majority.

  • Michael

    Big question – how do you overcome the blue rinse bias towards middle aged married male with two kids and professional occupation?

  • Bawaugh

    How long will it take me to get into Parliament? How many years of trying will it take? What should you do to prepare. 

    How do you get yourself a good list position?

    What if the candidate has a criminal record?

    And how do you get rid of someone who you think will be bad for the party before they get selected as a candidate or on the list? 

    Thanks for offering this service.

    PS: I am not thinking of running for parliament – my skin is too thin.