Who is Helen Kelly?

Helen Kelly has been involved in the last three major strikes in New Zealand, in her capacity as head union goon. Being as subtle as a sledge hammer she has got all three wrong, which has made me wonder why on earth Labour think she is going to be MP for Rongotai and any good as a politician.

Some background details about Kelly from the CTU web site:

Helen Kelly has been President of the CTU since 2007. She is the CTU’s chief spokesperson on a wide range of issues including economic development, employment law, climate change, social partnership and ACC.  A vigorous advocate for women’s pay and employment equity she also co-chairs the Workplace Health and Safety Council. Helen is responsible for CTU international work through the International Trade Union Congress and the International Labour Organisation.

Helen holds an LLB from Victoria University and is also a qualified teacher. It was in the teaching unions that her long professional involvement with the union movement began, holding senior office with both the New Zealand Institute of Education and the Association of University Staff. She served the AUS as General Secretary for five years until her election as CTU President.

Helen leads the CTU’s campaigning on pay and employment equity and she co-chairs the Workplace Health and Safety Council. She is also responsible for CTU international work through the International Trade Union Congress and the International Labour Organisation.

So a lawyer and a teacher. Ph Dear lord. Maybe she should sell real estate for a bit to gain a bit of credibility in the community.

Wikipedia is surprisingly ignorant of Helen Kelly as someone keeps deleting her page.

A strange move considering union propaganda merchant and Kings Old Boy Simon Oosterman has a heap of information on his wiki page.

Many interesting stories have come in through the tipline about Helen Kelly. Apparently she is well known for believing good faith only counts for employers and she can do anything she likes as unions aren’t bound by the same rules as the rest of us.


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  • Euan Rt

    An interview in the Horrid last year by Michelle Hewitson gives a taste of Kelly, but would have been good to have gone a bit deeper, link here 

  • Blokeintakapuna

    A modern day Medusa …except without the charm and any redeeming features.

    The cancer posing as the cure…

  • Whafe

    A truly scary individual…………

    May NZ be saved from this piece of work……..

  • Le Sphincter

    Heard of the reverse midas effect.
    We now have the  reverse epaulard effect where companies who lockout their staff and are endorsed by WO go down in defeat. Especially after Helen Kelly steps in.

    Ports of Auckland- Talleys- Teachers Unions

    The triple crown, with diamonds ,  as the National government got a black eye in one case.

    Keep up your support l’epaulard

    • Not sure Talley’s is a defeat…all the meat got processed, the wages weren’t paid and the union has lost 60% of their members… and Ports of Auckland met an activist judge…wrong again Le Arsehole

      • In Vino Veritas

        Not being a lawyer, I may be wrong, but the hearing into the POAL redundancies was adjourned subject to facilitated bargaining under the ERA. The injunctions regarding contracting out were to remain in place until the May 16 substantive hearing, but unfortunately John Haigh passed away and POAL have no lawyer. This was also adjourned. My understanding is that they were going to appoint a new silk once bargaining was concluded, and if it ended negatively, supposedly late may or early June.

        Therefore its not over, and no one has won or lost yet.

    • TCrwdb

      Not sure how you ingest the mind altering substances that you are clearly on (given the alternate universe your mind is stumbling through), however your handle suggests a rectal suppository.

      • Le Sphincter

         mes amis…. Liberte…Equalite…Suppositeh

        aux barricades

      • ConwayCaptain

        Liberte Equalite Fraterinte look at the state of La Belle France now.  How long before she has to be bailed out like Espana, Portugal, Greece, Ireland

  • Cobolt

    You would have thought that Labour would have learnt that Union bosses don’t make good MPs. Look at Andrew Little barely in the job for 6 months and is facing a defamation case.

    I had to laugh last night though, here he is saying the ACC minister shuld go, not just the chairman. Umm, wasn’t Nick Smith the minister at the time and did he not go? Do replacement ministers also have to resign for the crimes of their predecessors?

  • TCrwdb

    ” So a lawyer and a teacher. Oh Dear lord. Maybe she should sell real estate for a bit to gain a bit of credibility in the community”

    I nominate this for comment of the day!

    • Johnbronkhorst

      used cars.

    • Mediaan

      Perfectly serious comment. Worked for Princess Mary of Denmark.

  • AnonWgtn

    She will get Rongotai in 2014 when King quits for a huge pension and promise of top Overseas Appointments under Labour/Greens.
    Robertson et al want Kelly there.
    Another Wellington ?????? one to mix the pot.
    And she will quickly get Minister of Labour post.
    Sorry chicken little – she can piss all over you.

  • Mickrodge

    I don’t know how she’d go on the campaign trail. i think if she tried to smile her face would crumble into pieces.

    Plus constantly fighting the urge to eat babies rather than hold them.

    In saying that, a perfect fit for the nasty party none the less.

    • Mediaan

      I don’t think we could take another one in Parliament with that snivelling tone in their voice. Russel Norman is bad enough.

  • toby_toby

    So… she holds a teaching degree but has never been a teacher. She holds an LLB, has she ever practiced as a lawyer? In fact, has she ever had a real job? So what makes her qualified to comment on workers?

    • Le Sphincter

      What about having a Bcomm but never worked as an accountant…….who could that be.

      Of course its being silly,  but there you can again

      • Sarrs

        Check your facts mate…BCom can be majoring in a number of different areas, not just accounting. There are many applications for a BCom, only one or two application for a BEd. 

      • Markm

        Didn’t realize that a Bcom only qualified you as an accountant , but obviously you are an expert , wether that be in your own mind or not.
        Another point , if you think the ports issue is over and won by the union , your as big a fool as others say you are?
        Watch this space

      • In Vino Veritas

        Your knowledge of degrees needs to be sharpened Spink. A BCom doesnt necessarily entail being an accountant. One can receive a BCom in Management, Marketing and Information Technology amongst others.
        Your retraction will be received with due humility.

      • jonno1

        Of course, obtaining a BCom is about as difficult as collecting milk bottle tops (I should know, I have one – it took four years part time while working full time, building a house, and with a young family). But it does provide the advantage of being able to outsmart the Finance Department b’stards – they don’t like it up ’em.

        PS I do have a real degree as well!

      • toby_toby

        “but there you can again”

        What the hell? That doesn’t even make sense! Work on your English, please.

  • Magoo

    What the hell has the CTU got to do with climate change?

    • Tony

      if you believe in CO2 polution, the CTU cause most of it