32nd of July?

It is the little things that matter…check this full page ad paid for by Auckland Council in the East and Bays Courier…touting a fantastic gym offer that is available until the “32nd July 2012”.

I hope his proposed rail system won’t be using this calendar for their scheduling.


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  • Daniel

    Is that the best you could find for a Friday morning? Doesn’t seem worth anyone’s time.

    • Euan Rt

      feel free to move on Daniel

      • Don;t let the door hit you in the arse ont he way out Danny

    • Guest

      I think its funny, like the photo you use in your profile.

      • Even funnier is when you learn what Whale Oil Beef Hooked means – try saying it in an Irish acent

    • Dave

      Daniel.    Sometimes such a trivial little error as pointed out by Whale, is really good for a laugh.  In this case, a laugh at the Auckland Council, remember that same organisation that was set up to save millions, and has not delivered one dollar of savings.

      Seems those same exec’s might be producing the scheduling and timetables, no wonder they can’t achieve their savings.    Great for a laugh.

      • Neil

        It’s kinda like reading the Dumbpost and continually finding poor grammar and primary school level spelling in every page…..

    • Hi Daniel, typos are fun, we don’t always have to be serious, do we? Not worth the time? What, 5 seconds? Move on to the next post and be happy :-)

  • logical

    The Council should not be paying for this. I have heard the Council on the radio advertising some fictitious new year this month, another thing the ratepayer should not be funding!

  • Guest

    I’ll pay my rates on the 32 July, if that helps

  • Apolonia

    5 out of every 4 Auckland council staff can’t do maths.

    • Hagar

      I note that staff numbers have increased by exactly 100% they now have seven!

  • Neil

    OK so who is actually to blame for this mistake?

    Who is CLM?

    is a NZ company that has been successfully working in the leisure industry since 1995. Our main focus at CLM is Facility Management and in 2012 we are proudly managing 35 sites throughout NZ. We pride ourselves in partnering with our key stakeholders to ensure all areas of the business are operating to their full potential and delivering outcomes that exceed expectations.  We are very proud of our team/employees and the specialized skills they provide. Our philosophy is to ensure that our team has every opportunity to deliver outstanding service and be rewarded for great performance with opportunities for training, career development and incentives. We are confident that we
    can provide service and support that is hard to match, and that we can add significant value to your organization in the following areas:

    Facility ManagementConsultancySwim School operationsFitness Centre operations

    • gazzaw

      And Council therefore presumably proofed & OK ‘d it.

      • Neil

         Doubt it – really – it’s not their advert.

  • Richard B.

    Offer ends 32nd of July?

    Does that mean the offer never ends?
    Some smart bastard nees to keep this paper for a few years and then apply for the offer.