Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

Heh…this is funny:


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  • thor42

    Good stuff! 
    I have to say that both the London Games logo and the mascots are surely the worst of any Olympic Games.
    The logo looks like four pieces out of a jigsaw puzzle, and the mascots are utterly unlikeable too. Goodness knows how many million pounds it took to come up with such awfulness.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    How many documentaries has Boris done? On so many subjects. Also I doubt the guy that put this togeter could possibly have a job?..Accepting all that, it’s QUITE funny and I’m sure Boris himself would like it…he has that kind of strainge schoolboy sence of humour!

  • Vlad

    Boris is a gem, and quite possibly would have recorded this himself without editing, if asked!  Contrast and compare:   Boris Johnson, Len Brown.    Or even more depressing  Boris Johnson, David Shearer.     Could we all club together and send him 10 pounds so he emigrates here?