A winning move from Pommy Union

The Telegraph

This will likely turn most of the country against this union, and turn them against unions in general.

Border guards are to strike on the eve of the Olympics, the busiest day in the history of Heathrow, despite their union securing the support of just one in 10 staff.

Up to 5,500 immigration officials will strike next Thursday in a dispute about job cuts and pay, disrupting nearly 130,000 passengers as they arrive the day before the Olympic opening ceremony.

The striking workers, from the Public and Commercial Services union, will take further industrial action during the rest of the Games by refusing to work overtime.

Last night, senior Conservative MPs accused the union of “holding the country to ransom” as ministers privately questioned the legitimacy of the industrial action. Just a fifth of the union’s 16,000 members voted, with 57 per cent of them in favour.


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  • Sarrs

    How can they think that austerity measures don’t apply to them when the rest of their country is tightening it’s collective belts and getting on with it?

    I know most Londoners are a bit apathetic about the Olympics being held there but the last thing they want if for their city to look a shambles to flocks of international visitors. The Germans are already having a laugh…bet that smarts! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2175277/Germans-laugh-Olympic-disaster-magazine-brands-2012-Games-big-soggy-mess.html?ITO=1490

    • Neil

      Obviously they’re taking the same view as their politicians – do as we say not as we do . . . . .These belt tightening things are for t he masses not for us important people.  So far I’ve only heard of one public body taking a cut in their pay here.

      • Sarrs

        That’s true but how about they show a bit of leadership and sacrifice by taking it on the chin and using that fact as ammunition against their Tory enemies?

        Sort of a ‘we did so why can’t you?’ That would garner more favour with the voting public than any of the welfare reforms Cameron is pushing through at the moment. 

    • MrV

      For starters the UK isn’t cutting anything, their govt. spending is a merely a decrease in the rate of increase. How is that a ‘cut’?

  • Allanspear

    They should conscript them into the army and make them work or face a firing squad!

    • Neil

      Maybe they can be directed at G4S and work on security for the olympics – that PRIVATE company seems to have shown how great the PRIVATE sector is at doing this efficiently and economically……I see they still want their full pay out…..

      • Sarrs

        Holy crap the G4S saga is a shit storm. They shouldn’t see a red cent for their lacklustre efforts. 
        The army have been conscripted in to operate security at the Olympics because of it. 

  • gazzaw

    You only have to check out the General Secretary of the Public & Commercial Services Union, one Mark Serwotka, to see that this move was inevitable. Look at his links with the Respect Party (what a misnomer) and in turn their close ties with fundamental UK Muslim interests. Serwotka dominated Blair and Cameron should have taken pre-emptive action ages ago.

  • baw

    They are cooking their own goose. 

    However perhaps they are willing to sacrifice some jobs for higher wages in that case they may have a point. What a mandate to strike, only 50% voted. I  understand that during the miners strike there never was a UK national ballot and thus many pits just kept working. And during the strike the police protecting the pit would play football with the picketers and then when workers left or entered the plant they would then have vigorous fights. 

  • In Vino Veritas

    Red Ken will have his fingers in the pie, agitating to try and screw things up for Boris. Nothing surer.

  • Orange

    The only border officer in the whole world that was openly rude, threatening, and mocking to me was at Heathrow. 

    • Green

      I met a right arrogant bitch in LA a couple of years ago.

  • jabba

    the Sun today says that dozens o union chiefs are on over 100k (pounds) per year.
    Some 36 chiefs are on six-figure packages made up of hefty salaries topped up with generous pensions and perks.

    They include some of the most militant leaders, who have pocketed piles of cash while plotting strikes that caused misery for the public.

  • Vlad

    We can get worked up about our own political environment but what a fightful f*ckup the poms are facing:  a weak bunch of willies in the tory party; the mad bureaucracy of the EU stamping all over the uk.  

  • “One in 10” got what they wanted – the writer’s use of statistics shows the his bias.

    The bigger issue must be where were all the others? 80% chose not to vote at all. If you use the arguments used in the last NZ election, those who stayed home were happy with the status quo.