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Patrick Gower has released more information on his blog about the shabby dealings concerning Bill Liu/Yong Ming Yan. It appears now that it involves more Chinese billionaires and a coup plotter.

Now here’s a twist – the mystery Chinese millionaire, Bill Liu/Yong Ming Yan, is linked to an even more controversial Chinese billionaire caught up in a massive political scandal that is rocking the Communist Party to its core.

That link is through a man called Xu Ming – one of richest men in China.

Xu Ming is big time – touted as a potential Chinese Finance Minister before a foiled coup plot.

And Liu/Yan is apparently so close he even bought Xu Ming into New Zealand for a visit at one point.

Now political scandals don’t get much bigger than the one going on in China that Xu Ming is connected to.

It’s all about fallen Chinese Communist Party high-flyer Bo Xilai touted as a future leader of the Communist Party – stripped of his post while his wife is probed for the murder of a British national.

And Xu Ming was one of Bo Xilai’s closet allies.

According to this Wall Street Journal article, Xu Ming has been missing since late March – amid reports he was arrested for corruption.

Hmm…that kind of makes a lie of Bill Liu’s claims of being executed if he was extradited…he knew all the top guys in China.

Documents I obtained under the Official Information Act show Liu boasted of his connections to Xu Ming back in 2005:

“In November 2005 he will host two very important businessmen from China. One of the visitors will be Mr. Xu Ming whom is listed as the 8th wealthiest person in China with a reported wealth of over $1.5 billion dollars.”

This was all in a submission to the New Zealand Immigration Service to try and prevent his residency being revoked.

The links with Xu Ming raise some interesting questions:

  • Why was Bill Liu/Yong Ming Yan so fearful of going back to China if he had connections with people so close to the very top of the Communist Party?
  • Why was Bill Liu /Yong Ming Yan – who claims to be a leader of the Chinese Democracy movement – prepared to host such people out in New Zealand?

It is – like much of this case – incongruous.

Perhaps David Shearer might like to ask those questions. It is certainly looking very shabby, though I am starting to think that Shane Jones may well have been set up by his pals in the Labour party to take the fall for this when it all came out.


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  • I agree about Jones being the fall guy WO; but which of his former colleagues set him up? Carter? Samuels? Barker? Was Mallard involved somehow? Or did it come right from H1 and H2? This is getting fascinating!

  • DavidW

    Ummmm have I got this wrong then.  Liu is mates with Xu Ming who has possibly been arrested for a political conspiracy (in which case he has probably had the bullet and others have assumed his wealth).  

    Wouldn’t that indeed make Liu fearful for his life if he was sent back to China?  If anything it reinforces Jones’ claim about Liu’s possible fate.  Question then is what was promised to Jones &/or NZLP  in return for providing Liu with a safe  haven?

    • Not when he claimed it, back then they were all real good mates and well in control. Xu Ming’s problems only arose this year.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Or another question, why was the advice from Interpol ignored?

    One only has to look across the pond to see how the Aussie unions and Labor Party behave to get an indication of just how reputiable, honest and credible they are – and ask yourself, would NZ’s unions and Labour Party act the same way?

    There is so much stench surrounding the Labour Party and their murky “related Party” funding and finances from the unions – it’s a wonder the authorities haven’t launched numerous investigations by now.

    Speaking of which – why haven’t the Greens tried to get an enquiry on this massive elephant in the room over all their dealings with Labour? Why the silence Greens?

    Maybe the Greens need Penny Bright to help them with this “Anti-Corruption”? She could also lend some gravitas and credibility to them also… 

    • Razorlips81

      Yes and where are the non biased media on this one? Why is it not splashed accross the headlines?

  • baw

    Is there any way we can get rid of his citizenship?

    • Tamati

      ” Is there any way we can get rid of his citizenship?”

      That’s a bit harsh…he paid good money for it.

      • Pukakidon

         Maybe the Liarbour party can pay the bribe money back to him

    • yes there is…if he lied on his application it can be revoked.

      • Patrick

        But didn’t the recent court case ascertain he did not lie? His mate – the Labour Partt fund raiser that filled the application may have been less than forthcoming with the actuality but old Billie Boy Lui has clean hands.

      •  @ Patrick – no; the judge said that Liu’s conduct was highly suspicious, bu that the charges fell short of proof beyond reasonable doubt. That’s judge-speak for “You dodged a bullet sunshine”