Why we need a fat bastard tax

The Guardian

Either we tax fatties or we just make them pay for their own health care, either way they should pay somehow…otherwise people like the Chawners will just keep being fat pigs:

I’m in a bariatric ambulance (an alternative term for obese, favoured by the medical world because it’s less shaming to patients) investigating why the UK is in the midst of an obesity crisis. The crew pick up a dozen Daniel Lamberts every week. Fifty-three stone is nothing special, it’s at the lower end of the weight spectrum, with only the 80st patients worthy of mention when a shift finishes. The specially designed ambulance carries an array of bariatric gizmos including a “spatula” to help with people who have fallen out of bed or, on a recent occasion, an obese man jammed between the two walls in his hallway. As well as the ambulance, there’s a convoy of support vehicles including a winch to lift patients onto a reinforced stretcher. In extreme cases, the cost of removing a patient to hospital can be up to £100,000, as seen in the recent case of 63st teenager Georgia Davis.



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  • Orange

    How about finding out who their family is and saying to them, you have 2 years of income totally PAYE tax free. But we’re not going to cover medical or free handouts for your fat kid.

  • nasska

    I don’t know what can be done about fat adults but any parent who lets a child or teenager get to that state should be in front of a DCJ on a charge of child abuse.

  • MrV

    Careful what you wish for, I can see your meat creations being a prime attention of this tax.

  • tristanb

    These morbidly obese people aren’t paying any tax anyway, In NZ, didn’t Middlemore recently purchase a whole lot of extra-large-sized operating tables?

  • Butts_McButts

    Tax fatties, not the food.

  • Callum

    No one gets that fat without an enabler, hit that person or persons with the bill.

  • Horace the Grump

    A fat tax won’t work just like huge taxes on tobacco won’t top everyone from smoking. The article is talking about a very small number of people across the whole population so the impact of making food more expensive (via taxes) may stop them a bit but it won’t stop them for long and it will hurt far more people – a net loss of ‘welfare’ to the economy.

    A better strategy for these fat bastards would be some fairly blunt talking about their choices. Calling them by a fancy name to make it less shameful is PC wankery gone wrong. They are stupendously fat and need to make choices that improve their health and lifestyle, not just whack everyone in the hip pocket to try and target a few.

    As a former fat bastard myself (was over 140kgs, now about 95kgs) I know how hard it is to lose weight; but the key thing is that you have got to want to do it. No amount of tax or anything else can switch the lever in your head to make the choices you need to make to lose weight,

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree with you Horace, no amount of tax is going to prevent the addicted from consuming their particular poison whether it be drugs, alcohol, nicotine or food. At the end of the day the addict is the only person who can make the big call & there are some that won’t even if death is the only alternative. Food is literally impossible to tax out of reach of the food addict without affecting every man, woman & child in the country. Taking it to the extreme a tax could be applied that increases the price of Maccas tenfold but what’s to stop the fatties going to their supermarket and buying basic staples such as flour & butter sufficient to bake a couple of dozen cakes to binge on. Not a great example but unlike drugs, nicotine & alcohol food cannot be taken off the market or priced beyond the reach of the populace.

  • Ford

    theres money to be made in heavy haulage

  • Mr_Blobby

    Just what we need Blubber Boy another TAX. We would probably have to increase there benefits’ so they can pay it.

  • Ford

    i dropped my daughter off at school the other day and stopped at a money machine on the way..next to the money machine was a lunch bar with a table and a few chairs on the footpath..sitting there was a woman with 2 young kids under 5 and this chubby as little girl eating a hotdog,hot chips and a coke at approx 8.45am..i felt sick watching them scoff the shit