What a great idea

the tipline

This is in the World Headlines on Stuff today….seems like a great idea, perhaps we could trial it on the East Coast of Northland?


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  • They’re already being used in the USA being contracted from Pentagon to local enforcement agencies as a trial for anti- terrorism action on home soil as an alleged part of Homeland Security beaf-up.

    See also this article from your blog last week Cam about Israel and Stuxnet.

  • Ricardo

    What do you have against the East Coast of Northland Cam?  We have always voted National haven’t we??

  • The Real Fozzie

    For a small country like NZ, it has its merits and could be less costly than satellite doing a similar function.

  • maninblack

    the drones are small camera planes for patroling sharks, rather than the expense of a helicopter.

  • Sooty

    Neet, we could use them on those stupid mozzies in QC.

  • mara

    The drones are a relatively cheap  and increasingly “clever” way  of spying on one’s enemies,  real or perceived, home and abroad. The fact that Obama is now spying on Americans  worries me. That he appears to have total control of these drones worries me greatly.

    • davewin

       Could have been useful against the Tuhoe in the Ureweras.

      • mara

        Point taken davewin.The tattooed midget is not  taken seriously. But nor are the real threats of Islam which increase weekly in Auckland. Come and drive through Blockhouse Bay and watch hundreds of Muslims pouring out of mosques and  walking home to  their state houses.

      • TravisPoulson

        mara, add to that New Windsor, Mount Roskill, new mosque currently being built in New Lynn..

      • WayneO

        What about the christians pouring out of churches? Or the Jews pouring out of synagogues? Or the atheists pouring out of bunnings warehouse?

        There is no place for racism.

        Was Anders Breivik muslim? No, oh how about Timothy McVeigh? The IRA? No. Terrorism comes from all corners of society, you should be more worried about the unbalanced cracker heads.

      • TravisPoulson

        I suggest you open your eyes a little WayneO. See the documentary I posted. If you still call what mara was getting at as “racism” then you have some serious problems. 

        The comparisons you made were a bit silly.

      • TravisPoulson

        WayneO: you might also want to check the definition of racism, and the definition of what a muslim is. 

      • Roland

         It was done but disallowed….

  • mara

    TravisPoulson, you and I see the obvious. Possibly because we live in the area and see it first hand. If you and I know know what is happening, how can the Govt. keep denying reality?

    • TravisPoulson

      Well I don’t quite live in those areas, but I’ve spent enough time in and around those areas working etc, and changes are noticeable. How can the Govt. keep denying reality you ask? Well vote killing cans of worms are best left unopened in their eyes. That, and the law/human rights….unless someone is breaking the law, nothing can be done.

      The sad thing is, we won’t learn from what is happening in the UK, and the UK has become as big a breeding ground for extremism as any muslim country. Australia also has a growing population of muslims. 

      I always understood that extremism/terrorism wasn’t part of Islam, but from but a doco that I saw of white middle class males on the uk converting to Islam displayed quite a disturbing attitude amongst non islamic people in the general public. I’d post a link if I could find it, but saw it on sky and can’t even remember which channel it was, but it seemed more centred around converting to extremism than it did Islam. 

  • Patrick

    You can thank Aunty Helen & her mates for signing up to UN conventions that now dictate to NZ minimum quotas of immigrants, these immigrants have no intention of ever assimilating into NZ way of life. Instead upon arrival they demand that NZ change our ways to accomodate them.
    Same has happened in the UK under the Tony B.Liar Liabour party – & look at the mess that has been created there. Many people there no understand that Enoch Powell wasn’t wrong – funny how the worm turns….

  • Tookinator

    Cant’t believe how invlvolved with this you’vw become! It was only about 2 news items that were not connected but listed next to each other which conjoured up images! It was supposed to be a fun thing!

  • Greg M

    I try to be tolerant, but I do get shitty with people like the Somali refugee ” busker” on Wyndham St ( Auckland CBD ) most days ranting about how “sharia law” is coming to NZ .
    No it isn’t pirate, fuck off back to paradise if NZ is that bad.

    • Roland

      Somalis’ are just downright fuken lazy as a generalization, see former posts and credit Cambodians and Vietnamese also Chinese early immigrants, they have helped make this Country and deserve credit for there endeavours, Somalis just come and complain that their State house doesn’t have enough bedrooms or is to damp…..