Anyone suggesting a pick up truck ban?

There have been calls for the banning of firearms in the wake of the Colorado shooting which killed 12 people.

In Texas this week a pick up truck left the road and killed 11 people and left 12 injured…where are the calls for bans on access to pick up trucks?

Stupid people do stupid things:

GOLIAD, TEXAS—At least 11 people died Sunday and another 12 were injured after a pickup truck loaded with passengers left the highway and crashed into trees in rural South Texas, authorities said.

State troopers and Goliad County sheriff’s investigators were investigating what prompted the single-vehicle crash and did not immediately know the names and ages of the victims. Gerald Bryant, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, told The Associated Press they were various ages and that he personally saw two young children among the dead at the scene.

“This is the most people I’ve seen in any passenger vehicle, and I’ve been an officer for 38 years,” Bryant said, referring to the chaotic scene.

The white 2000 Ford F-250 pickup was heading north on U.S. 59 on Sunday evening when it travelled off the right side of the highway near the unincorporated community of Berclair in Goliad County and struck two large trees, Bryant said. The 23 people were loaded inside both the truck’s cab and bed.

Six of those who died were still inside the truck when emergency crews arrived to find the mangled vehicle, Bryant said.

He said several of the surviving victims had life-threatening injuries. He did not have their official conditions but described them as “very serious.” The injured were taken to various hospitals in San Antonio, Victoria and Corpus Christi. Berclair is about 100 miles southeast of San Antonio.


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  • le sphincter

    Pick up trucks  have  practical and lawfull uses .
    Half a dozen weapons, including a military assault rifle and  40 round Glock pistol…… let me think  what would that really be useful for …

    • Plenty, you are just showing impaired brain power. 

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      Following your (il)logic, we should aslo ban cars that can go faster than 100km/h (because that is the speed limit and you have no lawful business going any faster), bows and arrows (because they’re just used for shooting things too), art (because it has no practical purpose), ….

      You must lead a very sad and unfulfilling life, le sphincter, confined to what somebody defines as useful.

      • le sphincter

        One thing we do ban , is private possession of TASERS.

        So look    who has one in their possession. Judith Collins,  she skiting about it now but wont be laughing when   the cops charge her with a criminal offence.

        Of course  its obvious where she got ‘her taser’ from, so the Police commisioner will face some serious questions ?

        Is there a private prosecution in the wind , if the police wont/cant  act

  • Neil

    Agree le Spink – the only reason to own a gun is to kill something…..Hopefully people only buy a pick-up to transport things and people.  I can’t think of any use for a firearm other than to kill something – those who would say – but I only use it to shoot at targets in a firearms range – that’s like – Nah not goin’ there….

    • Rubbish…ever heard of target shooting, 3 Gun Competition, PPC, IPSC…nah didn’y think so…none of those sports involve killing anything unless you consider paper targets and steel targets living beings.

      At the Olympics there will be Skeet Shooting, Trap shooting, air rifle, pistol, small bore, biathlon, none of which are shooting living things.
      You two are morons.

      • Michaelharford

        Only one logical answer to that – we must ban the olympics.

      • Neil

        I’m getting to learn which topics to not try and wind you up on

    • Misanthropic Curmudgeon

      Coz it’s fun? 

      Has the notion of (lawful) fun eluded your life?

  • maninblack

    Mind you- stupid people do stupid things- and often the stupid people kill themselves. ie the ones that clambered into the overloaded pick up truck..

    Unfortunatly the prick with the gun killed innocents..

  • Johno1234

    Plenty of people want to ban pickup trucks (along with SUVs). 

    Most if not all are either greenies or drivers of Nissan Micras.

  • Cows4me

    Cars have also been used as weapons. I know of several cases in NZ where cars have been used to mow down innocent victims. So of course cars should be outlawed, using le sphincter’s logic. 

  • Spiker

    I’ve owned firearms for 43 of my 50 years without managing to kill anybody. Even though most of the firearms I currently own are AR15s I’m still not feeling the urge to go kill something, what am I doing wrong?

  • WayneO

    Don’t ban guns, banish the fucktards that misuse them. I don’t think a criminal would have trouble getting their hands on a firearm anywhere in the world if they really wanted one – they are but one burglary away. 

    Would have been an interesting scenario if people in that theatre were to have shot back wouldn’t it.

  • Reitama

    it is actually trees that are killing people, they took out Sonny Bonmo as well as one of the Kennedy’s …no one around and blamed on skiing..but they were ambushed by trees….

    • Reitama

       sorry that was Bono