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Roy Morgan

According to the latest Roy Morgan Research “State of the Nation” Report, New Zealanders increasingly agree that homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children. This has grown steadily over the past eight years from 38% to 56%. During the same period, New Zealanders who believe homosexuality is immoral has decreased by nine percentage points (from 35% to 26%). New Zealanders views on homosexuality


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  • Razorlips81

    Bullshit!!! Go look at the Yahoo Poll today and see the real facts!

    • The Baron

      An online website poll versus an established research agency… um, OK RL, which one represents the “real facts” again?

      Looks like you bigots are losing ground by the day. Shrill extremism like you show here on a daily basis probably doesn’t help.

      • Mediaan

        I am constantly phoned by people seeking to do research.

        They presumably approach me so often because, unlike about two thirds the population, I am in the phone book. Being restricted to telephone book listees is a well-known and long-recognised source of poll bias, dating back to a bad result in I think the Truman presidential election.

        Plus, I hate having my phone rung and I routinely get rid of them, boring little twots that they are, frequently near-illiterate. Another source of poll bias.

        Oh, and I would not let male homosexuals raise children if I had any say in it. I have seen too many of them grooming young kids, and I know too much about the psychology of how sexual preferences are reached.

      • Mike Hunt

        Hope you don’t cruise those websites at work Mediaan

      • Mediaan

        Mike Hunt: What exactly do you mean? Do you live your life in grimy little computer websites, and assume others must?

    • Considering the Yahoo poll is made up mainly of people who are too stupid to change fromt eh default YahooXtra homepage and are Xtra customers it says not much at all.

      • Razorlips81

        WO you sound like a leftist appologist! I am an avid news reader, so I visit many sites. Yahoo have restricted our freedom of speech by removing the comments, but while we were able to comment on that pathetic site it appeared infested by leftists. So I am surprised and of course delighted at this poll.

        As for the Baron, I have never been invited to partake in an “established” research agency poll. I do not trust them!

         “Shrill extremism” you poor pathetic speciman of a person!

        I happily remain a very proud bigot. It is what used to be called morals untill freaks like you started coming out in the open!

      • Mitch


        “Cameron Slater – Pissing Bigots Off Like A Boss Since 2005”

      • Tristanb

         Razorlips, you are the leftist.

        Leftists try to control what people do with their own bodies and how they use their money.

        And “freedom of speech” doesn’t apply to a private company’s website. Even somewhere shit like Yahoo. They can remove comments if they want to – they’re not the government.

    • JimboBug

      Who uses Yahoo? Who even visits the site?

  • Richard McGrath

    Looks like the political poll results with Labour in red…

  • Guest

    Haters gunna hate, but the truth is the haters are going to lose.

    • Mediaan

      Unfortunately, the dirtiest tactics sometimes win.

  • JC

    Thats a lousy graph. The red line promotes a completely different subject from gay adoption. Its quite possible to believe homosexuality is immoral but also to be in favour gay adoption.


    • The Baron

      Of course it does. It is just presenting two related questions on one chart, not saying that the two are mutually exclusive. I am sure there were some respondents that responded in exactly the way you envisage.

      That doesn’t change that the number of bigots has shrunk on both counts.

    • Guest

      No it is not. If you are the sort of person who considers homosexuality to be immoral, there is no way you would be for gay adoption rights.

  • tarkwin

    I’d like to see how they phrased the questions.

    • Guest

      Looking at the graph I would say the question would be “Do you think gay couples should be allowed to adopt?”

      Are you sugesting that perhaps they twisted the question to get a postive result for us queers?

      • tarkwin

        That is exactly what I’m suggesting. Who commisioned the survey? There are two questions not one. he who pays the piper calls the tune.

      • Guest

        @813d6d2efd1af78acd3d09f07a165ef8:disqus  Just how would they slant the question that would make bigots support gay adoption?

  • JC

    The way you ask such questions is bloody important..

    The first one above is fine.. you get a straight up and down answer on the question/statement, but the second is an unrelated morality question.

    A more valid statement/question might be  “Gay adoption is better than leaving kids in abusive families”. That way even moralists are required to pick the likely best outcome for the child.

    The fact of the matter is that you can disagree with another person’s morals, race, religion or attitude but agree that he is is a fit and proper person to adopt a child, and its that last bit you want to tease out.. not the prejudices.


  • Mediaan

    Did anyone measure the slant of the information on it over the last few years? People given misinformation will end up misinformed.

    • Mike Hunt

      I see you’ve qualified both testaments there, nice work!

    • Mediaan

      Trying to understand you. Maybe you could explain how one qualifies a testament? Or are you too intoxicated or drugged or something?

  • Other_Andy

    Whoopy another gay thread!

  • DrCP

    I suspect you’d find similar approval for marital infidelty….

  • Mediaan

    Looking at the ready activity on this topic, I start to suspect that the absence of Kosh has accounted for your lower page results in the blog monthly stats, WO.

    Bring Back Kosh!

    • Pukakidon

       Kosh has been hanging around using “Guest”  see below

  • Guest

    I love how the haters posting in this thread are trying every trick to twist and poison the simple truth. More and more kiwis are coming to the correct conclusion about homosexuals and gay adoption.

    • TravisPoulson

      Hi kosh.

    • Stevo

      Yep it’s Kosh.
      School holidays.

      • Tony

        Kosh – shouldn’t you be out grooming small boys?

  • mas

    ffs you guys wonna debate about it or are you just gonna abuse each other (both sides)