Dead Whales sacred?

? Andrew Bolt

I’m sure there a re a few pinkos out there that will dance on my grave when I croak…but this is just ridiculous…of course if it was here it would be Maori wailing about the carcass:

When did whales – even dead ones – become sacred objects?

Teenagers who posted Facebook pictures of themselves playing on a 12-metre whale carcass at Warrnambool in Victoria have been threatened with a $32,000 fine…

Department of Sustainability and Environment spokeswoman Mandy Watson told The Standard interfering with a whale, dead or alive, could attract hefty penalties.

God spare me. Stand on a dead whale and you risk a $32,000 fine. Meanwhile, eat a dead cow and you risk only heartburn.

It?s bad enough that green believers are irrational. Worse is that they are totalitarians.