What would happen if we did this here?

The Telegraph

There is a good chance that the PSA would probably have a fit and march in the streets if this was tried here:

All departments in Whitehall are to be forced to publish quarterly sickness absence rates for all their staff in a bid to help the public purse.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister responsible for the civil service, said “bad management” across the public sector was costing taxpayers £3.4bn a year. He told the Daily Telegraph he was determined to crack down on the so-called “sickie” culture by making central government departments publish the sickness reports and increasing the spotlight on weak management.

“It’s often down to bad management. If you do the stats properly, you can sometimes find clusters of sickness absence which is often associated with a bad manager,” he said.

Official figures show public sector workers are 63pc more likely to go off sick than their private sector counterparts. Mr Maude said the civil service had to get better at measuring the problem. “One of the things we’re introducing is that every department will have to publish, on a quarterly basis, their sickness absence levels, so you can see the trend and can compare,” he said.

The move follows plans announced last week by the Cabinet Office minister to reform the civil service, which includes weeding out poor performers to improve the delivery of public services.


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  • Ronnie Chow

     I would start with MAF , Immigration , Social Development and Customs and include NIWA , all holdouts from the ‘smoko’ mentality of Government Departments , where everyone who works there is their own little country with their own rules and entitlements , all playing the same game to extract as much personal benefit as possible for themselves while ‘at work’ . Ban excessive funeral attendance as well , especially the over-nighters .

    • Neil

      No bias in this post – obviously.

      • Ronnie Chow

         Life is bias , Neil .

      • Neil

        I thought the phrase was “history is the bias of the survivers”

    • brian.smaller

       Funerals – they are a rort. enough of an extended family and you can have weeks off every year. And the best bit – no one will say a thing because it is culturally taboo to do so.

    • Liberty

       Government depts. Should be more open on how many employees
      they have.   

      Ideally what that worker does. Granted some jobs that information
      won’t be in the public interest.

      Example Police, Some social welfare positions.

      Generally  government
      employees should have to justify their position. 

  • Neil

    They did this back in the 1970’s when I was in the PS – no one in the media were interested and mainly because they couldn’t get anyone of note in the private sector to front up with their own figures to compare whether the PS was good or bad by comarison – they stated the figures were either commercially sensitive, or they didn’t keep statistics.