Whaleoil’s Guide to Selection FAQ, Ctd

Thanks to those who have emailed me with questions for the new web site. Here is a sample. Please email more through. I’ll be answering one a day and they will all appear on the web site.

  • Big question – how do you overcome the blue rinse bias towards middle aged married male with two kids and professional occupation?
  • How long will it take me to get into Parliament? How many years of trying will it take? What should you do to prepare.
  • How do you get yourself a good list position?
  • What if the candidate has a criminal record?
  • And how do you get rid of someone who you think will be bad for the party before they get selected as a candidate or on the list?
  • What are the do’s and dont’s with social media during a selection process? (outside of National Party constitution)
  • What initiatives does National Party have in place to mentor/support women looking to stand for selection?
  • Who’s advice do you really listen too ? (Board members, advisers, party hacks, electorate chair?!)
  • Does running in a red seat really help you ‘cut your teeth’ or is it simply a poisoned chalice?
  • What  is the maximum age you need to stand if you want to become a Cabinet Minister ?
  • Better chance of being selected as a woman before or after you have kids in the National Party?
  • What are your chances of selection in a seat where you challenge a sitting MP?

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  • Guest

    If you are a middle aged married male with two kids and professional occupation how do you overcome the bias of some twat against you.

    • Jimmie

      WO can’t have a bias against such terrible folk as he is one himself…..

      • Michael

        In a selection panel of 60 members you are likely to have 10 blue rinse voters – a big voting bloc. The blue rinse won’t vote for a woman with children – “who will look after the kids?”. Hence all electorate selections are usually for middle age men. Proof of this is the only new female MP for National last election was Maggie Barry – well known, 50 and childless. The other half dozen were all middle aged men.

        Most of the women MPs in National stood in seats that have less than 200 members so don’t have to face a selection panel, they are selected by the board – for instance Paula Bennett, Hekia Parata, Melissa Lee, and Nikki Kaye were selected like this.  Some of the woman electorate MPs are mostly ex-list MPs who stood in Red seats – Anne Tolley stood in Napier in 1999 but got in on the list, Kate Wilkinson, Nikki Wagner also spring to mind as standing in seats that most aspiring MPs would ignore as unwinnable.

        If right wing voters think a caucus of exclusively middle age men are going to connect with a large group of voters then get used to being in opposition unless the left screw up.

  • tas

    When is the best/easiest time to enter parliament? in opposition or in government?

  • Jimmie

    I would have thought the best question would be this:

     If a one legged Aborigine dwarf was the best candidate for a seat should they be chosen even though 85% of the other seats have one legged Aborigine dwarfs standing in them?Should they still be chosen or should each electorate be only allowed to chose candidates that fit a particular preconceived quota?  

    • Pencarian

      Jimmie this problems has a self evident solution:

      The Aboriginal cripple dwarf is being discriminated against for being a gay single Jewish convert to Islam parent who alternates between the Burqa and cross dressing on alterntinate  days. The NZ public are outraged by this ( as reported in the media) and demand the victim/candidate be selected as a representative of “middle” NZ.

    • Phronesis


  • Guest

    Maggie Barry has a son.

    • An Adult son…point is no kids at school.