Bet they had a few stick mags as well

NZ Herald

The Waihi miners are all safe and sound:

Waihi ward councillor Sel Baker said the refuge chambers in the mine were equipped to keep miners alive for up to 36 hours.

They were completely sealed and equipped with oxygen, water, communication and even packs of cards, he said.

“There could be a fire a couple of feet away and they’d still be okay.

“There’s concern but there’s no panic… I have no fear for the guys. They’ll make it out.”

Bet they had a few stick mags or some dvds exploring the progress of lesbians rights through the ages, as well


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  • le sphincter

    Dont you normally blame the greens for not letting them strip mine the place….. isnt this tunnel nonsense ancient history  like railway tunnels.

  • Mitch

    I had a few trips to the bunker when I was working underground in Mount Isa, the only downside is no smoking. They’ll be laughing their asses off that they’re getting paid overtime to sit on their ass. Just like the Australian miners on any other day. :)

  • Blokeintakapuna

    If this “safety point” was anywhere near where MUNZ operate – you could almost bet the playing cards would be worn out from overuse or simply stolen. The water replaced with vodka and the oxygen replaced with NOX so they could spend a shift waiting for a ship to come in…

  • expatkiwi

    ERC(s) or ERBs as they are known in the Queensland underground mine I work in are treated very seriously. They WILL save your life. None at Pike River by the way. Let me tell you the ones in the Queensland mine I work in are checked weekly that they are stocked with water, portable toilets (would not want to be the one using this with 20 other blokes in there after a curry the night before) They do contain playing cards, oxygen, compressed air, air conditioned and oxygen candles to be lit when the other breathing sources are unavailable.They contain 2 way radios and phones to communicate with the outside world and frankly I would never hesitate to use one if the need arises. You are trained to sit and wait for Mine Rescue to come and get you if you are in an emergency. Well done Newmont for providing these ERBs and getting your men out safe and well.