Curran slapped down

Clare Curran has caught Labour’s foot in mouth disease. She has been slapped down by David Shearer hard…looks like Cunliffe just scored another vote. What is it with Labour and petty name calling?…They really need to grow up.

Prime Minister John Key has been labelled a ”wimp” for refusing to commit to plain packaging of tobacco.

But the taunt, from Labour MP Clare Curran, is not backed by her leader David Shearer who said Key’s cautious approach was ”actually a responsible thing to do”.

Key today confirmed a decision on whether or not to back plain packaging would follow months of consultation on a discussion paper issued yesterday. The paper warned there was a ”reasonably high risk” of legal action from tobacco companies and tobacco producing nations if the policy was implemented – action that would cost millions of dollars in costs alone.

Key said there were ”lots of things to consider” before implementing the policy and ”I wouldn’t say it’s a slam dunk by any chance”.

”Plain packaging is one more step in the desire to see less New Zealanders smoke but it’s probably going to be less effective than some of the other things we’ve done anyway,” Key said today.

Curran last night responded to Key’s position via Twitter, linking to a Stuff story on the issue and adding the comment: ”wimp”.

Shearer, however, agreed the Government should ”look before we jump” on the policy.

Asked if Labour would push on with the proposal, Shearer said: ”I think it’s good to look at the issues around it and not be blind about where we’re going to and I think John Key is right on that.”

Labour wanted plain packaging but looking in detail at the costs and strategy to implement it was ”a smart thing to do,” he said.

”I actually think that what John Key is doing in this case is actually a responsible thing to do. What he should be doing is checking out what’s entailed in terms of costs. I hope we will be able to move forward and have plain paper packaging.”


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  • Holy cow, I’m amazed. 

    • Mike Hunt

      She ain’t holy

  • kaykaybee

    Twitter is not the best social media tool of the don’t count to 10 first politician

  • Neil

    Ha ha ha !!!! LOve it – ‘specially with all the petty name callin’ on this blog…….made my morning Cameron – need a good cup of coffee now…

  • Random66

    I would have thought Labour would have some sort of blanket policy on letting just any Labour MP tweet their every thought (particularly when it is not supported by the party as a whole or its leader).  More controls need to be put in place.  She certainly came out looking a fool.

    • Bunswalla

      Yes but given she went in looking like a fool too she’s probably no worse off.

  • CJA

    I can see now why Helen kept a tight rein on things. Having dickheads like this make comments willy nilly is a recipe for disaster. I think since the Tobacco Companies probably have more money to spend than the NZ government on legal fees this is a prudent approach.

  • Trotters

    Farrar’s girlfriend is a dimwit of the highest order.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      His “girlfriend” probably has a bigger cock than Farrar…

  • Johnny T

    I wonder if this will come up in parliament today. JK will no doubt want to score some points out of this one.

  • Phar Lap

    Shearer probably had a flashback,and realised Helen Clark had just given a huge reward to an Indian Tobacco Company,just a week ago.He probably also realised that a phone call from his boss in New York,may not have been a good look ,  or with her masculine voice a good sound.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Sheep Shearer has uttered some sensible words for the first time…..When is the next opinion poll due from TV1 and TV3?

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Check out the poll on Yahooxtra….about 47% say do nothing smoking is freedom of choice. Only 1% say plain packaging will effect smoking numbers. Me…..I go with freedom of choice, if I invite you to my home….and you are a smoker…ashtrays are provided I don’t smoke, but see it as politeness, either make your GUESTS comfortable or don’t invite them!

  • axeman

    That is tame. Mallard called Key a”gutless wimp’ on Red Alert last year.