Colin Craig needs to come out of the closet

All weekend on my blog people have been telling me that Colin Craig is a stand up guy, that he will deliver for them that his cult also known as the Conservative party will be the one for them at the next election, all presumably because they are in tolerant and support Colin Craig’s intolerance and that he is going to stand against marriage equality.

Never mind that some of them may have had several marriages…never mind that Colin Craig can’t actually deliver on his promises.

In fact a close look at what he has said shows he is no better than any other self-interested political leader and is in fact dog whistling up the intolerant and the bigoted. The pity is he may actually succeed.

However he simply cannot deliver what he is pretending to promise to deliver. For a start his party is not in parliament, and so the Conservatives have not a single bit of influence over the law. They, and Colin Craig are simply by-standers. The law will likely pass. No amount of education or debate is going to persuade reasonable people that this law is required to correct the wrongs that the flawed Civil Unions Act created when Helen Clark’s government didn’t have the courage to confront the issue when in government.

And So the law will pass. For Colin Craig, the man who have his followers and other New Zealanders believe is a true conviction politician is opposed to this law. But will he show true conviction and campaign on repealing the law?

Based on his current utterances I’d say the change of him campaigning on repealing the law is low…instead he has given an indication that this conviction politicians actually has no convictions at all, instead preferring to have referenda when the going gets tough. This “principled” politician in fact has no principles ave that he is willing to throw millions at endless referenda for tough decisions.

Politicians who can’t make hard decisions do not deserve to be in parliament. Worse politicians who dog-whistle up intolerance based on supposed beliefs that we have established he doesn’t actually have  also do not deserve to be in parliament.

Colin Craig and his Conservative party are not the promised land for the various angry minorities that exist out there. He has two major planks…smacking and now marriage equality, both of which he simply cannot deliver on. Those angry minorities will simply lurch again from one party to the next trying to find their next single issue party to push their narrow-minded agenda.

The simple fact is Colin Craig cannot deliver a repeal, nor will he have the courage to deliver a repeal and so deserves support only on policies that make sense. To pretend otherwise is to believe an electoral lie.

But then again Colin Craig has been believing electoral lies for a long time. During the last election he commissioned dodgy polls, shopped his dodgy and false results to an unsuspecting media and then lost in Rodney when he was claiming a decent lead. I’m sorry but his stance on marriage equality has all the same hallmarks, intellectual and political dishonesty. The pity is there are a number of fools who think he will deliver for them.

My challenge to Colin Craig is to come out and say that a repeal of Louisa Wall’s bill is a bottom line for any coalition post the 2014 election. Bet he won’t do it.


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  • This type of obsessive character assassination will do you no good at all.

    It just makes you look like a cheap political whore rather than a blogger with integrity.

    As for “Politicians who can’t make hard decisions do not deserve to be in parliament.”

    Parliament is brimming over with politicians who won’t make decisions and too many of them are in the National Party.

    How could Colin Craig possible be any worse?


    • Dave

      Redbaiter Your off track Whale posts this as it is his blog Got that HIS BLOG But, unlike the MSM with 98% of their stories and all of their editorials that you can’t comment On or reply to, here you are free to reply as you wish, freely as you have. A lot of other sites moderate the comments.

      My point, I have lived in Rodney and met Colin Craig and hope he never gets a seat anywhere for the sake of NZ. He seems to hide some ridiculous ideas behind smacking and gay marriage which he uses as a vehicle to get publicity.

      Secondly, I believe this country has a hell of a lot of very serious issues to address, paying for the Chch earthquakes rebuild, fixing our economy, a generation that seems to believe welfare is working and our biggest growth industry is government handouts to benificearies. So, where do you think I rate the gay marriage issue, yup, a distraction, that’s why real politicians are not getting involved, they are focusIng on the issues that are vital for NZ to survive and one day thrive.

      I hope the marriage equality bill or whatever it is called passes so we can get on with running the country.

      Ps Red I note you posted your opinion just as I did, and er…… Just as Whale did Got that ……

      • I really don’t see how any National Party politician can be true to that party’s founding principles and prefer a coalition with the radicals and racists of the Maori party, or NZ First or the Greens, over the Conservative party.

        Its just completely bizarre.

  • Razorlips81

    May be you should come out of the closet WO. You seem obsessed with this topic and those real right wingers who oppose it are wrong in your eyes?

    • jsrret

      He is just obsessed with protecting his mate Mark Mitchell, the national party mp in Rodney
      Mitchell could be told by the national party to stand aside to let Colin Craig win an electorate seat so that national has a coalition partner after the next electionCameron’s challenge to Craig that he should refuse to go into a coalition unless national agrees to repeal the law shows where cameron is coming from here, his main aim seems to be preventing a coalition deal between national and Craig that would see his mate Mitchell pushed aside

  • Razorlips81

    Get there men and women (the true types) and let them know that we WILL NOT accept gay marriage!

    • Mike Hunt

      you won’t accept it?

      even if the law changes?

      what exactly will you do then..?

      • Razorlips81

        Go to another country that has MORALS and I am serious!

      • Razorlips81

        Or take my stance to the street and protest is another option,

      • Mike Hunt

        there is no way god would allow the bill to pass anyway so i’m sure you’ll be fine


      • Mitch

        Razor, the Westboro Baptist Church is looking for members.

      • toby_toby

        @ Razorlips81
        “Go to another country that has MORALS and I am serious”

        Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out!

      • Gayguy

        So from that comment Razor you are going to move to some African country, China or Russia. 

        Cya, no one will miss you. 

    • Mike Hunt

      but we will break copyright laws and use a song from a band on our website without their permission?

      the end justifies the means I guess

  • Andrei

    In the world of the wacked out left speaking up to protect an ancient and important institution so that it retains its fundamental purpose and meaning is “intolerance”.

    Its the old “tell a lie often enough and it will become the truth” at play here.

    You cannot rewrite humanity an these attempts to do so will only lead to cultural degradation an tyranny.

    Modern westerners are like children given an inheritance who squander it – contemptible!

    • Mike Hunt

      You cannot rewrite humanity an these attempts to do so will only lead to cultural degradation an tyranny.” 

      Hope your church basement is fire-proof Andy

    • Euan Rt

      Andrei I’m picking you are South African. Did you at any time believe that Apartheid was right and support it with strong conviction? I was in SA for 10 years and saw the ferver of ‘the church’ supporting the institution of apartheid, and look now – you would struggle to find anyone on the street who supported that view now (apart from an odd radical). Times have changed and so have views. This issue will be the same. I really don’t think it is that important to God. There are real issues to deal with in this world.

  • Mike Hunt

    you homophobic god-bothering whackjobs are hilarious

    it is the 21st century

    god is STILL not real

    homosexuality IS, and is more than creeping up behind you, its in your face just where it should be

    •  “Homphobic” is a propaganda term.

      There is no such medical condition.

      BTW, I am not religious. An agnostic, and never been in a church in my life.

      One doesn’t have to be religious to understand the degradation that policies supported by liberals like you Mike have brought upon our society.

      • Mike Hunt

        oh i understand it, i just can’t understand the big fuss you are making against the inevitable

        your superiority complex is your downfall

  • Kiwikea

    Why would he? Is it going to get your vote?

  • Phar Lap

    Once heard a song called” If i had a Hammer ” it went something like this.Its the hammer of justice,its the bell of freedom,its the song about love between my Brothers and Sisters,all over this land.I’d  like to live in this land.Maybe words like that will take the heat out of the fiery debate,and become a we win, you win mentality,for all who care or are interested.

    • Bunswalla

      So now you’re advocating marriage between Brothers and Sisters? You see, WO, do YOU SEE?

      Your campaign for equal marriage rights for gays has suddenly morphed into supporting incest! It can only be a matter of time before someone wants to marry their goat, or their George Foreman Grill, you mark my words.

      • Mitch

        As always, your comments have about the same effect on the reader as a ball-peen hammer to the tip of the penis. And before you start, no, I am not advocating a person’s right to marry their ball-peen hammer.

  • Tony

    WO, I would appreciate your reply to a challenge made by someone yesterday that you have a friend who is a National Party candidate and who could be badly affected by a pre-election deal with CC.

    If you have already answered the challenge, then I’m sorry but I missed it.

    I just get the feeling that you are protesting a little too-much. With other people you deal to, you rely on facts that can be reviewed by your strong readership. It seems to me that on this occasion you are focussed more on hyperbole than fact and you probably need to come up with some verifible facts concerning CC (rather than bumper sticker statements) or declare a conflict of some sort.

    I buy that you have a real issue with his gay marriage beliefs. No problems there. But if, as you say, his beliefs will not have any political effect other than getting seats in parliament (supported by those with a similar perspective) then the only down side that I can see is that you are concerned with a reduction in the Nat vote – or the metephorical killing off of your alledged friend.

    You can’t be too concerned that a few more self-serving politicians will be in the house – Winston and the Labour Party are already there!

    I for one would appreciate more info.


    •  Yep, I’m sure other readers would be interested to know if there was any truth in the allegation made by a commenter yesterday that Whale is good friends with the National Candidate who might be asked to stand aside in his seat if Colin Craig garners enough support.

      Frankly, I doubt Mr. Slater would compromise his objectivity in such a manner, but in the interests of openness, he needs to advise if the allegations are true or not.

    • Yes Mark Mitchell is a mate, but he doesn’t need me protecting him. Colin Craig will never get close enough in Rodney to even be able to beg for a deal.

      Rodney and Epsom are completely different electorates.

      There will not be a deal in Rodney. Last time Colin Craig told us that with his polling he was going to win…he came a long way short. That was with his high profile and Mark’s newness…next time many more people of Rodney will have met Mark, and Colin Craig will still be Colin Craig. Mark Mitchell’s majority will increase even as National is voted out of office.

      •  Except Whale, Colin Craig will be seen as someone who stood against homosexual marriage, when all of National, no matter how they vote in the conscience vote, will be tarred as allowing Lousia Wall’s bill to pass.

        This will have serious electoral consequences for the National Party and Mark Mitchell will not be immune to these consequences.

        Colin Craig, if he sticks to his guns and is not cowed by the progressive / liberal media, could well impove his support in Rodney.

      • Tony

        Thanks for that – now to the second part of my question, you seem to be spending more ‘ink’ on CC gay beliefs (which will arguably not have too-much of a political effect) than the level of interest you seem to have in issues that will have an effect such as the latest (small sample) polls, SOE sell-downs, Maori water and the like. 

        I do buy that the CC/gay issue is very much one ‘in the moment’ but if CC is a single issue idiot, so is Ms Wall.

      • Gn35

        As a Rodney voter, I think you are right. M.M. will increase his vote, he has kept his head down doing some very good electorate ground work, he is highly thought of and people are pleasantly surprised- Lockwood’s shoes were always going to be difficult to fill.
        If National tried a jack up in Rodney at Mitchell’s expense all hell would break loose. Unlike gutless Epsom, Rodney electorate would actually carry their outrage through and vote in a Green MP purely out of spite, the National poohbahs seem to forget Rodney is also a trendy lifestyle area, its not Remuera, (with a surpising amount of well tolerated older male and female gay couples- yes they do exist, and no Im not one of them), in other words, good Green Party MP fodder (with a National party vote) if they kneecap Mitchell.

        Not to mention Colin Craig is basicaly thought of as a nut job in these parts, kind of like a honky Brian Tamaki.

  • CC has no credibility whatsoever and is more likely to choose to become gay than to repeal the Marriage Act when these changes get passed.

    What annoys me though is that he came out of nowhere & got 2.76% of the vote which makes him a real coalition potential – a coalition partner that National desperately need (unless they get an even bigger proportion of the vote next time, which I think is unlikely).

    So perhaps the best way to squash this fool is to not give him any mention ever again. That way he will merely remain the nutter with a handful of supporters who pops up on TV every now & then saying stupid things.

    OR perhaps Whale you could delve into his company affairs & see if there is any dirt there – a millionaire handling billions worth of assets…surely there has got to be some dodgy dealings going on there.

    • Dave

      Sounds like you have met CC as well Unsolicitedious ….. See my post above, I agree with you mostly, but I dont think there is any major dirt The guy is just a nice nut case with a nice smile so captures media attention. But he is still a nut case

    •  “OR perhaps Whale you could delve into his company affairs & see if
      there is any dirt there – a millionaire handling billions worth of
      assets…surely there has got to be some dodgy dealings going on there.”

      What unprincipled amoral cowards so many of you left wingers are.

      Can’t win on the merits of the argument obviously.

      • When it comes to politics & the masses Redbaiter, logic & reasoning are mutually exclusive so if they dont have the intellectual capability to recognise the words of a fool then you have to stoop to what they do understand – scandal.

        And despising a Christian bigot like Colin Craig doesnt make a left winger, it makes me a smart right winger

      • Mitch

        Oh, the high-ground now? Winning an argument with you is akin to going to the zoo, talking to the monkeys, and feeling like a winner because they didn’t manage to hit you with their faeces.

    • Jimmie

      Or perhaps leave CC alone and let him sneak over 5% (and see Winston out with 2-3%)

      I mean if the Conservative Party aren’t getting in in 2014 then who are National going to go into coalition with?

      Act = hardly likely 1 MP at the Most
      Dunne Party = again hardly likely maybe 1 MP if Dunne doesn’t retire
      Winnie first = I mean really?? Remember 1996 anyone?

      That leaves the Conservatives if they sneak over 5%. The Nats don’t have to give in to all their policies just 2 or 3. I mean its not likely that the Conservatives are going to run off to Labour now are they?

      The Nats could treat the Conservatives a little like Clark treated the Greens -at arms length except they would need their votes for C&S.

      Surely WO you can see this or would you prefer the Nats in opposition in 2014 rather than in Government with the Conservatives?

      Surely the Conservatives are no worse than the Mana nut jobs on the left?

      The funny thing is the more that WO & the MSM beat up on the Conservatives the more likely they are to pick up support – kiwis don’t like to see underdogs getting hammered unnecessarily.

      I’ve voted the Nats for the last 3 elections but could look at flicking a party vote to the Conservatives if that is what it takes to keep John Key as PM.

      I’d rather have the Nats on 44%& Conservatives on 6% than Nats on 48% and the lefties on 52%.

      • I just wish we could have done away with MMP and gone back to FFP as I just cant see the value the small parties bring, all I see is how much they each try to spend my money on hair-brained schemes & ideas.

        As far as I’m concerned they are all nut jobs. I have never liked any of them – some individuals yes (Rodney & Jeanette) but as parties, no.

        But yes “Nats on 44%& Conservatives on 6%” is a far better scenario than Nats on 48% and the lefties on 52%.”

        I just dont like the fact that in order to win 2014 the Nats have to stoop so low.

      • Apolonia

         The party vote threshold at the next election is likely to be lowered to 4%.

    • gazzaw

      You want WO to do a Mike Williams then Unso. You’ll be suggesting that someone takes a recording device into the next Conservative conference next. No need to adopt labour tactics just yet.

  • nasska

    Why are people getting themselves in a knot over the Conservative Party or for that matter it’s founder? Being that he is a religious nut, it is only a matter of time before Colin Craig trips up & reveals a divide between what he says & what he does. If ever there was a time to give the man enough rope to hang himself it’s now.

    In any case marriage, gay or otherwise, simply isn’t the overriding consideration in voters’ minds when they choose a government. Even in the MMP era parties with a narrow focus only attract nut jobs…..for an example look to the Green’s where  they had to mesh disaffiliated commies & benefit bludgers with tree huggers to give themselves sufficient mass.

  • “your superiority complex is your downfall ”

    You’re actually turning that part of the argument upside down Mike.

    To many people, this is all about showing how tolerant and understanding and liberal and broad minded they are and how bigoted and ignorant are those who oppose it.

    If anyone is driven by a superiority complex its the liberal who are all for homosexual marriage without (in so many cases) having even a basic grasp of the real issues.

    They just want to convince themselves that they are better.

    • grumpy

      Love your work Red……

    • Polish_pride

      No Red Baiter they just understand One law for all. Not One law for those who I think it should apply to.  

      • Mike Hunt

        one law with nothing to do with outdated misguided doctrine

        this prehistoric bullshit will all be gone one day

  • Mike Hunt

    what about those who are all for homosexual marriage who know the “real issues” (as you call them) and say let the chips fall where they may…

    are you better than them?

    •  I’m not concerned with being better than anyone.

      I just try hard to be true to myself.

      • Mike Hunt

        like Hitler?

  • Polish_pride

    Red if you want to live with freedom then you can’t go about seeking to limit the freedom of others.

  • Its not about freedom or equality or any of that.

    That is all bs.

    Its about radical homosexual activists assaulting the institution of marriage.

    • Polish_pride

      Thats exactly what its about. That and one law for all …..except that in this instance it doesn’t suit your argument.
      Marriage in the States used to be whites only. Was it an attack on the institution of Marriage when Blacks or interracial couples wanted to get married!?! 

      •  To equate homosexuality with race is just completely irrational.

      • Polish_pride

        the point is that back in their time both of these things were seen as an attack on the institution of marriage.

    • Polish_pride

      See I’d agree with that if they were trying to force you and everyone else to have a Homosexual marriage… But they’re not. 

    • Mike Hunt

      Its about radical homosexual activists assaulting the institution of marriage.”

      they have my full support

      next up is buying plonk on sunday red

    • BG

      I don’t have any opinion on Gay marraige, dosen’t affect me and good luck to em I say.

      But  ‘the radical homosexual activists assaulting the institution of marraige’…????

      Hasn’t that already been done by all us hetros’? So the horse has alreday bolted on that one.

  • “And despising a Christian bigot like Colin Craig doesnt make a left winger, it makes me a smart right winger”

    Karl Marx thought of Christianity as one of the biggest enemies of communism. You’re no right winger if you cheer for the ideas of Karl Marx.

    • And no wonder you come on here – why would any one read a blog of a nut job.

      I have no issue with Christianity, I have an issue with bigots. Colin Craig is a Christian Bigot. Period.

    • Polish_pride

      A smart right winger in my book doesn’t seek to limit and control the freedoms of others. Thats straight out of the ‘How to run Communism successfully’ playbook from my point of view. I haven’t been here long but your the last person I expected that sort of thinking to be coming from. But then I guess you learn something new everyday.  

      • “Thats straight out of the ‘How to run Communism successfully’ playbook” – nicely played Polish! 

      • Polish Pride,

        There is a difference between freedom and license.  Any right winger who advocates for license, ends up reducing freedom overall as a result.  This “gay marriage” thing is something that will reduce freedom, and even though you may want it, it’s best for men to learn to put their personal desires aside and work for the good of those they ought to protect (ie women and children).

      • Polish_pride

        Lucia – That is the reason myself and my partner are not married. I personally don’t think it should have anything to do with the state or any other institution or organization. It should be between myself and my partner.
        But…….Thats not how it is right now. So right now Gay Marriage needs to follow the same set of rules as Hetero Marriage IMHO.   

  • “I haven’t been here long but your the last person I expected that sort of thinking to be coming from.”

    I say again. Its not a question fo freedom, or equality (a Marxist concept anyway) and if you think it is you’re just buying into weak and irrational left wing propaganda.

    The Marxist’s foremost objective is to have us all fighting amongst ourselves. A secondary objective is to split us into different social groups.

    Marxists will never gain a foothold in an homogeneous and solidified society.

    Lastly, if you really do want to refer to intolerance, then really, as an agnostic myself, I can’t help but observe that if there is any hate and bigotry and intolerance on display here at all, it is so obviously and intensely demonstrated by the secular progressives towards the Christians.

    Absolutely appalling levels of unreasoning bigotry and hatred.

    Live and let live I say, and the Christians bring far more positives to society than negatives, and definitely more than the secular progressives, who over the last few decades have been the promoters of policies that have brought western societies to its lowest social condition ever.

    Look at any social condition statistic and it is worse than a few decades ago and it is the secular progressives who have driven the cultural changes that are responsible for this decline.

    Progressives are a plague of locusts.

  • Polish_pride

    See Red – I’m sure you are aware of my thoughts on this but I put it down to the failings of the system. To that end I believe we should reconstitute and replace the system. 

  • Grizz30

    Craig is like Winston. A 5% politician. Who cares if he offends 95% of the population. He is just trying to appeal to the minority that is likely to get him elected.

    • Only 5% are opposed to homosexuals invading the institution of marriage? I don’t think so.

      • Mitch

        Those opposed to gay marriage have dropped from around 60% in 2004, to around 40% in the last 2 years. You can lay that off on whatever political spectrum gives you the shits, throw any label at the 60% that you want, but this country is becoming more and more in favour of it.

        Deal with it.

  • Travis Poulson

    All in all, with the gay marriage subject aside, Craig is doing exactly what I said several months ago on this site what he needs to do between the last and next election, make himself seen. People that don’t agree with his stance on gay marriage won’t change their minds and most likely not vote for him for that specific reason, but he will become increasingly more visible to those who  are more likely to change their votes on the right. Something that he didn’t really put enough effort into in the last election. 

  • concerned bystander

    How can such a high-profile blogger get away with writing such poor prose?