A little reminder

Since it appears that the Paid Parental Leave bill is going to be debates this evening I think it is timely to have a little reminder about Sue Moroney’s thinking behind the bill.

The Shearer Disease it seems is contagious:


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Everything is always “affordable” when Labour are promising anything – especially when they aren’t the ones having to cash the cheque.

    Labour’s financial credibility stretch only as far as the state of the government coffers they left them in when they were last in government – and we all know about that now don’t we Mr. Cullen.

    With all the thieving, rorting, lies and corrupt dealings & goings on with Labour across the ditch – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much of the same Labour and the NZ unions are getting away with here in NZ. Where is the missing $4,000,000 and why are some legal filing requirements still over 6 years late in being filed legally correct?

    Unions + Labour – about as credible as Borat in a mankini at a black tie function…

    • AnonWgtn

      Sir Michael please – under the next Labour/Green coalition he will be elevated to Lord Cullen of Finchley (north London where he came from – Maggie Thatcher’s constituancy)

  • Johnbronkhorst

    If this stupid bitch and her ASSociates think it’s affordable for employers…..let them pay for it!!!

  • Harry

    As a hard working mid 30s male with no dependents I welcome this bill with open arms.
    Um, more chance of me getting the job over um a female or even a family orientated male of the same age, um who could leave you the employer in the lurch for 6 months.

    • Pukakdion

       You are right, you would have to think very carefully about hiring a female if there was a male that could do the job, without significant interruptions for excessive periods of leave.   Just likely to widen the pay gap even further.

    • WayneO

      So true. Stupid bitch doesn’t think of that. But then the left never quite can understand the practical realitites of idealism.

    • Sarrs

      I totally agree. I see it already as a female in the accounting industry. Yes, females may make up more than half of the members of the institute but they account for less than a quarter of public practice certificate holders. It’s a fact of life – females go away and have babies, they can’t compete with a man who can work 10 hour days and not have to take the school holidays off every year. It is what it is – one day I will hopefully be able to experience the joys of having babies and being a mum (although at 26 I’m sceptical) and men don’t get that chance – it’s a trade off. You can’t have it all. 

  • Ucunt

    at least she’s not a fat-faced know nothing acc trustifarian bludger 

  • watching

    have no problem with paid parental leave BUT as a taxpayer I don’t want
    to bloody pay for it. Let the employer pay for it and then watch the
    Sue Moroneys of this world squawk when people in the demographic  can’t
    find employment. That will and should be the result of this stupid bill.
    It is NOT the taxpayer’s job (even if we could afford it) to pay for
    all and sundry to have time off to have babies and yes I have two
    children and no I did not get funded by anyone to stay home when they
    were born and nor did I think I should have.