Would National do a deal with Winston Peters in 2014?

The post 2014 political environment could throw up some interesting scenarios.

Would John Key and Steven Joyce do a deal with Winston Peters to keep their power? Or would they take a principled position and go into opposition, sacrificing their careers for the good of the National Party.

Sources inside caucus say this is a topic that comes up regularly, and a number of MPs would rather go into opposition than do a deal with Winston. They point to the disastrous 1996 deal with Winston that screwed National for three terms, and don’t see why they should sacrifice principle to keep John Key and Steven Joyce in power.

I am starting getting the feeling that even if National tried to do a deal with Winston there would be a number in caucus who would cross the floor to oppose the deal.


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  • Deep Blue

    Considering that Winston is one of the most corrupt politicians this country has ever seen National should continue to refuse to form a coalition with him. He charged people for questions in the house, took significant donations and never declared them and to top it off ripped off the tax payer for $158,000. 

    If the Nats do a deal with Winston they will lose my vote.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       Deep Blue – remember one thing, if National looses power in 2014, due to the nature of MMP, they won’t be able to come back to power until 2023. Only by then people would have got tired of the toxic coalition of Labour-Green-Mana-Winston. NZ would have suffered irreversible economic damage due to Ozie Mozzie Norman’s crazy Green taxes.

  • Le Sphincter

    So you are saving a handful of Mps , probably of the Collins faction, would split the party- gee that would poison the well- n’est pas.

    By the way the 9 years in opposition was because of the Shipley-ACT-Mauri Pacific-Alamein Kopu cabal

    • AngryTory

      It was because of Labour & the unions corruption.  

      How soon people forgot Brash won the 2005 election but the result was rorted. 

      Once communists get in it is almost impossible to get them out. 

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

         Nobody is going to forget the KFC vouchers that fast…..

  • AzaleaB

     “Deal or no deal?”…NO DEAL!

  • GPT

    If they’re going to flip flop on anything make is Super

    • AngryTory

      Make it the entire fucking welfare system- and end the lot

      Super. Dole. DBP. Sickness. ACC. EQC. Health, Education ….


      • Le Sphincter

        My my, someone slipped on the ice…..

  • National reap the results of their cowardice over the MMP referendum.

    • AngryTory

      National has already reaped the results of their cowardice in holding the fucking referendum in the first place

      Referendums have only been used in NZ since 1967.  Hellen removed the privy council without so much as a by-your-leave, let alone a referendum.   Referenda are only legally, constitutional, required to change the term of parliament, to lower the voting age from 18, and to remove the secret ballot.

      National would have be perfectly within its rights to declare an national emergency and as part of that, removed MMP and switched to a taxpayer franchise. Union involvement in politics, and communist political parties should simply have been outlawed.  

      That’s courage!

      running a referendum they were bound to lose, especially for Supplementary Member (without e.g. geographical proportionality) would simply cause the Labour, Green & NZFirst parties to merge and deliver a Labour government in 2014 or 2017.  Just as pathetic as what they actually did.

      As it is, I hope the have to courage to do what is right now, to drop the threshold to 2.5%, and govern with the Conservatives.   If National don’t have the guts to do what needs to be done, perhaps Colin Craig does!

  • Phar Lap

    Of course they will do a deal.John Key will have worked out the options.”Win with Winston ”
    that will be the slogan.Lose,John Key is out of here.Which ever way Key will have lost nothing.  In the unlikely event of Nats losing the 2014 election with Winston.The biggest loss will be to NZ when our PM John Key a man for all reasons and seasons quits politics.

    • AnonWgtn

      Fortunately Winston will not be in Parliament. Its too much bother.
      HIS party will be led by Pisser Wiliaims

      • Phar Lap

         If Winston goes,there is no Party,  viz   Electoral Party.

  • AngryTory

     Would John Key and Steven Joyce do a deal with Winston Peters to keep their power? …don’t see why they should sacrifice principle to keep John Key and Steven Joyce in power.

    because it’s not about Key & Joyce personally, or about keeping National in power.

    it’s about what’s good for NZ, and about keeping unions & socialists out.

    To reject a deal with Winston means that you think a Labour/Greens/Mana/Maori openly communist government is in some way tolerable for NZ – and that it would be better than a National/Maori government. 

  • I don’t think Key will stay for another term – he’ll take National through the election and then resign – at best…..

  • Rocky

    Winston seems to me to now be garrulous to the degree of being incomprehensible at times now. I doubt he will last for another term. A better hope for National would be the Conservative Party even if some object to Colin Craig’s view of morality.

  • Bawaugh

    The other side of the coin is Winston. While he is fit and well now, he is now getting old, and at some point in the future he will have to stand down as NZ first’s Leader.

    I doubt that this will be in 2014 but there will come a point where he will either retire or end up unable to do his job.

    Then National could do buissness with him.

    The other alternative is give a seat to the conservatives and hope that they gobble up his vote. AT least we know we can do buissness with them. 

    • My problem with the “conservatives” is their odd religious “cult” connection….

      • Boss Hogg

        I have much more of a problem with the religious “cults” of the watermelons.

  • Apolonia

    If Winston did a deal with National it would only be to shaft them later. He wants UTU.
    The Conservatives are a better long term option.

    • Boss Hogg

      If Winston is not one major reason to hate MMP then what the hell is?

  • Thesorrow&thepity

    unless the conservatives somehow deliver a miracle in 2014 then nats will be out, if they go crawling to winston he’ll lead them up the garden path before flipping nats the bird. Honestly Nats need to refocus & tackle the hard issues & be prepared to die on their sword in the next election but at least they’ll achieve some meaningful policies. People will respect them for not being in a holding pattern & rolling up their sleeves, the real question is does cunning russel norman want to be labours little bitch in 2014? If nats had to soften social policy in order to get through economic policy by working alongside norman then greens would be able to steal more centre left votes from Labour in 2014 & turn the reds into a 20 something percent party. If nats played the MMP game better they’d see the greens are shifting where they stand.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Winston First is not the problem, the people who vote for him and his Party are. The oldies want more goldcard stuff and they sure as hell don’t want to see things like non-productive student loans. All of the savings get ripped away by resthomes.
    Winston plays poker with this type of thinking, yes, plays Labour and National.
    But it is not Winston, it is his followers. I was once one :(

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I did not answer the question ‘Would National do a deal with Winston Peters in 2014?’
      Yes National will, the alternative of having Labour/Greens is not an option