Chauvel thrown under the bus?

TVNZ should be angry.  It shamelessly repeated a story about minimum alcohol pricing, pushed by Charles Chauvel that has turned out to be a complete lie.

Labour MP Charles Chavuel says Labour has got the numbers to add a clause to the Alcohol Law Reform Bill, which would give the justice minister the power to set a minimum price for a drink.

But it appears that Labour never had the numbers, and what’s worse, Chauvel didn’t even have the unanimous backing of his Caucus. He’s either been pushed under a bus by his colleagues, or he didn’t ask before shooting his mouth off. He does of course have a history of shooting his mouth off and Helen Clark left him on the back benches once as a result.

TVNZ now has a duty to ask him about his previous statements because it’s their credibility that has been damaged. Especially in light of the news running on NewstalkZB now:

The Labour Party is giving its MPs flexibility to vote on alcohol law changes.

Parliament’s shortly due to reconsider the Alcohol Reform Bill, which proposes changes around rules and regulations governing the sale of alcohol.

Labour leader David Shearer says purchase age alone won’t be the only aspect where they can vote according to conscience.
“We felt that was a more democratic way of doing it, but also for example gave MPs more ability to listen and respond to their particular constituencies. There’s a whole bunch of different issues there that we will be exercising a conscience vote on.”

Either Labour never had the numbers, or their numbers were incredibly soft and have since melted away like their popularity. Charles Chauvel misled TVNZ and it appears has now been thrown under the bus by his caucus.


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  • Neil

    I don’t understand – It was Treasury officials who were quoted by TVNZ as showing the numbers that Charles then alluded to….so by the time the item was broadcast to us it – the souce – whatever – was about fourth hand – it then fits in the realms of urban legend/ fantasy he said then she said and he said she said…etc etc etc…. tedium.

  • In Vino Veritas

    It’d have to be a mighty big bus that was jacked up a bit to get him under it. If it weren’t, he’d just roll along in front of it.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Resulting in the criminal damage of one mass transit vehicle…will the greens have an enquiry???

    • Pukakidon

       Why is anyone surprised he is a serial liar.  He has a great career in Liarbour politics.