Affordable Housing?

Cactus Kate

Kate continues her excoriation of useless politicians who continually claim there is no affordable housing but slamming Socialist Cindy for her wailing about the issue as it affects her:

Jacinda Ardern, future PM of NZ if you believe the hype and at 31 with close to four years already as a public servant you are all paying $141,800 per annum base salary for and a myriad of personal expenses on top of that. MP’s pay for few expenses of their own, they keep far more of their income than most people do and I can’t see how Ardern hasn’t saved a large deposit already.

However Socialist Cindy as we call her on the right, doesn’t want to buy her first home in the poorer part of Auckland Central and work her way up. No she has the same aversion to living next to State House tenants and the poor as I do but she writes off developers apartments as unlivable. Which is strange as I lived for four years from 1999 in inner city apartments as a single woman in my twenties quite happily on a third of the salary Ardern currently gets. Contrary to popular opinion PwC tax advisors are not paid that much.

Don;t the socialists get airs and graces all of a sudden when they start raking the coin in. A quick search of realsestate shows that there are plenty of places that would suit a thirty something spinster, that are also “affordable” for someone on $141k plus expenses…like this one:

And they are only asking $529,000….with a bit of a trim she should be able to squeeze them under the $500,000 mark. Sure it isn;t her dream villa, but to claim there aren;t any “affordable homes” is silly.

Trademe lists 44 homes for sale in Grey Lynn…I am sure she can “afford” most of them…on a salary of $141,000 plus expenses and having the taxpayer pick up most of the big ticket items like travel she should surely be able to budget a bit better.

She could easily save at least $50,000 in a year…precious few other Aucklanders would be in a better position.

I think Socialist Cindy is simply playing politics when she moans about “affordable housing”…I will aslo bet that she would be in the first row of NIMBY’s protesting at the bowling of cruddy old villas so that building of high rise walk ups could be completed…they would be chanting about heritage this and heritage that…well there is a price for “heritage” and it appears to be about $1 million…so suck it up…you wanted “heritage” and that is what it costs.

All in all it looks like Socialist Cindy needs some remedial budgeting advice from her socialist brethren.


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  • BJ

    Jacinda Ardern is a case in point of why we really do not want anything approaching a socialist political party anywhere near the controls of this country – because – if they can’t manage their own personal money matters how can they possibly be trusted with the country’s ‘coppers’?
    GIve me someone that knows how to make money and keep it any day.  She is also a prime example of – it doesn’t matter what amount people earn or are given – either way, mismanagement will have them complaining that someone else needs to fix their problem for them.  How about go without for a change – stop spending money on things that aren’t needs and be humble enough to start at the start like lots of us ‘Baby Boomers’ did by buying a ‘first house’ and going without to get it.

    • Ben

      Average wage in 1975 was roughly $4500 per annum. My parents’ first house was bought for $18,000 in 1975, its worth 400,000 now. Average wage now is 45k per annum. Using the same ratios, the said house should be buyable for 200k. ‘Baby boomer’, you had the best of this country without even realising it.


  • logical

    Has she forgotten that it was her fellow socialists who imported too many people in a short time leading to under supply of housing plus socialist phoney green councillers rationing the supply of land thus forcing prices up even further.

     These pathetic Animal Farm socialists always have double standards and short memories.

  • Cactus Kate

    Would break my rule of never living in a house older than the oldest man you have had, but there is nothing on that property whoops a wee accident with the BBQ couldn’t burn off so you could build a nice townhouse on the land. May be a bit far from Golden Dawn for a pinko’s liking but don’t these lefties lack creativity and imagination?

    • JImmie

      Are you sure??

      • Cactus Kate

        It’s an 1880’s cottage. Even with Labour Party counting I’m pretty sure.

      • Cactus Kate

        Its an 1880’s cottage. Even with Labour Party counting I’m pretty sure.

    • Dave

      Be Careful Cactus, my neighbour would like to met you, he is over 90……..   

      That would  fix that problem for you.  True imagination and creativity there,  and at that age, he is bound to be clumsy with the fat on the stove or the ciggie lighter!!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Calculation is simple folks. When Socialist Cindy becomes the PM in 2017 election, she doesn’t need to worry about housing…..until then she will complain like this…Ardern for PM  ho ho! Photoshop skills will be in great demand folks, I am off to get a crash course….

  • logical

    What on earth does she do with her time that is worth $141,000 plus expenses a year ?

    Why doesnt she buy an affordable house in Henderson or Otara where the type of people she claims to represent live.It woulds be a lot easier on her salary than it is  for normal hardworking people on an average wage .

    • MarcWills

      Or close to the airport at Mangere so she bike or ride herself to catch transport each week and get away from the chattering classes.

  • Russell

    Affordable stabling not housing.

    She would be better to have her abode around Cambridge.

    • Sooty

       No!, No!, No!, Then we would have to pay for a flash horse float to get her to the airport. There must be a horse paddock handy close by, check with the local pony club.

  • Alex

    Is hate too strong a word to describe my aversion to Socialist Cindy and her cadre of middle class wannabe proles?   

    • Vlad

      Yes, hate is too strong  a word.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    As with Obama’s ‘You didn’t build that’ gaffe,  the real sting is the revelation of an appalling attitude on the part of the gaffer.

    Shitting dogs, how many kids of 31 years these days are pulling in #131k plus all the perks?

    Maybe here real problem is that after she pays the Labour Party’s extortion, she only has $31k left on which to live.

    Serve her right for belonging to the party of lesbeens and hasbeens.

  • victoria’s secret

    give the gal a break! heaven knows we need a bit of ‘eye-candy’ amongst that dour lot that make up parlamint. i reckin she could be making 10 times that salary posing for the cover of vogue…..

    • Hagues

      You hoping for readers to pitch in for a trip to the optometrist for you? The tallest person in a dwaft convention does not a giant make.

    • MarcWills

      OMG, I just poked my eyes out imagining that thought.

    • AnonWgtn

      And more on Playboy, if she keeps her trap shut.

  • Neil

    This beat up reminds me of the old party game of the 1960’s – passing a story around and changing one line at each change and seeing if you recognise the original still at the end.  The original Listener story has absolutely nothing to do with Adern complaining about whether she can afford a house at all……but carry on folks it fills in your empty lives…..

  • Anonymous

    Neil is obviously afflicted with lust. The entire introduction is about Ardern’s inability to buy a place she can afford that she wants in Grey Lynn then wanders around Espiner quoting empty socialist slogans about the world according to Cindy.
    I mean really if this woman looked like any other Labour party woman you’d call her on being as thick as a brick and get off those beer goggles.

  • Spiker

     Martyn Bradbury should be able to fix her up with a good deal.

    • Jacinda should give him a call…Martyn Bradbury Realty