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  • le sphincter

    Tariana Trotsky !

  • tarkwin

    The real tragedy is she probably believes it.

  • logical

    Did you know her father was an American Serviceman ! How indigenous is that !

    • le sphincter

      But no one knows which one  ?

    • 4077th

      A very long bow to draw Logical

      • Dr Wang

        (Re Father was a WWII US serviceman) – That’s what Tariana claims 4077th…or are you saying she doesn’t know what she is talking about there too?

  • Phar Lap

    What price Whanau Ora now. Seems she never heard of Oliver Twist.

  • Forest Ranger

    good on her we need more revolutionary grandmothers

  • Deep Blue

    Absolutely appalling that a Minister of the Crown who happily sits back and take a whopping pay check as a Minister, enjoys flying around the country thanks to the taxpayer, happily rides in the BMW ministerial cars, displays a ‘fuck-you’ symbol to the Crown.

    She should walk away from the Govt if she had any integrity or was actually honest with herself.

  • Phar Lap

    Sooner she pulls the plug and throws in her lot with the Harawiras,the better it will be for the country.Seems they sit in Parliament punching above their weight.Last count i noticed that the fors and againsts in Parliament is, Nats 61  the also rans in a photo finish 60.The sixty, what a mottley lot of has beens or never wases.


      just on the Harawiras lets not forget that Hone’s mum used to abuse retards in mental homes like Carrington back in 1989 – she was / is a nasty pice of work.

      • Mediaan

        I am not sure that is fair to Titewhai. We all knew there was a lot wrong going on in the mental health system, but all we were doing was muttering. Maori especially were being misclassified as disordered, just because somebody thought they should be different. On the books, they got called by some official psychiatric term. Maybe they were just depressed in some natural way, by events, which is normal. Or something else that was temporary and passing.

        Then we (or I, anyway) heard, amazingly, that Titewhai had somehow got herself right in there, with some sort of team, and was trying to sort things out Maori style.

        Then we (I) heard, it had involved some rough language and the occasional hit or something. So we all had to raise our voices like a choir and say, shame, get her out. Even though psychiatric drugs and electroshock are many times more abusive and damaging.

  • AnonWgtn

    Poor ol Grandma !

  • Polishpride

    Have heard that the beloved National government is looking to re-constitute New Zealand on behalf of New Zealand ‘without’ the input of New Zealanders. Apparantly this is with the support of the Maori Party who among other things will have the Maori seats enshrined in the constitution for all eternity. The thought of this makes Tariana very happy so the Maori Party will be going nowhere and the current disagreement is more for show for the media and their constituants.   

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Really???They cancelled elections???Really???…..Thought that was helen clarkes next step after the electoral finance (loss of freedom of speech) act!!!

      • Polishpride

        Elections, Constitution – see two totally different words, totally different meanings. Not sure if you realised but Helen Clarke hasn’t been around for a wee while now….. Clearly though given your response JBK you appear to be as unhappy about the thought of this as I am. You lost me though on how something your not happy about between your beloved National and the Maori party is solved or even added to the debate of by saying ‘Thought that was Helen Clarkes next step. Is it an attempt to try to deflect attention from what National is doing by going ‘look at what Labour did, quick stop looking at National, Look at what Labour did quick, look.
        This country needs to be reconstituted but ALL New Zealanders should have their say. If there’s any truth to this (And I hope there isn’t) then it needs to be exposed to incredibly bright sunlight.        

    • Jefferey Dahmer

       Have heard that Polishpride is a paedophile. Can’t confirm it however but I thought I’d put it out there.

    • gazzaw

      Source of your info please PP.

    • Mr_Blobby

      It is coming, a maorified(mortified)constitution. They are working on it as we speak. It will be presented as a done deal, no need for a vote.

  • Dr Wang

    Didn’t the hat shop have her size?

    She wouldn’t look quite such a fool if she’d bought a beret that fits on her head properly (…would only be a small improvement admittedly).


      perhaps she should run a berka

  • starboard

    Evil old maggot

    • Mr_Blobby

      That’s an insult to maggots.

  • Steve and Monique

    Indigenous my arse,boat people is a better term for them.If there own history says they rowed here,then the water was here first,and not provided by the sky gods when they dropped there sorry arses on the beach.Let the original owners have there rights of ownership,and not the mob that killed them off.Thats right,we dont consider the evidence of pre maori populations here,even though it has been found.The treaty,and all its associated money grabbing should be resigned to history.And that hat is stupid.

    • Trisha

      No doubt your ancestors got sent to NZ because they were vermin scum and not worthy of living in their own country or did you come here on the aeroplane because you got kicked out of your own country. 
      The hat is fantastic!!

      • Steve and Monique

        Well Trisha,they arrived on a boat with settlers,and worked hard for what they got.Then along the way my great great grandmother fell for one of cheif Maniapotos daughters,and though she was kicked out for that,I am 1/16 maori.And Am proud of that point.What I am disgusted in is the bullshit use of treaty issues to make money for silly claims,with no merit,or truth.And the hat still sucks.

      • gazzaw

        You’re obviously not au fait with NZ history Trisha. No one got sent to NZ, our country has never been a penal colony. The only slaves held captive here were the result of intertribal wars prior to European settlement.  

    • Mr_Blobby

      Well well well.Steve and Monique my story if almost identical to yours. I would say that we are related in some way. Was that Grandfather or Grandmother.  Probably cousins. The hat is OK it is the owner of the hat that is stupid.

  • Phar Lap

    Like moths around a flame they are looking to increase the Thirty Six Billion Dollars they hold in Assets. Seems they have more money between the 14%   Maori Population ,than the other 86% NON MAORI.The only difference is, whats ours is theirs, and whats theirs they keep, and come hell or high water they want to suck more of the nations tit.

  • Mr_Blobby

    It is actually controlled by the 1%Maori elite. The slaves get very little, apart from accommodation and benefits provided by the Government.

    • gazzaw

      Then the slaves should revolt Mr B.

  • Trisha

    gazzaw your comment… “no one was sent here”
    one example……….The english police were sent out here to protect the pioneers from the natives.The pioneers brought or were given land from the government.The government confiscated or acquired, Native owned land. When the pioneers went to till their land, the natives objected and there was war.So the police were sent out from england- britian- uk  or (whateva its called)After 1 year service the policemen were given the choice to go home to england or stay in NZ. They were each given 50 acres of land for their loyalty to the queen. The policemen who decided to go home, and many did, sold their 50 acres to their policemen friends who stayed.   100 odd years later there are still large holdings owned by the pioneers descendants.  and that’s another saga.  don’t know what fait  means?I never mentioned penal colony.  Does ‘sent’ mean penal colony to you?Never mentioned slaves eitherMaori didn’t really like to take prisoners or slaves  pre colonisation…    kill them…. rather than feed them….. was the mantra of that day