Dinosaurs of a feather

The Australian

It has long been thought that dinosaurs were related to birds…the proof is mounting as well, the latest being a full skeleton of a dinosaur with feathers:

German researchers have discovered a fossil of a feathered hatchling that may be the earliest evidence of a plumed, meat-eating dinosaur that was not closely related to birds.

The fossil is believed to belong to a young land-based dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period, some 170 million years ago, said a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Named Sciurumimus albersdoerferi, in part after its bushy, squirrel-like tail – tree squirrels come from the genus Sciurus – it is the “most complete megalosauroid fossil yet”, the study said.

Megalosauroid is the name for a wide-ranging group of carnivorous dinosaurs that could grow as big as 9m long and weigh up to one tonne.

The fossil, which shows a juvenile dinosaur with its jaws open and tail extending far over its head, was found in a quarry in Bavaria, Germany.

The hatchling likely had a large skull, shorter hind limbs and smooth skin with feathers covering its entire body.


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  • Orange

    Back in 91′ my Ergonomics lecturer explained why dino’s were related to birds not reptiles. One of his points was related to the structure of the egg. Anyway, this backs up what I’ve always said to students, dinosaurs died out because they tasted like chicken.

    • davewin

       and looked like Charlie Shovel.

  • Rockyr

     It looks more like an alligator than a sparrow to me.