Council branding costing ratepayers millions

The CCO Strategy Review Committee, which Len Brown chairs, resolved to direct a rebranding exercise for all Auckland Council CCOs.

Part of this appears to be a requirement for all CCOs to align with the Council’s pohutukawa brand.  Documents released to this blog show that the cost of this exercise for Watercare alone is in the region of $2 million. One can only wonder how much other CCOs are shelling out on re-branding as ordered by Len Brown.

Here is a standalone company responsible for delivering potable water and processing shit. And instead of leaving it to do its job, Auckland Council, under direction from Len Brown, is continuing to apply a mothership approach to operational matters such as corporate branding and as a consequence burdening these organisations with considerable additional uncalled for costs.

Will Aucklanders feel better when they turn on the tap or flush the toilet knowing that the Mayor is demanding that a pohutukawa brand logo will cost Watercare alone in the region of $2m. Is this part of the mayoral plan to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city?”

Worse though, is it appears that the changed has been forced upon Watercare even after they sought some public relations advice from Senate Communications also released to this blog. That advice states:

Hmmm…”lightening rod for wider ratepayer dissatisfaction“….you bet it will.


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  • JeffW2

    If there is any re-branding, I would like a change from the present “Supported by Auckland Council” notes that one sees now, to “Supported by the Ratepayers of Auckland” which is of course, the truth. Fat chance, I expect.

  • Notrotsky

    Len Brown you are a fucking cunt !

    • thor42

      I second that. All those in favour say “aye” –
      Motion carried. 

      • Notrotsky

        I like to carry a motion on him after I’d had a dinner of beef vindaloo and several dark ales.

  • greenie

    I wonder how many dollars rebate we can get as ratepayers for the odd logo staying put for now?

  • nasska

    You Jafas can sure pick ’em!

    • gazzaw

      Don’t be so smug nasska, these wankers are everywhere. There’s one coming to your town just as sure as.  

      • nasska

         We’ve got one & even had worse……their largess with OPM has to be seen to be believed especially  when it comes to swimming pools (heated), art galleries & museums.  Not quite so keen on sewage although & I can’t fathom out why.

        The Bob Francis Memorial Settling Ponds has a nice ring to it.

      • gazzaw

        Haha. Very good nasska.

  • Wilbert

    You have to wonder, though, why Wastecare had to seek public relations advice from an outside company. Can no one think for themselves these days?

    • Pr1033

       Lightning rod , or lightening rod ?

      • Mighty1

         Mmm interesting, I wondered if they can’t spell, don’t understand the meaning of lightning rod :  lightning rod, a rod made of materials,
        especially metals, that are good conductors of electricity, which is
        mounted on top of a building or other structure and attached to the
        ground by a cable.

        Or are they meaning as in where Lightening also refers to the process of making something lighter in
        weight. Lightening is the opposite of making something heavier.Why the FUCK do you need any branding on an essential monopoly council service, if there is no market WTF do you need branding for? I guess its like the question if there are no passengers, WTF do you need trains for.

  • le sphincter

    there is not much care about water in watercare.  Whats the big deal about  including the pohutukawa  at the bottom of stationery and other  items as required.
    The web site has it tucked away! How much did that cost. Same as business cards when they come up for renewal and so on.

    Someone has worked them selves into a lather over small items. The cost would be spread over a few years and signs  could have  a sticker added . No need to replace the entire thing . Only a dickhead would do that

    • Mediaan

      Good idea. No need to change a logo all at once. Only, though, if it must be changed.

      This sort of exercise is typical of talentless twots who haven’t a clue how to do the job they find themselves in. The other things they do are, generally, change the entity’s name, change the building’s decor. Absolute giveaway. Sign of incompetence.

  • Ronnie Chow

      Cameron Slater for Mayor !

    • thor42

      I second that too. All those in favour say “aye” –
      Motion carried. Congratulations, WO!   

      • le sphincter

        He stood for election  ( council ) and lost !

        of 19 candidates in Albany ward he was 17thJust woken up have you 

      • le sphincter

        le sphincter did better than that when he stood some years ago. I was the second highest independent candidate-( not CR or labour)

  • Sheppy

    At what stage does Len get a place in history as the worlds most wasteful mayor?
    Worlds most livable city? It was a contender before this bunch of clowns got the controls….

  • Phar Lap

    Of course with an election for a new mayor next year,he could make the rebranding idea,part of the way Auckland voters might vote.If he is all things to all people,and everybodys friend ,he should be re-elected.We as ratepayers could offer him that type of challenge.

  • Mighty1

    Ha ha ratepayer dissatisfaction, so they know there is already wide ratepayer satisfaction.  Need to demonstrate that EVERY Aucklander is a ratepayer whether they pay a rates bill or rent to a landlord they are still paying rates…..Big time..

  • gazzaw

    Just typical of the corporate wankerism that pervades this country. What was wrong with the City of Sails FFS? Which ad agency, which consultants, which printers, which PR company gets to benefit from this crass wasteage of ratepayer’s money?

    • Phar Lap

       Who gave them all the power.It started in 2002/3 by Lie-bour and is now out of control.Even in Wellington they have a town clerk .Not fancy enough title.He is now called the Chief Executive   FFS.They then upped his salary to $430,000.He never fronts up to anything or anyone ,yet he stays on the payroll.When you think in Auckland with Brown,you have drawn the short straw,remember our straw is even shorter,and perhaps our debt is bigger per head of population.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    How about a drawing of a turd, I’ll do it for a mere $100k.  I’ll do one rolled in glitter for an extra $50k.  Problem solved.

    • Mediaan

      Someone did that, to the Japanese. Called it a cornucopia, symbol of prosperity. It is a giant, elevated, turd sculpture.

    • Johnboy

      No good Sackunkrak. Some cunt in the council will spend $10,000,000 trying to put a shine on your turd.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Watercare gets the real thing for free of course …

    • le sphincter

      No they dont.  Rain is free for everyone. But the dams, pipes , treatment stations all cost big time.

  • LesleyNZ

    AKLD Council should have stuck with the City of Sails logo. There is more water surrounding AKLD than pohutukawas.This is just a waste of ratepayer money – again. Then Watercare are going to charge us for waste water – even though a lot is not wasted. Better not to have any logo – the name Watercare is enough.

  • Tigger NZ

    This will be why my water rates are going up almost $500 this year. Consequently why I’ll be jacking the rent up a bit extra to cover it. Sorry tenants, blame Len ..

    • le sphincter

      Watercare is run by Rodney Hides mates. Len has no say in the prices.

      • JimboBug

        He does if you live on the shore and are now going to have waste water removed from your, still increasing, rates bill. So more cost, less service – sounds like socialism 101.

  • SamHall

    “My name is Ozymandias,king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!”

    Nothing besides remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.” Shelley

    Active Nihilism is Deconstruction.

  • In the words of Whale Oil:
    Labour: “Focusing on Things that matter”

    Auckland Council and the CCOs: “Focusing on Things that matter”

    Hehehe drawing similarities there :P

    In saying that the MAXX brand does need to be dumped though…

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  • AnonWgtn

    I bet that Len gets re-elected next years along with most of his current Socialist councillors, so Aucklanders can only blame themselves, nobody else.
    Remember many of the Rates costs increases will not come in fully until after the election.