Colin Craig – I’m not gay but could be if I wanted to


Colin Craig uses the bi-sexual married man defence to suggest that being gay is a lifestyle choice. For those who don’t know this defence it works kind of like this. Your missus goes to bed and you get down with your best mate, and the missus comes and catches your mate gobbling you off. Your witty response to save the day is “I’m not gay but the guy who was sucking my cock is“…and that is what Colin Craig said to TV3 in a round about way.

He was so sure that homosexuality was a choice, he bet his own sexuality on it.

“Do you think you could choose to be gay if that is the case?,” he was asked.

“Sure. Sure I could,” he responded.

“You could choose to be gay?,” he was asked again.

“Yea, if I wanted to,’ he replied.

I want to know why the journalist didn’t ask just one more question…”Would you enjoy it?

There is no way on this earth that I would even entertain saying what Colin Craig said…ain’t no way I’m ever going to enjoy being a cocksmoker…or even think about it as a choice. But whatever spins your wheels…that ain’t it for me…but it appears that Colin is willing to give it a crack.


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  • Craig was clearly expressing his view that homosexuality is often a matter off choice and speaking of himself as a generic male.

    Gee, its going to be so tiresome if all the liberals can come up with against Craig is the propaganda put about by the left wing mainstream media and their stupid and transparent gotcha questions.

    When are they ever going to start asking questions from another political perspective other than their obvious support for gay marriage.

    That Conservative viewpoints are so conspicuously unable to be presented accurately by the mainstream media (and bloggers) shows just how much media culture in NZ is dominated by liberals.

    Long past time for some diversity of political/ social viewpoint in reporting.

    • Travis Poulson

      Redbaiter I’m afraid Colin has got the wrong end of the stick. Homosexuality isn’t a choice, just like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and other mental illnesses.

      ” Long past time for some diversity of political/ social viewpoint in reporting.”

      That right there has my alarm bells ringing. National isn’t the only ones that are tripping over the centre line.

      •  Whether Craig’s opinion is right or wrong is not the point of Whale’s post.

      • Tony

        I don’t agree TP – I have seen the other side of this issue personally as a person placed in a position of responsibility and oversight of others – some of whom were very young.

        Gayness is absolutely able to be a product of both nature and nurture. Yes – some people have no choice in the matter – but others do.

      • Bob

        So TP are you saying homosexuality *is* a mental/sexual disorder and should go back into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders? Afterall, it only came out (ha ha) of the manual a generation ago.
        If so, homosexuality should be treated/cured, or at least managed, just like other disorders.

      • Travis Poulson

        Not at all Bob, I was just joining in the argument adding dumb propaganda, to match what has been displayed against Colin Craig this weekend. 

        Like the comments “but it appears that Colin is willing to give it a crack.”

        and “I want to know why the journalist didn’t ask just one more question…”Would you enjoy it?”

        That’s getting a bit weak.. 

      • Gayguy

        So you consider homosexuality a mental illness then Travis?

      • Travis Poulson

        Gayguy, it seems you are having difficulty reading, or just reading selective comments. 

      • Gayguy

        Not at all Travis, I saw your other post after I had posted. And unlike other places, on here you cannot remove a post of your own. 

        Although, given your other comments you are a bigot. 

        • Travis Poulson

          Any more homosexual victim buzz words you want to throw in while you’re at it? I’m sure you could chuck in “hater” in there somewhere. Couldn’t give a hoot what you think about me. 

      • Gayguy

        Well yes Travis you are a hater, and you will be pleased to know that mainstream NZ doesn’t give a fig about what you have to say or think. 

        Gay rights are here to stay, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

        • Travis Poulson

          There it is, wasn’t so hard now was it! I’m not sure how you can come to the conclusion I am a hater, I actually know and have met several homosexuals and have nothing against them, sure as hell don’t hate them, but it also doesn’t mean I have to agree that they should be able to get married in the same context as a man and a woman. That’s just a dumb assumption on your part. just like the moronic use of the term homophobic, I’ve never been aware of anyone that is literally terrified or afraid of a homosexual.  

          You are dumb enough to think that being anti-gay marriage means hating every homosexual on the face on the planet as a person. Bring some common sense to the argument next time please, I mean you can’t even respond to the right comment let alone grasp the main point of the debate. 

    • Tony

      I tend to agree. There is no “one answer” here. Some gays are born while others are made. That is quite clear to me. I have experienced a very male lesbian openly talking about ‘converting’ other (much younger) females to her lifestyle.

      The issue is that the gay “community” needs to ensure that everyone believes that it is 100% natural and 100% genetic in order to advance the political message that as they were born that way they should be treated as normal – if not lauded for their “bravery”.

      If they were a little more honest they would get more supporters. As to the gay adoption thing – how come this method to ensure the successful development of a defenceless child turn into an issue of ‘rights’ for the gay community?   

      Let’s have a national referendum centred upon the real issue – not gay ‘marriage’ (dealt with by civil union) but gay adoption. If the majority of kiwis support that then I would respect it.

      • Troy

        Perhaps Craig is bi… he hasn’t lept into that debate yet.  What if two male (or female) bi-sexuals got married? Any problem?  Craig would find it difficult to put forth the argument that it’s not normal.  Indeed many profess (proudly) that they like the best of both – and have a happy life because of it!

      • Gayguy

        Homosexuality is 100% natural Tony. It has been around for as long as there has been sex. 

      • Tony


        Just b/c something has been around for ages it doesn’t make it natural as in ‘acceptable’.  If natural equalled acceptable, muder and pedophilia – both of which have been around forever – could be described as natural using your measurement.

        Notwithstanding, if you read my post I said that gayness can be a product of BOTH nature and nurture. Some people are born gay which others have it as a lifestyle. I have seen this happen.

    • Guest

      Redbaiter, you have your own blog already. What you don’t have is an audience for your drivel. No-one is interested in your nutty, angry and rather closeted gay ravings. 

      • Travis Poulson

        The last two days I’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary. I wonder if you’re clever enough to spot it too.

      • grumpy

        RB has more “likes”than everyone else here added together, so fuck off if you don’t like it.

      •  Standard Alinsky tactic- try and isolate and marginalise those with views that challenge left wing views.

        Speak out guys, don’t be intimidated by the left’s attempts to control our culture.

        The reality is the liberals do not have anything like the support they and their grovelling propagandising media acolytes claim.

      • grumpy

        Anyone noticed that “marriage equality”is now number one story for all MSM?  (Let’s categorise WO as MSM for the moment).

        Full of nice warm fuzzy stories designed to show us that buggerring is normal.

        The same tactics as Global Warming “the science is settled” rubbish.

        Colin Craig seems to be the only one talking common sense – and for that he must be punished!

      • Macca

        Hey Guest,  speak for yourself!   I think the number of likes that both Travis and redbaiter have received on this issue over the last 24 hours shows that there is a huge number of people who read this blog that think they ARE on the mark and you are not! To that end,  I suggest you review your pathetic comment on just who is interested in their comments because from what I can see,  the greater majority of readers are in agreeance with them – by about 4 or 5 to 1!!!!!!!

        I’m with Travis on this – this is NOT normal or natural and is not practiced amongst any other species!  I am not a religous nutter or gay basher etc,  but there is no way anyone can convince me this is a good thing for society!   Is the reason we have so many problems with out of control youth today partially attributed to the fact so many boys are bought up in a single sex environment – ie. solo mothers with no male influence?  I strongly believe and make no mistake,  I’m not blaming this on the mothers!

        To use the argument that the Kahui twins would have been better off with two gay parents is just fucken ridiculous!  Grow up FFS!  These parent were abnormal at best and as for that maggot King wanting an apology – Jesus wept!  What rational mother would go away and leave those babies for over a day whilst she went on a bender?  They would have been better off being bought up by a pack of Hyenas!  Any normal parents would have bought them up better than they had – the fact that those parents may have been gay is irrelevant!

      • 4077th_MASH

        Quite the contrary Guest! 

      • Gayguy

        Homophobia like yours Grumpy is the unnatural thing. Homosexuality is 100% natural, just as heterosexuality is. 

        That may be something your tiny un-evolved brain cannot deal with, but no matter what comes out of your poorly educated mouth, the truth is still the truth. 

  • Jimmie

     I wish we could get back to bashing Labour/Unions/Socialists & Pinkos.

    If the current direction keeps going WO might need to rename this blog Rainbow Oil.

    That would be wonderful rather than the rehash of the same diatribe day after day.

    No offence Cam but you have built this blog to be No1 on the back of rightfully attacking the loony MSM and socialists/pinkos and dodgy corruption etc.

    You (and DPF to a certain extent) have put the blog to the forefront as a genuine alternative for cutting edge news.

    However it seems that since you have taken up a number of public commentary roles you have striven to make yourself more ‘acceptable’ to the MSM and pc brigade. (The term emasculate springs to mind)

    Its a real shame as I have followed your blog for a number of years and want to see it stay No 1.

    If you feel you need to comment on your support for gay rights from time to time – go for it.

    However don’t lose focus on what got you to where you are today e.g. don’t bite the hand(s) that feeds you. 


    • grumpy

      Pretty basic stuff Jimmie. It’s a sign of Whale’s obsession that he has not figured it out for himself.

      • jsrret

        cameron’s main obsession here is to damage Colin Craig.

        One of cameron’s mates in the national party is Mark Mitchell and cameron is worried that national will force Mitchell to stand aside in his electorate seat to let Craig get his party into parliament as a coalition partner for national.

        The higher Colin Craig’s poll results go, the more pressure there will be for Mitchell to step aside for Craig, and Cameron obviously doesn’t want that to happen

      • grumpy

        well then jssret, Whale has just scored an own goal…..

      • Not going to happen. Rodney is not and never will be Epsom.

    • 4077th_MASH

      + 1

    • Mitch

      So it was all cool when he was hammering Matt B, everybody get on board, but it’s not cool to hammer into an issue/person from a point you don’t agree with? If we all agreed with what he said and reported, this would be a boring fucking blog.

      • Neil

        Snap – !!!

      • Pukakidon

         So in your books Mitch it is ok to be nasty to Fat people, Colin Craig, etc… but for God sake you can never have an opinion that does not kiss the Gay mans arse?

        The difference is, Mat B is a devious criminal prick.  He deserves everything he gets.   What has Colin Craig done except express his view? the next thing a bunch of arse kissing media start blowing his comments out of proportion.  

        I have always thought that Gay people should have every right that heterosexuals have, however I am starting to think with Gay comes radical, mincing and the look at me look at me in your face nonsense.

        I think most have really had a guts full of the Gay arse kissing and the pathetic whingers.  The bill is being voted on and will pass isnt that enough?.    I hope now the Gay victim club will now have nothing to crow about and just get on with life.

      • Travis Poulson

        ” The bill is being voted on and will pass isnt that enough?.    I hope now the Gay victim club will now have nothing to crow about and just get on with life.”

        Nope, next will come homosexual seats in parliament, any opposition to forthcoming bills with be classed as ‘homophobic’, children will be forced to learn ‘lisp’ at school, and uniforms will consist of nut-crunchingly tight jeans, and it will be the governments/society’s fault for their adopted children ending up confused and depressed. 

      • Gayguy

        Mitch have you not figured out the 2 faced right wingers on here? 

        As long as Cam stays on message and posts the right wing line, he is their hero. As soon has he demonstrates that he is able to think for himself, come up with an opinion on homosexuality (which is backed by fact, as opposed to very dodgy right wing christian research)  they turn on him. 

        Free thought is something the real rightwingers hate. 

      • Travis Poulson

        Gayguy: you are dull minded enough to think we should agree and play along no matter what he says, that’s left wing Labour tactics. If you like it that way maybe you should visit The Standard where opposing views get shut down, might suit you better there.  It’s not about turning on him because he thinks for himself, what utter tripe. Give yourself an uppercut. It proves the opposite, that the readers think for themselves, not swing off the end of Cameron’s tongue waiting for the next gospel.

        “Free thought is something the real rightwingers hate” 

        Oh wow. Now you’ve discovered a new level of ignorance.

        “Mitch have you not figured out the 2 faced right wingers on here? ”

        Yes, we’re 2 faced for not jumping on each and every bandwagon that turns up and expressing our own opinions, how dare we.

        Straight or homosexual, you’re an idiot either way.

      • Gayguy

        Travis, please do not try and dump all the MANY shortcomings of the right on the left. 

        Be assured that when it comes to a conscience vote the left will do just that, where as 99.9% of the right will do as their master tells them, so please don’t pretend otherwise, you idiot. 

      • Pukakidon


        You are very much a holier than thou twit.    Labour with a conscious? don’t make me laugh. Where was their conscious. When Tiato the Thai Tiler taker Field was running a slave industry by using his position as a Member of the Government.   Didn’t see too many of the so called moral majority in Labour decrying his actions. Or the recent selling of NZ citizenship.

        What are you going to do when there is no excuse to portray yourself as a victim of some sort of abuse of rights?    Get on with the vote, I am sick of hearing about it.


    • Gotta pay the bills somehow Jimmie…that will be why I am on Radio and not Redbaiter

      • grumpy

        you get paid for being on radio????????

  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that WO might be believing his own press and that his opinion is so “very important” and so he has taken on a “crusade”.  I agree that it is a shame that he is moving from commentator/observer to something else.   To quote a previous WO….its boring….

    How about Sue Bradford attending classes at AUT to get a PHd, so we will be faced with Docter Bradford of the looney left.  Much more interesting.

    • Travis Poulson

      phd in what?

      • Troy

        PhD on in-depth analysis about radical thought processes and the transformation into wildy inept manifestations of protestations to the detriment of others peace and harmony.  With honours.

        • Tom

          See the latest issue of Foreign Control Watchdog

      • Rodger T

        Bullshit, Piled higher and Deeper.

    • Tom

      Perhaps you should consider taking classes at AUT too. Two benefits occur to me: you undertake a course in critical thinking and you learn to spell …

  • A typical response from a christian bigot (Colin Craig). What I dont understand is the objection from the non christian right wingers – why are you guys so anti Cameron bring this issue up? He brings up all issues where resolution has yet to be achieved (child abuse, the fact that the left & tools like Trevor Mallard exist) so what is wrong with him caring about the lack of equality for gay couples? 

    Why does conservative politics mean anti gay? I dont get it. To me the only reason for being anti gay is because you have a view that God or Allah has deemed it to be a sin. 

    If you arent religious then what’s your problem? Why does arguing for gay marriage mean you lean to the left? Equality isnt the monopoly of the crazy greens! I see this kind of thing and political ideology as having no correlation whatsoever.

    Marriage isnt the monopoly of Christians and it shouldnt be the monopoly of heterosexuals. Period. Marriage and the ability of any 2 people to sign up to it for as long as they live is a gift, a blessing and hard work – it takes commitment on a daily basis and I think we should be celebrating anyone who wants to public declare their commitment to someone else for their rest of their lives.

    • Caleb

      The simple answer is that a large portion of society, christian or not, see marrage for a man and a woman and civil unions for homosexuals. Whats the problem, agian?

      • Callum

        Personally I see a marriage as a religious ceremony and it should be the domain of reilgion to set the rules for it. Civil union is for non religious ceremonies including homosexual unions. I say this as a non religious person who is only married because my wife is religious (it wasn’t performed in a church though), if she wasn’t religious I wouldn’t be married.

      • Civil Union Act was a separatist law created to avoid changing the Marriage Act. It is a copycat law that is nothing short of blatant discrimination. That’s what the problem is,

      • But that’s the thing Callum – marriage ceremonies are no longer confined to the 4 walls of a church, they can happen anywhere, anytime and can be carried out by anyone including a gay celebrant or minister. We got married on a beach with a celebrant – God and religion was not mentioned in our vows or ceremony at all. In terms of the law, the only words that have to be uttered for a ceremony to be legal is “is the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”. The is no valid legal reason why this cant be changed to “2 people”.

      • Polish_pride

        A large portion of society need to get over themselves

      • Gayguy

        Interesting version of the actual truth there Caleb. Very inaccurate as well. 

    • Travis Poulson

      Well pardon me, are we meant to blindly support him no matter what our opinion is? get real. Your comment is littered with questions on our views that we have already gone to pains to explain over the last 1.5 days so I’m not even going to bother going there. 

      There’s always someone getting upset just because everyone else refuses to jump on the bandwagon. 

      Is it ok with you that we don’t agree with Cameron on everything, or is that too much for you to cope with? Should our argument be shut down if it isn’t in line with the blog owners views? Is it fair to be labelling everyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view as bigots/haters/homophobes etc. Good grief. 

      You are trying to alienate a great deal of readers who don’t feel the same way by calling them “bigots” when it is blatantly obvious those whom  you refer to as bigots seem to have the majority of support. Don’t spin that nonsense with me, I can see right through it. 

      • And what a rant that was – hope you feel better now that you have thrown your toys out of the cot. 

        It’s a new post & a new day so if you cant be bothered quantifying your argument then perhaps you should refrain from commenting.I didnt say everyone – whether Christian or not – was a bigot, I said Colin Craig’s comments were typical response from a Christian bigot…..

      • Travis Poulson

        Unsolicitedious what utter bollocks. I know what you said, but you’re implying that anyone with the same opinion is a bigot, because the fact that he is a christian is irrelevant to his opinion, as there are plenty of homosexual christians. Don’t make out like his opinion is typical of a christian. 
        “It’s a new post & a new day so if you cant be bothered quantifying your argument then perhaps you should refrain from commenting.”

        If you can’t be arsed doing your homework and reading back through the blog that’s your problem, I’m not going to repeat myself. Maybe you should refrain from commenting yourself if you’re going to jump into the middle of a debate and ask stupid questions.

      • Polish_pride

        Travis – They are bigots, majority of support or not. If they are not bigots then at the very least they have a Bigoted view point on this issue.

        If you don’t like having your stance on this issue called out for what it is…..feel free to change it.

      • Travis Poulson

        Oh spare me the Homosexual buzz words Polish.

      • Polish – we agree!

        Travis – if the hat fits….(if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then it must be a duck)

        My comment pertained to the whining about Whale posting again on gay marriage – given how many posts he makes per day it’s one of many issues he tackles, so I dont get what you guys are complaining about.

        And then there is the lack of reasoning behind your protestations.

        It seems to me that those who complain the most do so because they find the issue uncomfortable, and well if someone else’s consensual relationships & sex life has that much impact on them then perhaps it is their sexuality that is in question.

        I’ve been reading the posts & kept an eye on the comments – most appear to be just drivel mixed up with homophobic ranting & the odd snide remark against anyone who disagrees. While plenty seem to disagree with Whale’s stance, few have bothered to come up with valid reasons as to why they object to gay marriage. And the following dont count as valid:

        1) It isnt natural: this may surprise you but strap-ons, oral & anal sex are hardly exclusive to same sex couples
        2)They cant reproduce: neither can many hetero couples
        3) It is wrong: no the law says it is OK so it stands to reason that any person in a consensual legal relationship should be able to get married
        4) Homosexuals harm society: no the only thing that harms society is haters & bigots
        5) homosexuals are pedophiles: no the most common child predator is actually the white middle class heterosexual man
        6) The bible/God says it is an abomination: no the verses most commonly used to state same sex attraction/relationships are sinful come from the book of Leviticus – an ancient code meant for the Jews or from Paul & Timothy who were horrified at the rape by heterosexual men of their male slaves. Nothing in the bible talks about same sex couples in an adult, loving, committed & consensual relationship. And even if the Bible did say something well then there is a whole host of things we should take literally: polygamy, marrying first cousins, slavery,”no one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord (8 Deut 23:1), eat locusts (OT), dont mix fibres (OT), cut your wife’s hand off if she helps you out in a fight (NT)…the list goes on
        7) gays create gays: given that it is largely heterosexual people who have children including through IVF then it is fair to assume that straight people are the ones that are the problem as it is them that are producing the gay kids
        8) gay is a choice – unless you are one of the lucky few like Cynthia Nixon, the opposite is very much the case. Before you start telling gays that they made a choice to be attracted to the same sex, ask yourself when it was exactly that YOU made the choice to be heterosexual. And if you did make a conscious choice then doesnt that make YOU a little gay? 

        And then there is other facts such as LGBT can already marry heterosexuals – there is no ‘straight’ prerequisite to be a celebrant, and in some churches, a Minister, marriage is between the State & the couple – nothing to do with a 2000 year old book & its cult followers whatsoever…again the list can go on.

        It doesnt matter what people think about same sex relationships (I use this term because people automatically think gay as in males), the reality is that it is legal so there is no just reason why they cant not have the exact same rights as heteros; who you choose to be intimate with does not define your charactor and most certainly has nothing to do with anyone else.

      • Travis Poulson

        Unsolicitedious: tl;dr

      • Polish_pride

        travis Homosexual buzzwords!!??!! 
        go and look up the meaning of bigot – again if you don’t like it change your viewpoint

      • Travis Poulson

        Yes that’s right Polish, now go and look up the meaning of buzzword. If you can’t deal with my viewpoint, go see a councillor. I won’t change it just because you want to shut me down. 

      • Polish_pride

        Travis since Unsolicitedious’s post was TLDR for you let me summarize – 

        First she reconfirmed that like it or not on this topic you are a bigot – Using a rather amusing duck analogy. She pointed out that there has never been a single decent argument put up against Gay Marriage.Then She single handedly destroyed every single BS argument that has ever been put forward on Whaleoil against Gay Marriage. It really was a beautiful thing to watch. 

      • Travis Poulson

        It must be really pissing you off inside that you can’t change my opinion Polish. I couldn’t care less what either you or Unsol think about me or my opinion, give each other a congratulatory slap on the arse for your tag-team effort. I’ve noticed you often have trouble with people disagreeing with you, so no great surprise there, business as usual.

      • Gayguy

        Travis, no one wants your mind to change. 

        We need bigots like you, to show people what being wrong looks like. 

      • Travis Poulson

        Gayguy, you show a perfect display of how to play the man and not the ball. 

      • Travis have a look back through your comments – now tell me honestly, is there anything constructive, anything with any validity on this issue? I cant see it.

        I have no issue with people disagreeing with me – as long as they have substance & it relates to the topic at hand. Nothing worse than people pulling opinions out of their arse & claiming it to be fact.

        This isnt about converting people to ones point of view, it is about presenting valid points that facilitate and intellectual & mature debate.

        Yet with issues like this & say the boy who raped the girl in Turangi (which is probably the only other time I have been on the other side of the debate here), I just see fools playing it tough as keyboard warriors keen to fire out blanket statements & massive generalisations that have no reason, no substance & are indicative of a sheltered idiot who has no clue about life outside their computer. People who seem to clean some kind of false superiority as they try to attack anyone who disagrees with what they believe to be the dominant view point.

        Colin Craig is a bigot and he is a Christian. That makes him a Christian bigot.

        Margaret Mayman is a Christian. In fact she is a Minister part of an inclusive church. That makes her a real Christian. Oh and she is gay. Interesting.

        If you disagree with same sex coupledom fine, but if you inhibit their right to have the same freedoms that you enjoy and then have the audacity to claim all kinds of nonsense such as it was a choice, it’s not natural, they will bring about an apocalyptic end, they are all child molestors etc, then that makes you a bigot.

        So like I said, if the hat fits….

      • Gayguy

        Travis, if you do not like people pointing out things about you that, based on the comments you have made, are true, then I suggest you keep your mouth closed and you wont have to deal with people making truthful statements about you. 

        You want to keep a group of people  second class citizens based on nothing more than your own dislike of their lifestyles. I do not like skater culture, the National party, teenage girl culture…  but I do not seek to limit their rights because of my dislike of them or what they believe. You do. 

        You actively support limiting the rights of a group of people in NZ because YOU disprove. 

        No harm will come to anyone, heterosexual rights are not diminished in ANY way at all, and yet YOU would happily prevent equal rights because of your own disapproval. 

        You are a bigot and a hater, and if you don’t want people to say that about you, then stop advertising it. 

      • Polish_pride

        Travis Not at all, I have dealt with Bigots like yourself all my life. See buddy I believe in Karma and there’s a pretty good chance that in your next life you’ll be coming back as a Gay man. It is at that point when you start to suffer a lifetime of the same discrimination that you will learn the lesson you need to. I think it matters more to you that people think you are a Bigot because of the view you hold. This is your problem and yours alone.

      • Polish_pride

        Travis I am always against playing the man and not the ball as a general rule But in this case Gay Man is 100% correct. That is exactly why bigots are here. It is to show other people what is right and just and what is wrong. You are merely providing lessons for others in this particular scenario. You of course have your lessons to learn too.. and if you don’t then there’s always your next life  :)    

    • Alex

       There is no anti-Christian bias here.    IMost of us would love a Christian (or any religious) leader — specifically one who doesn’t aspire to be a MP — to stand up and bring into the public debate issues about charity, self-responsibility, loving one’s neighbour, and spirituality.  But to do so from a non-partisan perspective. 

      While I’m a secularist — albeit one raised in a family of Anglican clergy — I would welcome anyone who could raise the tenor of public debate in this country.  Make a change to that debate being beholden to egotists like Gower, and trendy intellectual lightweights like Campbell.

      Sadly this isn’t coming from the main Churches

      Instead the vacuum is filled with people like CC.  My Christian associates are getting mighty sick to death of CC (and before him Capill, Graeme Lee etc etc) who taint the Christian message with their ignorant, sex obsessed, intolerant rubbish.  Several of my Christian associates think homosexuality (or any sexual activity outside marriage) is wrong, but they do not agree that the State should use its coercive powers against those (like me) who don’t subscribe to their belief system. 

      As I’ve said many times, CC will be the electoral death for National if the latter tries to go into coalition with hin.    WO is merely pointing us to the seeds that will bloom nicely once the Left and the media start taking serious interest in CC.

      Again, got no problem with a “conservative” party — assuming it can actually create its own constituency rather than being a parasite on National.  But it’s going to have to do way better than having a leader whose only media presence to date has been saying dumb things on peoples’ sexuality.  I mean, while the global economy is melting down and children are being bought into this world without parents who truly care for them — CC uses his media presence to go talk about homosexuals?

      And before the howls of outrage and “media conspiracy” claims begin, CC should know better that the media just love to broadcast controversial things about sex and gender.  CC is quite williningly playing into the media’s hands.

  • Seems to me

    Fair comment Unsol,  Actually dont give a toss about homosexual unions if they want to live together in peace and harmony and raise kids, dont have a problem with that.  

     The thing that gets me is that (in this case the english language) is being changed to suit the “sensibilities” of a minority,  Just as the word gay has in the past been (emotive term follows) hijacked!  Whats wrong with the word homosexual?

    Homosexual couples already have all the legal equalities that a married couple have with the exception of a couple adopting. Why not change the adoption act if this is such an outrageous inequality.
    We already have a gazillion words in the english language, why do we have to change(emotive ward follows) or corrupt the meaning of the word marriage.

    Seems to me that the original debate about homosexuals having inequality of rights has been addressed in NZ law.  Now its just an emotional debate about the use of a word.   What next I wonder?   

    Yep, while I am going on and on. The current trend for a husband and wife to refer to the significant other as “my partner”.  Whats with that craziness?

    PS. Ms Bradford apparently going for a Doctorate in Public Policy, Wonder what the disertation title will be?

    • The only adoption barrier at the moment is that men cannot adopt female children. And there are plenty of gay (mostly lesbian) couples that are raising children – many of whom were conceived through IVF – e.g. Anika Moa whose wife had a baby last year. So adoption laws are likely to change in the near future too.

      In terms of calling your husband or wife partner – yeh I dont get that either. I like saying husband and I resent anyone referring to him as a partner. 

      In terms wife & wife or husband & husband – I don’t get it, but I dont have to. Anyone else in a consensual and legal relationship (no law against same sex relationships) choosing to get married has no impact on my marriage, my life and my family so I dont see how it is my right or anyone else’s to inhibit their freedoms.

      And I am not sure it is the minority. There has not been a referendum on this and the MPs have yet to vote or take votes from their electorates. I would imagine it is mostly in favour or at worst split 50/50.

  • Gayguy

    I would like to know from all those who have the misconception that sexuality is a choice when they chose their sexuality? 

    Redbaiter, at what age did you pick heterosexuality over homosexuality? When did you say to yourself, being gay is not my bag, so I will go with being straight. 

    • Callum

      If as you claim sexuality is not a choice and you are genetically programmed to be gay, then isn’t being gay a genetic deformity specifically designed NOT to be passed on?

      • But it can be passed on – IVF. Unless of course you are saying all those born infertile are genetically programmed to never procreate?

      • Callum

        you aren’t answering the question. Is it genetic or not? And if it is then is it a condition that nature intended to be passed on? There are a lot of things that technology can bypass.

      • Gayguy

        No more than different hair colours are a “genetic deformity”. 

      • Callum

        Hair colour doesn’t stop you breeding, isn’t it intrinsic in being gay that if you follow your genetic programmming you can’t pass on your genes?.

      • Callum if you knew anything about gay rights, homosexuality in general, you would know that no one knows whether sexuality of any kind is genetic. And does it matter?

        You infer that because 2 men or 2 women cannot reproduce a child all by themselves that that means their genes as gay people are not meant to be passed on. Assuming that if they could have children all by themselves that would prove this. But I bet it wouldn’t.

        Gay men & gay women have gone through IVF to have children. And have their children turned out gay? No. 

        Whether biology allowed 2 gay men or 2 gay women to reproduce on their own or whether 2 gay couples of different genders get together and have a child via IVF the net result by your inference would be the same. 

        But this is a non issue primarily because gayness is not some disease that will eventually die out; same sex relationships have been around since the beginning of time and as so long as straight people keep having gay kids there will be gay people!

        Your angle: epic fail. But nice try.

      • Callum

        So what your saying is no one knows if it is genetic or not, yet many of the arguments in support are along the lines of “I was born this way and you can’t discriminate against me as I have no choice”. Is that true or is being gay a choice? I couldn’t really care less either way, but I find the inconsistency interesting. Seems to switch depending on which best suits the arguement at the time.

  • Guest

    really..honestly.who gives a flying fuck?

    craig is a religious bigot – so what, thats his right.

    make gay marriage and adoption legal – and then PLEASE tell the gays to stfu and stop expecting the rest of the world to feel sorry ofr their lot in life.

    homosexuality is normal enough for me to accept and i am very comfortable with that including marriage, parenting or whatever – but hold them to the same account as everyone else and give it the same amount of attention as everyone else – who gives a shit which two guys got married this week – SO DONT REPORT IT!!!

    this is a manufactured debate, give manufactured publicity to a topic that, in the scheme of things, means fuck all. and john key has said as much – its not “on his list” – better things for us all to worry about!

  • GregM

    New angle here.
    Way back when the bill of rights was introduced, doesn’t that say it is an offense to discriminate on the basis of sexuality? Yet, that is exactly what the marriage act does. This topic should have been sorted out then.
    Colin Craig is entitled to his opinion same as me, I choose to disagree with him on this one.
    My opinion? Bring it on, it is not my thing, but I really can’t see that it will be the end of civilization.

    • The legality of this issue was lost from the outset on this blog. It would seem the lack of logic & discriminatory ramifications in terms of the Marriage Act itself in the modern era & when the Civil Union Act was introduced has been ignored or lost. 

      2 things that annoy me about NZ human rights: it does not allow gays to marry despite being able conduct the marriage ceremony and it does not allow obviously Christian schools to deny gay teachers jobs (remember Christchurch Middleton Grange?).

      The law should be such that it is far, does not inhibit the rights of anyone or impose the rights of some on others. 

    • Gayguy

      Interesting thought there. 

      • GregM

        Two girls I know from college in the late 70’s are still together, 30+ years later. How many of my hetero friends are still in the same relationship? Nil.
        I think this will be passed into law, if not, I would suggest that discrimination could be a good solid legal argument. I agree with Unso, the law as it stands is not fair to all and in my opinion is indeed discriminating. Time to sort it out.

    • Mediaan

      Ridiculous to generalise, as GregM does in comment, from homosexual men to lesbian women. They are 100% different matters. The fact that each group chooses a sexual partner from an atypical source is not enough to lump them in together.

      You might as well say we can judge the issue by comparing it with outcomes among Rottweilers that root Corgis.

      Homosexual men are what everyone worries about.

      • It is only homophobic men who would be inclined to worry more about gay men than gay women and that is because of their discomfort with 2 men having sex whereas 2 women seems to be many men’s fantasy. 

        Which I have always found amusing given the amount of drunk rugby players who love to dry hump each other post game……”he who protesths the loudest” springs to mind.

        So that just shows the weakness in men rather than the strength in your argument.

        As for being “100% different matters” rubbish. The only difference is pure anatomy. But that is where it ends. Both are after the exact same rights.

  • LesleyNZ

    Colin Craig is right. It is a choice, a lifestyle choice. In fact after reading about David Farrier yesterday it is more than a choice – it is like a fashion accessory – trendy thing to do –  to have a gay on one arm and a woman on the other – like a hand bag. Seems lately that doing the gay thing is the latest trend.

    Farrier in same-sex relationship
    As for the best mate “gobbling off” the husband. Being a male gay is bit more than “gobbling off”. I won’t go into a description – leave it for the imagination, but the anus was not really made for bits and bobs to be stuck up it. (Apart from when you have to have this done for medical reasons.)