A good man

NZ Herald

Given the pariah treatment by the hypocrites Helen Clark, Trevor Mallard and Winston Peters – after they had picked his pockets – the big man keeps coming back and doing good things for New Zealand. He is certainly showing up Maori politicians who only ever moan about child abuse but do nothing:

Multimillionaire philanthropist Owen Glenn has committed $80 million to ending child violence and abuse in New Zealand.

Otara, one of the country’s poorest urban centres, will be used as the “pilot” community for the implementation of a series of programmes, and will immediately receive $8m from the Glenn Family Foundation.


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  • gazzaw

    You’re right WO, Owen Glenn is a good man. It’s a pity that he would have neither the time nor the inclination to do the job as Auckland mayor. He deserves a knighthood too. When you think of some of the pricks who have ‘Sir’ in front of their names & Owen Glenn doesn’t.

    • Guest

      Yes, a knighthood is deserved.

  • The Gantt Guy

    Agreed, Glennis a good man. But if throwing money at this problem was going to solve it, it would have been solved many times over by now. The answer is not more money, but less “free” money.

    • The Gantt Guy

      Oops. Clearly, that should read “Glenn is”, not “Glennis”. Stupid iPad autocorrect!!!!

  • Scanner

     Amazing after having been fucked over by some of the best, the man comes back with still more dosh for good causes.

    Perhaps some of his money would also be well spent putting a “contract” on the three strips of shit house paper mentioned above, it sure would be good for the rest of the country, especially Mallard who is nothing more than a serial bed wetter.

  • Dave

    Agree, Owen Glenn is  fine man, generous, and speaks frankly.   He was not born into wealth, he got on made his own wealth and is now distributing it.   Senior Maori leaders could learn a lot from how he operates…..  Ah, thats his business and money making interests, not the handouts.

  • Corner_shop_not

    The guy is a legend, he gives generously everywhere in NZ – in fact –  huge sums of money to some worthy but little known parts of NZ society, only the juicy stuff gets reported in mainstream media. Agree with Gazzaw, the guys is long overdue for a knighthood……..

  • Rockyr

    I agree he is a real patriot, one the Nation is lucky to retain.

  • wiltinpenis

    I have a lot of respect for the man and will never forget the cringingly embarrassing episode of Hellon’s avoidance antics.
    To my mind, ‘Sir’ Owen stands above many NZ men, but particularly above one sad woman.

  • kevin

    He is another bloke I would be happy to have a beer with…

  • Sooty

    Give the man a DB and  box of Cabury Roses. 

  • stanman

    well ive had a beer with him! and seen for myself the impact he has had on one small fijian community and school where he basically underwrites all learning .he is treated akin to a chief.Indeed his status is i believe as honorary chief. If you should stay at Plantation island resort it will not be unusal to see OG roll in on his golf kart and have a wine at the bar with friends.
    Yup,he’s missed out on a knighthood due to fucktards who have used and abused the privilege of having a generous ambassador .
    cmon Keysie get it right and honour the bloke 

  • Patrick

    Anybody read his book? Looking for an opinion on it