A Personal Approach to Domestic Violence

This is a theoretical situation. You are a senior cabinet minister chairing a campaign meeting and a certain anonymous party official, perhaps called “Mr B” is conferenced in by phone. During the conference call Mr B has a screaming match with the aspiring Mrs B to such an extent that your conference call cannot hear anything other than screaming.

Do you:
a. Call him afterwards and tell him to stop, and explain to him screaming matches with women is a form of domestic violence and are totally unacceptable.
b. Call him afterwards and tell him if he is going to have a screaming match do to so either before or after the conference call.
c. Turn a blind eye and accept that some men get off on screaming at their women and kicking doors down etc
d. Organise a proper screaming match between Mr B and one of your key offsiders who is known as a good screamer and start offering odds to all your mates.
e. Ask Mr B if his dogs respond to screaming as well as his women do.


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  • Saccharomyces


    • jsrret

      or option F.  tell cameron to stop making up theoretical situations and presenting them as if they are some secret truth that he knows and nobody else can verify…

  • Random66

    Is this the original Mrs B?  I would have thought she would have left him by now and at the very least her father have the legal nouse to take Mr B for half of what he owns.  How embarrassing for those listening.  Now there’s a YouTube moment.

    • No the soon to be new mrs b, somewhat shrewish and sharp tongued.

  • baw

    Is there any truth behind this situation?

    • 100% true

    • jsrret

      100% true that it is a theoretical situation… 

  • Ford

    its always assumed to be the male at fault and has to take responsibility for abusive situations..id tell mr b to kick the queer bitch to the kerb and find a decent woman and not one that carries on like a fuckwit when your on a conference call

    • Sarrs

      I don’t even understand why anyone would want to be with someone who engages in a screaming match while on a conference call – male or female. That is fuckwittery at its best. 

      If someone screamed at me while I was on a conference call I’d kick them to the kerb so fast their feet wouldn’t hit the ground until they were 2 houses down the road. No one should have to live with/have a long term relationship a banshee.

      It is only acceptable to scream at someone when they, or someone close by, is in deadly peril. Otherwise please use your inside voice. 

  • Deep Blue

    I’m particularly worried about the dogs. What a shocking environment for them to live in and no doubt are now treated as an Asset by Mr B and there’s some joint ownership structure where they’re dropped off to a neutral point (i.e dog groomer) where the other party – presumably the former Mrs B. 

    • One dog died in mysterious circumstances. Hand overs at the groomers at custody transfer time ave become tense by all accounts.