Where’s the problem?

NZ Herald

It seems like the Auditor-General won’t be spending too long on the SkyCity convention centre bid process. Especially as it seems none of the other bidders have got a single thing to complain about.

Bids for the convention centre were also made by Auckland-based iwi Ngati Whatua and ASB Showgrounds, a consortium led by infrastructure company Infratil and The Edge.

Ngati Whatua chief executive Tiwana Tibble said SkyCity had been given an unfair funding advantage because of the Government’s promise of an extended gambling licence.

But he did not begrudge SkyCity its advantage: “I lobbied to the PM, I went and saw him a couple of times. It’s a $350 million contract, that’s what people do.

“They don’t just stick a tender in the envelope and hope for the best.”

Mr Tibble confirmed that Ngati Whatua would bid if the process was reopened, but he felt that calling for tenders again was “a waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Spokesman for The Edge Paul Brewer said the company felt the tender process had been robust at the time.

The Edge would not bid for a convention centre again, because its role had changed since being absorbed into a council-controlled organisation.

ASB Showgrounds chief executive Mark Frankham said that while SkyCity’s proposal to pay for the convention centre gave it an advantage over competitors, he had no concerns about the tender process.

“We’ve been involved in a lot of tenders. This one was done with the utmost efficiency.”


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  • Gravedodger

    When you have zero knowledge, understanding or experience as to how the real world of commerce functions and your whole life process is predicated on an idealogy that has time and again been exposed as failure as a commercial model, how surprising is it they suspect success comes to an entity only by way of the dishonest practice they celebrate as justified.

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Very accurate description of ….the labour party.

    • Le Sphincter

      SO you would be opposed to subsidies for a new convention centre once its built ?

      Because  Sky City will still want $10 mill a year contribution to costs on top of the extra  gambling….. 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    There is no problem.

    However – there are a few opposition political parties and their eager, patsy politicians and wanna be sycophant followers, bereft of alternative ideas, who attempt to muddy the waters by throwing around unfounded allegations in a vein attempt to appear to be offering credible alternatives – without offering any alternatives at all, besides “no”

    Just saying “no” without offering any other form of alternative just makes them come across like a pack of whinging, whinning, left-wing nay-sayers without any other option but to decry all attempts to help create jobs and developments in our much needed economy.

    When will they learn that to appear credible when opposing something, you need to have a viable and credible alternative – not just prattling and whinging to any media outlet that will give you some oxygen!

    • Sthnjeff

      The Gweens are offering alternatives….. Build lots and lots and lots and lots of pretty Windmills

      • Callum

        No, there alternative is to tell everyone they should build windmills and then object when they try to.

    • Le Sphincter

      All other  convention center bidders will create jobs !
      Slip on the ice did you ?

      Im sure they will do it for free if they were given the option of juicing the project up with pokies and roulette tables.

      But Key picked the winners  without getting  fully competitive bids.

      Thats not free market capitalism and a level playing field

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Considering your usual anti capitalist slant thats pretty rich.

      • In Vino Veritas

        There were no others that would, or could pay for it Spink. End of story. You wouldn’t recognise a good deal (or a good dealmaker) if it sat up, bent you over and spanked your arse.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        Idiot……you don’t get it….you just can’t beat FREE!!!!The casino will get the convension guest gambling business, the hotels will get their business, restaurants their’s, even the hookers will win…ALL will create employment, at no cost….you and others have been bleating…”where are the jobs”?….well, fool, HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!

  • Jester

    The funniest comment I heard from the Green Frog on this was her complaint that Sky City did not tell the other tenderers how they intended to structure their tender proposal.

    I guess when she has never held a credible job in a competitive industry she would just not understand that tenderers try not to give the opposing tenderers any information regarding their own tender submittal or strategy.

    I would suggest that the AG would have more concern with the process if NGO tenderers shared financial strategy information outside a valid joint venture enviroment prior to submission.

    • Dumrse

      The funniest thing I heard was a story about a frog in a blender……step this way lady.

    • Le Sphincter

      There was never any tenders or business cases or even any sort of comparing like with like.
      Key  just did a bit of crony capitalism and that was that.

      Then there was the broadband deal, where he WAS happy to pump in lots of taxpayers money -go figure- but the competitors but in tenders but Telecom ended up with a better deal than the others anyway

      • In Vino Veritas

        I refer you to my earlier post Spank. And of course, you have intimate inside knowledge of the tenders and tender process’s. That’d be a “yeah, right” number.

      • Curmudgeon1

        FFS …..at the time the ‘storm’ was raging some weeks ago I heard radio interviews with both Tiwana Tibble (Ngati Whatua) and the guy from the Edge. Both bidders acknowlegded that the process had been properly conducted and that they had no problems with it. Both those two parties acknowledged that at the end of the day they had no money for the project so both would require government to fund they whole lot. My recollection of the interview was that they were both openly resigned to the outcome that Sky City was successful on the basis that, at the end of the day;
        1. The government had no noney
        2. Sky City could fund the cost of construction themselves
        3. A few pokies was just what needed to be done to pay for the deal

        How the [email protected]#* does it go from this relatively logical situation (with none of the other tenderers feeling particularly aggreived) to this massive dark, horrible  conspiracy that Spank and the dreadful Green’s women allude to. The opposition parties are not faintly interested in the economic (or social I suspect) reality of this issue  – just an opportunity to talk crap augmented by an inept and partisan mainstream media.              

      • Le Sphincter

        The public information says there WAS NOT a tender process.

        Can you point to proof of your blovation

      • Greg M
      • Jester

        Well considering the registration documents asked for “inovative funding proposals” and all parties submitted a funding structure it kind of blows your uninformed comments out of the water.

        Spink most here believe you are a fuckwit, stop giving them ammunition if you want them to believe otherwise

    • Joe_Bloggs

      “There was never any tenders or business cases …”
      I’m sure the other tenderers would be surprised to read this revelation, arsehole.

      Oh, and BTW, you need to take a few lessons in grammar from that other bastion of leftard socialism – Koshy

      • Le Sphincter

        The Auditor general will prove you wrong- have the dead rat ready to swallow

      • Pukakidon

        Arsehole if I was a betting man I would always take the opposite of what you say.   It is 100% clear that everything you say is the opposite of true.  Whether it is ignorance or just you wanting to be an arsehole I am not sure. Probably both you sad labourite fool.

    • Disinfectedtwice
    • Johnbronkhorst

      She didn’t…did she??? HA HA HA…just proves how stupid these people are. I just won a significant tender, for service, off one of the larger companies in the country. Left to her I would be expected to CC a copy to their sales rep. before he tendered for it…YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

  • Gazzaw

    The AG will be far too busy looking at Shane Jones & labour party funding to spend too much time on Sky City.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am so eagerly waiting for the outcome of this enquiry. Sheep Shearer and the Ozie Mozzie Norman will end up with organic egg on their face. This is going to finish off Sheep once for all. I hope once the enquiry clears the process, John Key uses the opportunity in parliament to repeat all the quotes from Sheep and Mozzie and make sure they eat their own words and apologise. But I guess it would be six to nine months for the enquiry to complete.

  • CJA

    Is anyone a bit of sick of anytime something doesn’t go the way of “someone” people think (by this I mean some politicians) we should have to have an inquiry of one thing or another and then it turns out everything is as it should be. Where’s the money coming from to pay for this stuff (geniune question)? I can guarantee you it will not be cheap. I would say the Sky City tender would have to have been reasonably squeaky clean due to the uproar it may have caused in the first place.

    • SJ00

      It not only annoys me that everything nowadays has to have an inquiry, but that some things have several inquiries going on at the same time by different people/departments. You are right, the cost must be huge (another gravy train I think). And why do these reports/inquiries take so long to come out? Air crash reports are a classic example, 2 or more years after the crash a report comes out saying ‘pilot fault’ or mechnical fault or whatever. Its like they do the report and sit on it for years (most likely clipping the ticket whilst ‘working’ on the report).

  • jay cee

    of course key and co, aka the govenment, will get their way over their precious convention centre. just don’t insult our intelligence with how many jobs it will create

    • Blokeintakapuna

      how many jobs will it create then?

      The PM and government are given all kinds of data from many government sources as well as numerous and varied industry bodies – all compiled together to come to the numbers they have – so is it you, as an individual know better than all these resources and studies put together?

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Insulting your intelegence??? Wouldn’t you have to have some first!!!..Of course it will create jobs, as all increased economic activity does (and this is an example of that). How much we the tax payer have to invest to create these jobs is the great thing here…NOTHING! So it is the best of a win win cecumstance!!! BRILLIANT manuevering and negotiation by the govt.!!!! Because you just can’t beat FREE!!!!

    • Gazzaw

      You’re a cleaner I seem to recall jay cee. Do you think the Convention Centre may just need the odd clean or two? How many man hours per week?

      • Greg M

         Spot on Gazzaw.
        I will be putting in a tender for the cleaning contract, If I get it, there’s at least 6 new jobs straight away.

      • Jester

        Dont forget to forward your service proposal and rates to all the other cleaning companies Greg.

        Thats how its done in a Green world