Damien Grant on ACC compo for breach

NZ Herald

Damien Grant actually talks sense on the issue of compensation for the pathethic media beatup of Bronwyn Pullar’s lapse of ethics. She is no whistle blower. ACC should deduct the cost of the compo from her payouts over time…I think she should get the bill.

The ACC is getting some additional free publicity over its offer of $250 compensation to weeping invalids who are meant to have had their privacy breached when Bronwyn Pullar was inadvertently emailed their names.

Sure, that was a blooper, but in a world where people post pictures of their genitals on Facebook, the idea you are entitled to compensation because your name is in a spreadsheet, that no one you know saw, is pathetic.


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  • Roger

    Those weeping ACC beneficiaries who claim they had their privacy breached could not see the pathetic irony of publicly grizzling on radio about the stress caused by the privacy breaches. Talk about own goals. Snout, trough methinks. 

  • Hamilton Lad

    So 6500 people will be getting $250 compensation. Whoever decided the quantum must have really agonised over that decision. After all, ACC face no competition. Surely it’s just a simple matter of raising the levies to cover the handout.  It’s not as though the employers have any choice! They will simply be required to reimburse whatever amount is decided. And suck it up!
    I suppose we should be grateful that they didn’t make it $10k each. Or $100k. LIke it ain’t hard to spend someone else’s money. Especially when those that pick up the tab have absolutely no choice.