Calling bullsh*t on One News and Sue Bradford

On Friday night One News was frothing about upcoming?”fireworks” from protestors?at the National party conference and the promise of “boisterous rallies”.

On Saturday night, they continued to?rark things up and were visibly licking their lips at the mention of?anti-government protesting (even though the never actually explained what the dicks?were protesting about)

So the media were out in force yesterday for what they thought would be a mass protest with hopefully a bit of argy bargy.

Except Sue Bradford found out she doesn’t have any supporters, and One News?found out that?all of the talk of?mass protests?was nothing more than hot air.

So did One News then call out Bradford and show their viewers that she talks a lot of crap and has no backing?

Or did One News instead ignore this and spin Bradford’s line that questions?should be asked about how many cops were?at the conference and the cost to?taxpayers?

I think you know the answer.