A proper negative campaigning ad

When people start talking about politics being brutal they don’t mean the silly underpants stealing strategy of Mallard and his merry band of halfwits. They mean this kind of poetry in motion.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    That sounds very similar to, the type of reoffending and the pathetic way our justice system deals with it here, on a regular basis.
    The difference here is that nobody and I mean nobody is ever held accountable.
    We should seriously look at the Justice system. They want to be treated like sacred cows that are untouchable and can do no wrong.
    Why do we privatize the public prosecutors office? But we can’t privatize prisons.
    We would see more accountability if these were elected positions, same with the police commanders, do we really need a Police commissioner based in Wellington accountable to politicians when a locally elected Sheriff would be accountable to the constituents in his/her area. It would also go a long way towards balancing up the staffing levels were the high crime areas tend to have the lowest number of police per capita. With funding being on a per capita basis.
    Is there any body outside of the Justice system, think that we are being well served and receiving good value for money with the current system?