Corrupt to the top, and still denying it

Sydney Morning Herald

The Health Services Union scandal keeps on delivering in Australia. This Aussie union has rorted and ripped off its members, they are corrupt to the top, and still denying it.

I shudder to think what sort of malfeasance is going on in New Zealand with our lax supervision of union monies:

SUSPICIOUS procurement practices, nepotism and cronyism resulted in the union boss Michael Williamson, his family and friends reaping millions of dollars from the troubled Health Services Union during his 15-year reign.

The final report by Ian Temby, QC, and the accountant Dennis Robertson, which has been obtained by the Herald, paints a disturbing picture of the HSUeast branch. More than $20 million in questionable payments was paid to suppliers to the union without any form of tendering or contract.

More than $5 million went directly to companies operated by Mr Williamson and his wife, Julieanne, while $1.5 million of union funds was spent buying and renovating a warehouse, which was then used by his son Christopher, also an employee of the union.

The report found the union’s funds had been spent building a rehearsal studio for Chris Williamson’s commercial use. “This was stark favouritism,” it said.

United Edge, a company of which Michael Williamson was a third owner, received $4.7 million in the four years to September 2011. United Edge, which provided IT services without having to tender, operated rent free from the HSUeast headquarters.

Then there was the $384,625 Julieanne Williamson received for allegedly doing the union’s archiving from 2005 to 2009.

Mr Temby is particularly critical of this transaction. “Assuming that the work was actually done, and done by Mrs Williamson alone, and she worked a 37.5-hour week through out the 50-month period – collecting folders, dismantling and collating them for scanning, week after tedious week for 52 weeks of the year – then she was being paid at a rate close to $34 per hour plus GST . . . a high hourly rate for what appears to be basic clerical work.” Mr and Mrs Williamson declined to be interviewed by Mr Temby, but she wrote to Mr Temby saying: “I felt I should have been charging $200ph, as the work was downright disgustingly filthy”.


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  • Mighty Kites

    Can’t be any worse than the corrupt practices of business in this country. Oh, except when it comes back to bite them they just go running to the government for a bail-out

    • kaykaybee

      Oh ffs, what an asinine comment. Are you forgetting that the vast majority of businesses in this country, those hard-working men and women who contribute to this economy for your benefit are those running small, privately owned family affairs. They are generally founded by the sweat of a brow, by the putting of themselves and their livelihood on the line?  In contrast Williamson is a unproductive bludging parasite, a veritable blood-sucking leech

      • le sphincter

        Who cares about ‘vast majority’ . We have ONE example here  and its used to pillory all hard working unionists.

      • Neil

        Get off your own high horse – just comaping one generlisation to another – shit it’s not even our country being displayed.  Don’t forget our business sector and stock market are still considered a wild untamed west by foreign investors!!!

      • DJ

         Do you wankers come on here just to rub each others dicks everyday?

      • gazzaw

        You’re in the wrong place DJ if that’s what you’re looking for. Try the Standard.

      • DJ

         Sorry gazzaw – that was directed at Neil and Le Arsehole.

      • gazzaw

        Thought that was a bit strange coming from you DJ!! Well said.

      • Taxpayer

        “the vast majority of businesses in this country, those hard-working men and women who contribute to this economy for your benefit are those running small, privately owned family affairs. They are generally founded by the sweat of a brow”  … *violins*.  Wondering what the timeline is for the coming on stream of ther jobs these business folk are supposed to be creating, as the Government removes all the red tape and gets the settings/environment right for them to create jobs.  Because governments can’t create jobs.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Neil, which foreign investors do you refer to? The reputation that you refer to was lost over 15 years ago.

      • Neil

        That is so bloody funny!!!!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I can’t wait for the MSM to start doing similar in-depth investigations here on NZ’s unions and their funding of the Labour Party.

    With Millions missing from union accounts – who will be the first credible MSM journalist to report on the entrenched corruption and dirty under-hand goings on between the unions and the Labour Party?

    • Bunswalla

      A dollar to a knob of goat-poo that if it is ever reported, it won’t be from a journalist working for Fairfax or APN. Needs someone like Matt Nippert or Ian Wishart.

      • Euan Rt

        My bet is that we will all read about it here first.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    The lesson here is that if you decide to come over all multi-cultural and politically correct, it pays not to fuck it all up and look like a cock.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    And I did fuck it all up and now look like a cock … wrong thread.

  • Grandstream

    I suspect Union bosses here will have two responses to this latest news……
    1) We have been missing a huge opportunity to steal more of our members money
    2) We have been missing a huge opportunity to steal more of our members money

    My guess is Helen Kelly & co will be looking at ways to get their collective snouts into the troughs/wallets of hard working union members…..

  • Sarrs

    I don’t care who does it, I loathe troughing. It shows a total lack of understanding and respect for the where the money comes from. 
    Politicians – troughing is robbing the tax payers
    Union Bosses – troughing is robbing their fee paying members

  • Fozzie

    Why the intense focus on an organisation that isn’t even in NZ  – plus the amounts of money are puny compared to what has been ripped off the ‘mum and dad ‘ investors here in NZ by so many of the business ‘illuminati’  that the  right look to for their fix