What will the National Party Look Like in 2022?

Last year my National Party membership was blocked by the president. I am not sure why, and I don’t know what constitutional basis he used to block it as I can’t find a presidential prerogative anywhere in the constitution. Nonetheless he held it up for several months until someone pointed out the decision wasn’t his but was the prerogative my local electorate committee. Even then he tried to influence the committee. All to no avail.

This year I am a proud card carrying member of the National Party again, and last years experience has started me thinking about the constitution and what the party will look like in 2022.

No one in National can tell me if anyone is even thinking about this, which is not surprising as the party itself is populated by modern day Bertie Woosters and the type of people he met at the Drones club.

Since the National Party isn’t looking at what it will look like in 2022 I have decided to launch a public project to do this for them. Readers are asked to post respective comments or email me with their ideas, and I will summarise them on the blog.

Topics to discuss are:

  • Which MPs will still be in Parliament?
  • Which Board Members will still be on the board?
  • How many current members will still be alive?
  • What will the Young Nats look like?

Please suggest other topics if you think the readers of this blog can contribute to them.

Commenters, unlike other posts your comments will be moderated as this is a serious topic. Please be respectful and refrain from abuse, bad language or attempts at humour. We all know Michelle Boag will have had another two face lifts, and Trevor Mallard will still be fighting his asymmetrical war, but humour will be a subject for a separate series of posts so keep your comments to the point. 


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  • I have had this discussion with a few people countless times for the 2014, 2017 and 2022 make up of the National Party – both in Government and opposition modes.

    Ok 2022 and the current MPs that could be still around then. Potentials am iffy about posting public at the moment unless I and certain I know they will run.

    2022 (not giving positions yet)

    Jami-Lee Ross
    Simon O Connor
    Paula Bennett
    Steven Joyce (may be not leader but he will be still around)
    Scott Simpson
    Mark Mitchell

    Young Nats

    Depends if in opposition or government – either way similar to what we have had over the ups and downs over the last 9 years.

    Position of the Party in that period of time – seriously and honestly still floating around the centre mark having never returned to the centre-right/right position of the Ruth Richardson era… So what that means for policy – Lord help me but more of the same unless we get someone of Muldoon (or even Churchill) cunning and wit (before he called that 84 snap election…) and willing to go down the hard path no one else has currently in that 2022 bloc.

  • Greg M

    I don’t think any of the current lot will be there. After getting decimated in 2017, the party will do a hard lurch to the right and rebuild with the people who are todays young nats.
    I would expect that some of Angry Tory’s wishlist will become policy around this time, end of social welfare as we know it, user pays health and education etc.

  • Or you could say, “fuck you National”, and join the thinking man’s hunting party: UnitedFuture. Aye Pete George? 
    Are you out there, Baldie?

  • Polishpride

    Hopefully not around at all along with the rest of the political parties :)
    Imagine if the people had a direct vote on each and every policy and could even put them forward. 

  • CJA

    I just hope there is a bit of new blood in there. I look at Labour with the likes of Mallard and Goff and kind of think that they need to be chucked out with the bath water and hopefully if someone in National is past their used by date that they will be given the flick.

  • jay cee

    any reason given why your membership was held up? given the tenor of your posts i would have thought they would have made you some sort of office holder. interesting.

  • Lindsay

    Sean Topham for caucus