Why people hate unions


Some more good commentary about Wisconsin’s recall election.

If unions just represented workers rights from the excesses of the worst employers they would be much more palatable to most people to join. Instead we get a bunch of unpleasant, arrogant, holier than thou class warriors who fight battles lost years and years ago.

It is little wonder the Labour Party is getting its share of the vote gobbled up by the Greens. Moroney, Fenton, Little, Mallard and other union hacks go into God Mode and send people looking for a viable left wing alternative, which the low rat cunning of Russel Norman is providing.

The second harbinger was the plunge in public-employee union membership. The most important of Walker’s reforms, the change Big Labor had fought most bitterly, was ending the automatic withholding of union dues. That made union membership a matter of choice, not compulsion — and tens of thousands of government workers chose to toss their union cards. More than one-third of the Wisconsin members of the American Federation of Teachers quit,reported The Wall Street Journal. At the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, one of the state’s largest unions, the hemorrhaging was worse: AFSCME’s Wisconsin rolls shrank by more than 34,000 over the past year, a 55 percent nose-dive.

Did government workers tear up their union cards solely because the union had lost its right to bargain collectively on their behalf? That’s doubtful: Even under the new law, unions still negotiate over salaries. More likely, public-sector employees ditched their unions for the same reasons so many employees in the private sector — which is now less than 7 percent unionized— have done so: Many never wanted to join a union in the first place. Others were repelled by the authoritarian, belligerent, and left-wing political culture that entrenched unionism so often embodies.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Yep  – I so hope National change the law so the unions here have to collect their own membership dues and be held properly accountable for the monies collected.

    Making an employer collect money from their staff to be paid to unions on the staff’s behalf and then for those same staff and employer to be held to ransom by the unions whilst they go on strike attempting to legitimise and justify their existance is beyond belief.

    Please change the law National government. Make the unions pay for their own membership’s themselves – not the employer.

    • Fozzie

       Double edged sword – then Talley’s would  be able to know who is in and who is out of the union – for when they try their next divide and rule attack…..

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Ummm  fozzie it wasn’t the employer attempting anything – they just wanted their workplace productive – on their terms since they paid for the workplace and own it. It was the unions attempting to justify their existance by creating issues from non-existing issues insisting those that had worked there the longest go back in first.

        WRONG! It’s who ever the business owner wants to employ – end of story!

        If you own a car, you should be the person who says who can and who can’t ride with you – where ever you choose to go. Not the guy at the WOF centre.

        Unions = no relevance in 2012.

      • Than

        Surely it’s the other way around? 

        If Talley’s collects the union dues from the employee, they are involved in the transaction and need to know who both the union and employee are in order to pay everything out properly.

        But if the union deals directly with the employee, membership can be kept completely confidential. The employer is not involved at all.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        Dork fozzie…..if you don’t tell your employer that you are party of the union, you cannot lay claim to any agreement that may be negotiated.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Absolutely…..The unions don’t want it, because it is a look back to times when unions were compulsory. It would make it more difficult for a new labour govt. to do what clarke did, and attempt to bring in prounion legislation. As too many people will have already left the union.

  • Have said it before on this post – tried to get help from unions in my past and were not interested in helping ME on both occasions, always looking for bigger fish and publicity.

  • grumpy
  • Gravedodger

    “then Talleys would know who was in and who was out of the union”.
    How exactley, if the Union had to collect their tithe from each and every worker.

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Well you either tell your employer who is negotiating on your behalf, or get NONE of the negotiated benfits!!!!