A lack of loving commitment

Sydney Morning Herald

Malcolm Turnbull isn’t right on many things and certainly was wrong about the Carbon Tax but he is dead right on this issue:

MALCOLM TURNBULL has accused those who claim legalising gay marriage would undermine the institution of ”dripping with the worst sort of hypocrisy”, in a speech defying the Coalition’s opposition to changing the law.

Mr Turnbull, a frontbencher who cannot vote for gay marriage because of Tony Abbott’s refusal to give Liberals a conscience vote, said the ”deepest pools” of this hypocrisy were all too often found ”among the most sanctimonious”.

”Let us be honest with each other. The threat to marriage is not the gays. It is a lack of loving commitment – whether it is found in the form of neglect, indifference, cruelty or adultery, to name just a few manifestations of the loveless desert in which too many marriages come to grief.”

”I am utterly unpersuaded by the proposition that my marriage to Lucy, or indeed any marriage, is undermined by two gay men or two lesbians setting up house down the road – whether it is called a marriage or not.

”Do the bishops seriously imagine that legalising gay marriage will result in thousands of parties to heterosexual marriages suddenly deciding to get divorced so they can marry a person of the same sex?”

Mr Abbott has said marriage is between a man and a woman not just to fulfil their own personal happiness ”but because we have obligations to the children that come with families”.

But criticising those who objected to gay marriage on the grounds that children deserved to have a mother and a father, Mr Turnbull said that ”in an ideal world, as opposed to this vale of tears, the best parents for any child are their biological parents. However, in many cases one or even both biological parents are simply not there. And … not infrequently, even when they are there, one or both of the biological parents are neither loving nor wise.”


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  • Jimmie

    zzzzzzzzzzz………… cry me a river…..

  • Lindsay

    ‘LIBERALS’ not allowed a conscience vote? What a joke.

  • Other_Andy

    What’s the obsession of bloggers with gays?

    • Jimmie

      I think WO is a little like Dr Jeckyl/Mr Hide alter personalities.

      When Right Wing WO is writing up – he sticks to what he does best – bashing pinkos and  keeping pollies honest.

      However when PC WO pops his head up – hello don’t mess with the gays – equal rites for evryone. I’m surprised that PC WO has been advocating x-boxes for prisoners…..maybe that will come.

      So I guess if we want to hear from RW WO we have to endure PC WO until he comes back……

      • Dublej

        What’s PC about supporting  peoples genuine individual rights…of which gay marriage certainly is? No one else’s rights are violated by two same sex people marrying…so its therefore not an imposition or a violation of anyone else’s rights …which is the test for whether an action is moral and legitimate or not.

        The bigot crowd fail to understand the difference between PC forced actions that do impinge on the rights and freedoms of others…and genuine equality of rights measures that violate no one else and are valid.

  • mas

    apologies for spamming but I’m interested what the actual consensus is on this.

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  • The Gantt Guy

    Turnbull is for the ALP what Goff was to NZ National: their best weapon. He is like Nick Smith – he should be in the greens.

    Andrew Bolt has comprehensively pwned Turnbull on this issue.


    Whale, you’re just plain wrong on this issue. “Gay” “marriage” IS a slippery slope issue. It IS the latest battle n the left’s war against the traditional family. If the campaign being waged by you and your fellow-travelers is ever successful, New Zealand WILL become a worse place to live than it is now. Maybe not overnight, but the pace of slipping down the slope will increase.

    • The Gantt Guy
    • Gayguy

      What a load of dribble. Explain how NZ will be worse off for having equal rights for ALL the people who live here. 

      Come on, lets see your proof, 

      • Other_Andy

        Since when do ALL people in New Zealand have equal rights?

      • The Gantt Guy

        You mean evidence like the Islamic Council of Victoria have already said they will use the legitimizing of “gay” “marriage” as a wedge to push open the door for “equality” of their preferred form of marriage -polygamy? What’s next? You gonna help your buddies at NAMBLA get their version legitimized as well? Don’t tell me there’s no slippery slope when the next in line already has their skis on and their goggles fastened.

      • Gayguy

        @aef99e05b2b3745f7120e58b8ad9f701:disqus  You are really going to use extremist religious viewpoints to support your argument?

        And what’s NAMBLA? And why are they my buddies?

      • Gayguy

        @dc687be41af7952014e03ff885cea96c:disqus that’s the problem. We don’t have equality. That needs to be fixed. 

      • Dublej

        To other Andy’s reply….Since the moment they are born as human beings….We all have the exact same individual human rights to moment we arrive on Earth as human beings. They are negative in nature….meaning all they require is for other people to do NOTHING to us…to simply leave us alone to enact them. The rights to life, liberty and pursuit of our own happiness are what underpins the right of gays to marry…..its a logical and moral corollary.

      • Other_Andy

        Sorry, wasn’t aware that gays weren’t allowed to marry.

      • Other_Andy

        “We don’t have equality. That needs to be fixed.”

        This is the real world, where do you want to start?
        I’d like to be an All Black.
        Can you help me?

      • Mediaan

        Complete rubbish. Equal rights is a slogan, nothing else.

        E.g. A woman raped might become pregnant. A man raped will not.

      • Razorlips81

        Gayguy, I do NOT want to be equal to you and I do not want you to be equal to me. You choose to differ from the norm, well that is your choice – now live with it!

      • Gayguy

        @73ba6bf881cf297fbca2d1eac7c83646:disqus  Well from a moral standpoint we are not equal. You are far below me. One day you might be my equal, but not today. 

  • Andrei

    It never ceased to amaze the way liberals have of divorcing themselves from reality.

    Whether it be global warming, the denial of the debt crisis of the ability or two men to “marry” each other.

    And when you point out their mad delusions are nothing but fantasies they get very cross and start flinging  insults.

    Sad really

    • Gayguy

      Haters gunna hate. 

      • Andrei

        Point proved “gay marriage” doesn’t make sense, and there is no way it can make sense.

        So all you’ve got to make your case is “Haters gunna hate”

        It’s nuts

      • Gayguy

        Actually we have the moral right, deplorable heterosexual marriage stats, mounting support from almost all sections of society, which include the church and the right wing. 

        But for people like you Andrei we have haters gunna hate. And you are a hater. 

      • Other_Andy

        Well Gayguy, goodluck.
        When it happens you can have another gay parade with lots of half naked men dressed as women and half naked women dressed as men having simulated sex on floats to to celebrate your ‘moral’ victory.

      • Gayguy

        Would you rather a hetero style boobs on bikes or Sexpo type set up Andy?

    • Dublej

      The right of two gay people to marry is in a totally separate context from objective scientific/economic matters like global warming or the debt crisis…..there is no logical,moral or scientific reason why two gay people should not and cannot marry…..none.

      • Other_Andy

        As said before Dublej, gay people can marry.
        Two men-women can even live together with the same legal protection as everybody else.
        Just silly to call it marriage.
        I have chickens but don’t call myself a farmer.

      • Dublej

        Why not call it marriage Andy…? The church itself did just that in the past. All possible combos of people and even animals were “married” throughout history. This bald lie that there was ever something called “traditional marriage” that was ever old about one Man and one Woman has been long discredited….

  • Gayguy

    What would happen if those in the Liberal party said screw you Abbott, crossed the floor and voted for gay marriage?

    • gazzaw

      Hang on Gayguy I’ll just go and refuel the pigs with avgas.

      • Gayguy

        I am asking in all seriousness. Abbott is clearly in the minority even within his own party. What if they all said screw you, and walked?

      • gazzaw

        Let’s put this in perspective Gayguy the average Aussie doesn’t give a flying fuck about gay marriage & the likelihood of letting Gillard off the carbon tax hook, immigration, unemployment, union scandals, Europe etc for the sake of a zero issue is absolutely nil. The Libs would never cross the floor. 

      • Bob

        I disagree that the average Aussie does not care. Their polls say otherwise. 

        But that aside, if enough of the Liberal party disagree with Abbott and crossed the floor, what do you think would happen?

      • Gayguy

        Outside the main cities Bob, the average Australian is very racist and very homophobic. They don’t give a shit. But then doing what is right should not hinge on the support of racists and homophobic fools. 

        As for the Liberals Gazzaw, I would like to think they have the balls to say to their clearly gay hating leader, screw you we are voting for it. 

      • gazzaw

        Maybe I didn’t make myself clear Bob. If my memory serves me correctly the majority of Aussies support gay marriage BUT it isn’t an issue that is important enough for Opposition members to cross the floor on. Aside from that Abbott has ruled it out as a conscience vote. I haven’t even thought about the implications if Libs crossed the floor because it’s not going to happen.
        To put the record straight I couldn’t give a rat’s backside what happens in NZ one way or the other – our country like Australia has far bigger issues to deal with.

      • gazzaw

        Gayguy, no MP is going to stuff their career by crossing the floor over this issue. I’m not making a judgement call on Abbott’s actions just telling it the way it is.   

    • Mediaan

      Screw you, balls and shit.

      Sigh. Yes, it’s just like having Kosh back. Didn’t they give you enough homework?

  • Other_Andy

    Rainbows will appear in the sky. We will all dance in the streets holding hands and there will  be happiness and peace for ever….
    Then again, maybe nothing.

  • Razorlips81

    London hosts scaled-down gay pride parade due to lack of funds – too much money being spent on AVRs? I wonder? Gay rights, this is just another cancer eating away at our society. No matter how you try to slice it or put some pathetic leftist PC spin on it, it is still wrong, They will use all the usual tactics, trying to put people like me on the guilt trip thing, it is not going to work. I am proud of my stance, call me a Bigot!

  • @BoJangles

    Who cares if a man marries a pussy, or a woman marries her budgey?  

    • TravisPoulson

      How does one identify that said pussy/budgie has consented? 

      • Phronesis

        Well the budgie could put it in a tweet…